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Season's Greetings!

2014-12-20 15:40:09

Hey all! I've been absent for sometime thanks to my health. Still little off but wanted to drop in and wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Very Happy, peaceful and fabulous 2015!! Hope this coming year brings cheer, love and everything everyone of you have ever wished for!

A warm, though late, welcome to everyone who has joined WINM in the last one month.
Hope to return to my active self soon. I've missed all the interactions!


2014-11-21 13:17:18

:-) :-) no one else takes 'silence speaks more than words' more seriously. Just wish people spend a little time observing but I guess it's too much to ask in today's world. It takes quite a bit of talent and audacity to opt this approach because, as it has been well established now, most people misconstrue it as non-emoting when in reality a lot more is being conveyed with a lot less. Gives your mind and heart a lot of room to breathe and take in what needs to be taken in. No traffic jams there.

16 years, never disappointed either :-) and I'm pretty sure I won't be in future too. Growing up has been wonderful!


2014-11-20 13:39:15

Thanks MmeRenard! Fascinating to read an analysis that scrapes off the surface and views the DETAILS!
In many interviews, he spoke about a lot of references from varied mythologies and interesting takes and parodies on existing rules of justice and revenge tales. Even if I don't exactly agree on everything written in the blog, as some of the interpretations seem little far fetched to me, it is still a very thought provoking one, especially for those who have not noticed many or any of the references.

I can't think of anyone else capable of carrying silently emotional sequences with so much potency and effect. Never have and never will.

The Panopticon

2014-11-20 13:30:22

Not entirely sure if a new thread is needed for this as it isn't confirmed. Starting anyway!

John Wick Spoilers Thread - Don't read if haven't seen

2014-11-17 18:45:48

that's what some people call non-emoting acting. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

It's sort of the "hear but not listen and see but not observe" deal. Explicit and on-the-face (literally and otherwise) emotions seem to score more. :-(

He does say it but I loved the "rusty" scene in the trailer. You are right though, sometimes it works well to wait for the big screen version.

John Wick Spoilers Thread - Don't read if haven't seen

2014-11-17 18:03:56

:D loved it! It was a packed house and I could see that pretty much everyone enjoyed it.
Yeah, few scenes differed from the trailer but I was eagerly looking forward to watching Daisy's precious little expression on the big screen
John Wick Spoilers Thread - Don't read if haven't seen

2014-11-17 14:46:02

Now I can happily read this thread, am sure some of you would've noticed a lot more than me :-)

Just remembered, I'm pretty sure it was a natural response during the shoot but you know when we suppress anger or grief, sometimes you can visibly see the pulse at the temples or neck? Those tiny beats made that daisy scene more convincing and disturbing for me :'(

John Wick Spoilers Thread - Don't read if haven't seen

2014-11-17 14:33:50

Wow! I just realised how much I'd forgotten about having what is called 'fun' at the movies. It's been quite a long time since I had a wholesome movie experience and man! Am I glad to have watched this in iMax and thank heavens I stopped reading and watching too much on the movie before actually watching it.

The initial few scenes without the heaviness or distraction of background music, was unbelievably effective. What needed to be said was said in select few frames and the silence complemented his grief perfectly and it made us feel the mourning. The bracelet, collar after that, all were simple yet potent little scenes. It wouldn't have been that effective without the presence of someone capable of carrying those scenes in silence. Just perfect! The thugs beating him to a pulp and killing Daisy was too much for me to handle, even after I prepared myself for it. I don't know if it was the iMax effect but i shuddered at that metal sound. I don't know if it was cut in my country or its the same everywhere, the scene in the trailer where he says to Daisy after the excellent car maneuvering sequence "you like it huh?" wasn't there. Another one, he says" Rusty i guess" in the trailer to Marcus but not so in the movie. In the movie he says, retired... Not sure if it spent sometime on the editing table after release.

It is certainly not easy to arrive at an appealing balance between invincibility and vulnerability with respect to the protagonist, especially in movies like this. You wouldn't really care much for an invincible assassin, you need thatfear,you need that coldness while you also need that vulnerability and emotion, however deep and dark it is. I felt that, that journey for the character was amazingly well travelled and captured :-) . He talked about the colour palette in some of his earlier interviews. I understood what he meant after watching the entire movie. From grief to anger to rage to redemption to hope, there was a lovely metamorphosis. I'm guessing this is one of those movies where you will notice details everytime you watch. Loved the comic book touch to subtitles, making those 'emphasis' words bold :-) -interesting! Likewise with the videogame! I was pleasantly surprised with Shibumi (it was Shibumi right?) I did not know about the book till recently when I chanced upon it while looking for the Rain series info. Not sure who thought of it (ahem)but, smart!! Can anyone tell me about the first book on the table though? Did not notice properly. Also, I loved the sweet silent nod to their earlier movie associations with the nice doctor, the landline ring(hope that was deliberate but can't say) and The Continental bearing similarities to Midnight's place in Constantine.   The ending!!! Awww.. He takes in the pitbull which is to be put down - New lease of life for both of them in a sort of against all odds and a new beginning kind of way!! Such a cute touch! My cousin didn't notice and I went, ahhhh it was stamped on the sheet, not sure how many did! Till the credits rolled I never once felt I was watching Keanu. I only saw Wick and I left saying I miss you already :'(

Bits and snippets off the web

2014-11-15 13:58:05
Daughter of God

2014-11-08 12:57:06

Daughter of God

2014-11-07 00:23:33

@Ani: the trenchcoat! Just sayin!


2014-11-06 22:54:22

Oh come on! How is it possible to refrain from discussing this?! You guys should!! I'm the one who's got to avoid reading 'em. :-) can't wait to watch it though. There's an iMAX about half hour from my place. Hope I get to watch it there.

2014-11-06 19:19:14

A week more for me and I'm so desperately trying to avoid reading this thread :-)
Now we all know who had a hand in choosing the music in the film, don't we?


2014-10-31 18:01:47

Hey Joke, its there! Just saw it. Ani's comment is there too! :-)

2014-10-31 11:08:10

14 more days for me.....

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