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Keanu Reeves Starring in 'Knock Knock' Thriller for Eli Roth

2015-10-14 21:36:07

Many of Eli Roth’s movies are based on tricky questions… “how far would we go if there were no boundaries? if we knew (or thought) we wouldn’t get caught? if we didn’t have to abide the law or the society’s unwritten rules? how would we react in extreme circumstances? would we restrain ourselves and remain “human’ or would we turn into animals and unleash our basic instincts? could we kill someone else? and could we kill just for fun or in order to survive or protect or revenge? do we lose our decency and honor and betray and f*ck just because we have the opportunity? where do we draw the line and say this is as far as we go?” The conclusion? Think of the consequences before you do something, because it could turn your life upside down.

I enjoy horrors based on brilliant ideas and, for example, I don’t faint when a see a finger getting cut off in a movie. Roth may have a twisted mind, but he’s not sick or mean or perverted. I’ve had my share of horrors and I can make the difference. And believe me, there are movies out there that you cannot help but ask yourself what kind of a mentally-ill, f*cked up, garbage human being could have conceived them… And you regret watching them, because images are imprinted on your brain and it takes some time for them to fade away.

That being said, Knock Knock is no horror or gore or porn-torture. It’s “just” a thriller. And a smart one, as far as I’m concerned.

Keanu was convincing and pretty good. I didn’t find him acting over the top, as some said. Lorenza was great, the best performance in my opinion, natural and completely believable as a psychopath. I look forward to seeing The Green Inferno, with the hope that Eli decided to leave some parts of the original movie out. Ana… hmm, I felt her acting was a little forced, I’m not sure if she was supposed to play her character that way or if she simply wasn’t that good.

I liked the movie. I liked (and agreed with) the “monogamy” and “destiny” lines, Bel’s reaction when she looked at a picture and said “This is what you did to your family”, the tension that they gradually built and put him through, the irony of the ending…

I liked the girls. Yes, they’re screwed up, there’s no question about that, and what they do is extreme, but there is a motivation and there is a point to all of this that Evan fails to understand, even in the end when he’s given a lifeline and he blows it.

I didn’t like Evan. I didn’t buy the “free pizza” speech. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. He had a choice. The sympathy that I felt for him in the beginning went away quickly with every stupid thing that he said or done later on. Spoilers if I say more.


2015-08-14 18:40:57

We continue to build our presence in the game space with a mobile game based on our action hero franchise the Expendables and a John Wick virtual-reality game to extend the popularity of what we believe is evolving into one of our newest action franchises.

 I mentioned earlier the virtual-reality game for John Wick and I am pleased to announce that principal photography for John Wick 2 begins in October in New York and Rome as Keanu Reeves returns to the Continental Hotel. We’ve added the film to a fiscal ‘17 slate, already loaded with crowd-pleasing event movies.


have no idea what a "fiscal ‘17 slate" is...

Passengers gets a director!

2014-12-15 18:16:43

ok, let's see

1. did i say Keanu is stupid? if you are so kind and point it out to me, i promise i'll eat the whole thing

crunchy and likely to taste good with ketchup, or sauteed almondine with a nice Burgundy

but i won't because i didn't.
what i said was... "REALLY STUPID, Keanu!"
we all learn the semantics of the phrase in school and you do see a comma there, don't you?
so the meaning of the text is... "what you did was really stupid, Keanu!"
if i wanted to call him stupid, there would be no comma in that text, like... "really stupid Keanu!"
now, you see the difference?
and i don't think he's stupid and it would bother me if somebody called him stupid.
so chill out, i like him too, but... sometimes... even smart people do stupid things.
and this takes me to number

2. i disagree that - strictly my opinion -

don't think it is his decision

and that

it's out of his control.

and that

The rights to the script belong to Spaihts and we don't know in which terms he sold the script to Company Films

i think he was in (some kind of) control of the script.
from what i know (if i'm wrong, shoot Anakin :), the story was his idea and he paid this guy Spaihts to write the script.
ok, i don't know much about US law, but think it this way:
a simple premise - singer pays composer to write a song for him. who has the copyright of the song? the singer, cause the composer was hired and paid for his work. the composer will indeed owe the credit of writing the lyrics and/or the music, but never the copyright (yeah, it all depends on the agreement and if such an agreement even exists...).
so, my conclusion is listed under number

3. due to the fact that the movie is a big budget deal and he isn't exactly a bankable actor lately, i think the studios wanted to make the movie, but not with him playing the lead.
so, between the movie not being made and being made with somebody else playing the character, to me, looks like he chose to let it go.
which, to me, is really stupid, because it's not gonna to be the same, not even close.

last, but not least, was never my intention to step on anybody's tail. should i apologize if what i wrote was misinterpreted? dunno.

Passengers gets a director!

2014-12-12 08:19:47

he's OUT
he's officially OUT
IMDb took Passengers OUT of his movies-to-do list
IMDb took his name OUT of the cast of Passengers (which now has no cast, because...)

they are starting from scratch, right?
well, I hope they get fleas in their beds and they scratch themselves somewhere it hurts really bad!

years ago I told myself I would read only a couple of pages of the script (just to see what it's like...) and ended up spending a day reading the whole thing.

and now, he's OUT!

if Stallone did the same with Rocky... REALLY STUPID, Keanu!

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