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Bits and snippets off the web

2015-10-12 07:19:23

His surprise is lovely to see. And his laugh at the end!!


Sonny Chiba
link probably won't work though :(


2015-09-02 08:10:29

Has anyone heard this recent (I think) podcast about Constantine? I hope I'm not duplicating but I thought I'd share anyway.
It's an interesting listen (long) and the host of the show appears to be a big Keanu Fan :-) obviously I disagree with the guest's opinion on Keanu's performance :-(

I love the bit at the very end-you need to hang on even after the interview appears to have finished-about Keanu's hands. My husband watched Constantine the other day with me and he said the very same thing about his hands :D


The Replacements-no thread for this?

2015-08-18 02:05:52

Duh!! Sorry...nil points for observation!
The Replacements-no thread for this?

2015-08-17 05:38:28

Watched it the other day for the first time and enjoyed it immensely. Thought his performance was really solid. Very naturalistic. The only criticism of the film was the female lead. She seemed like a strong independent character but to make her a lead cheerleader in skimpy outfits? I was a little disappointed.
Keanu Russian Club

2015-08-01 06:21:39

Just to let you know that I emailed Larisa last week and she accepted my request a couple of days ago.
Keanu Russian Club

2015-07-28 07:01:08

Hi Breed, which admin person did you message for the keanu club? I sent a request a while ago but nothing :(
Keanu Reeves Starring in 'Knock Knock' Thriller for Eli Roth

2015-07-04 09:09:37

I managed to catch Knock Knock earlier this week and I thought I’d give you guys some thoughts. I thought it was a pretty solid film. Very entertaining. I don't understand the reactions of some of the viewing public who hated it. It isn't the worse film ever and for people to have got up and left during the film, well, I’m surprised. But then again, I never walk out of films. It wasn't particularly gory - if it was made in the tradition of hostel or saw, i probably wouldn't have been able to sit through it.

The following comments reveal some plot details but it’s nothing you haven’t seen before in the trailer and in previous discussions.

The first half of the film was compelling and really well acted. I thought that Keanu's performance in the first half was amazing. His acting was so natural, particularly in the scenes where the girls were flirting with him. It was both endearing and hilarious watching him fidget and look both flattered and uncomfortable with the girls’ attentions. The morning after the seduction was really well done too, he was so convincing in his remorse and then you could really feel his horror when he thought they had left but then he encountered the girls creating havoc in his kitchen. But as the film progressed and he became more and more hysterical, he was kind of over acting but I’m wondering if it was a deliberate choice to ham it up. I mean, in John Wick he was tied up to a chair and had to convey anger and frustration and he did it subtly, perfectly . In Knock knock, he was similarly trussed up but he gave a very energetic performance which felt over the top, but I believe he intended it this way. Maybe it was to complement the craziness of the girls’ actions. But it worked, it felt in keeping with the tone of the film. I think the people who watched the film and hated it just concentrated on his OTT performance of the latter stages of the film. I think maybe they were thrown by the film, after all, there were very few reviews available when the film was released. I think it is interesting that most of the film critics gave knock knock a fair rating,the average seems to be 3/5 stars. There were comments on twitter that knock knock was the most f***ed up film they have ever sat through. I thought it was pretty dark and twisted in places but not as harrowing as say, Irreversible by Gasper Noe which I personally find the most f**ked up film ever. But I concede that Irreversible was a critically acclaimed film.

But to conclude, I enjoyed the film. I thought the two female leads were fantastic. As was Keanu too, but mainly for me in the first half. He played against type and he did it amazingly well and was very believable. I think the Keanu haters are going to (and already have) rip his performance into shreds but you need to ‘get’ Keanu and his acting style and they obviously don’t and never will. I always think of his acting to be like one of those magic eye pictures. At first there is nothing but a mix of dots and then suddenly a 3D image pops out and something will click and from then on,you can always decipher the magic eye image. But some people I know cant and have trouble seeing the 3D image within. Ahem, on that note, I sign off.
Knock, Knock – pretty good.


2015-06-23 09:26:04

Well, I've just watched this (haven't seen the original) and I thought the film was pretty good. I thought Keanu's performance was superb. That scene with Kathy Bates-where he said it's not your Earth-He came across as super sinister but in a very subtle way. I thought he was perfect in this role and I'm so disappointed at the way the critics really tore him apart. He can't win, can he? I've been catching up on some of his films then reading the press reviews afterwards. Some of them are so cruel and unjustified! Coming out with the same old tired cliched comments to raise a cheap laugh at his expense. I'm guessing this had really set him back career wise.
The disappearance of Keanu Reeves

2015-06-21 23:51:46

Does anyone else think it's brilliant that he's not been tagged or spotted for days? I hope he's having a good break, free from selfie requests!!
Keanu Reeves Starring in 'Knock Knock' Thriller for Eli Roth

2015-06-18 05:25:40

I'm really curious and nervous at how the film is going to be received. However It stands at a rating of 8.1 in IMDB from over 700 users. I'm guessing it'll get panned by the critics and this will impact the general public. I'm hoping to watch it on the big screen when it's released. I notice he's not going to be a guest on The Graham Norton Show. Shame but maybe he's choosing to be low profile
Bits and snippets off the web

2015-06-02 03:19:03

Ah no, I totally get what you're saying LucaM!
Bits and snippets off the web

2015-06-01 22:33:52

Argh. SORRY! Just tried to get rid of it.
Anakin-Is there a way to delete my old post?
Bits and snippets off the web

2015-06-01 22:27:28

Sorry guys. I posted up that video of Keanu getting petrol and getting harassed by those idiots :(
Ever since my post I have felt very uneasy about putting it up - it does feel like such an invasion of his privacy. It kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. in my defence (and a very flimsy and pathetic defence) it wasn't so much as a "hey it's a Keanu vid", it was more to show my utter admiration on how he stayed so calm and courteous to those awful guys.
Ok, I'll remove the link and will know better next time to listen to my instincts.
Bits and snippets off the web

2015-05-28 21:04:31

Has anyone seen this utube video of Keanu being accosted by a couple of guys? They were berating him for 'taking the lord's name in vain'. It was taken quite recently because he had the moustache from the bad batch. Poor Keanu having to put up with such idiots. Of course he handled it with his usual grace and dignity!
Keanu Reeves Starring in 'Knock Knock' Thriller for Eli Roth

2015-05-28 16:03:46

I just love his expression of... Hopelessness? Fear? Trepidation? at the very end of trailer 2. Brilliant! Looking forward to it and it's screening here in the UK in June :-D

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