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Keanu Reeves Starring in 'Knock Knock' Thriller for Eli Roth

2015-06-21 03:40:54

Agreed, it doesn't look like a professional poster at all.
Latest Keanu Purchase - So What'd You Get?

2015-06-10 22:50:22

Spirit, that's great, I'm going to have to head to Walmart! :D
virtual WINM party

2015-06-09 03:31:10

Mmmm... fudge cake! I'll bring some ice cream with sprinkles. :D

2015-06-04 23:28:09

Ah, cupcakes... sweet man with a sweet tooth for sweet cupcakes. :)
virtual WINM party

2015-06-04 10:21:24

"Party on, dudes!"
Keanu Reeves Starring in 'Knock Knock' Thriller for Eli Roth

2015-06-04 04:38:52

The trailers make this film look interesting, though I prefer my villains a little more subtle rather than just plain bat-shit crazy. But this seems to be a good role for Keanu - not strictly the good guy and not strictly the bad.
virtual WINM party

2015-06-03 07:09:23

Okay... real Keanu then. Eating sandwiches and dancing to bebop. I will use my magic powers to make this happen! :D
virtual WINM party

2015-06-03 05:56:06

Thank you! Deluxe triple-decker sandwiches on the way. Maybe some mini-pizzas, too? Bringing some crates of wine so you can have them in store for our next party. Also some Zevia soda (soft drinks sweetened with stevia...watching my sugar intake). Can some Keanu life-size stand-ups come too? We can feed them sandwiches... :D
GIF to share

2015-06-03 04:30:01

So sorry I'm late to this thread but I just joined. Loving the gifs!
I had to draw one of favs

2015-06-03 04:25:47

Good God, what great drawings! I wish I could draw.
Has anyone else found it odd...

2015-06-03 03:59:44

I'm a wood tiger, too, LucaM. Thanks for the site link. :)


2015-06-03 03:26:05

A man after my own heart. Keep chowing down, man!
pssst, what's your current fav song/music?

2015-06-03 03:23:17

I've been listening to hard rock/metal again lately after taking a long hiatus and listening to some softer stuff (oldies and such). I've been reviewing all my 'Tool' albums and have been listening to some of their live stuff on youtube. Maynard James Keenan did an amazing rendition of Elton John's 'Rocket Man' (you can find it on youtube). His voice is so haunting!

Edit: Here's the link to Maynard's 'Rocket Man' Cover -

virtual WINM party

2015-06-03 03:18:38

I'm new here, but may I come? Anything I can bring?
The questions you'd ask

2015-06-03 03:14:01

Ditto for MmeRenard's 'Constantine' question. It's easily my favorite Keanu movie and I'm dying for a sequel. I obsessively scanned the internet for some years after it came out hoping for some news.


"Why the beard... why?"

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