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Old Ke Writings 01: Five Words challenge

2015-10-09 17:53:43

you really should! it's a whole lot of fun. the only criteria that you include the words provided and it be about Ke in some fashion.
Rally Car

2015-10-09 17:41:08

oh cool! thanks man!
well I'm definitely in the right place..

2015-10-09 17:15:31

ohhhh yeah, big fan. perfect chick flick, in my opinion. ;)
Fish should be ignored

2015-09-19 08:08:07

hehehehehehe, ah yes. the never-ending struggle that is Ke-defence. myself I still find it rather oblique and offensive in the way these derisions are handed out and have gotten into quite some arguments with people who obviously have no idea about how insightful and intelligent he really is. as I have gotten older however I tend to think it is their loss that they don't see him as I see him.

while I am not a rabid Keanutic I am still very much devoted to changing people's minds about him when the occasion arises. ;)

T. xoxo

Rally Car

2015-09-19 08:02:22

sounds exciting! I love seeing him drive in his films. he knows his stuff behind the wheel. ;)
Old Ke Writings 01: Five Words challenge

2015-09-19 08:01:00

thanks. there's heaps more but are more of a fanfic or het nature, and I don't know what your policies are in regards to posting those that and they're not completed. a dozen or so works in progress. real life gets in the way of my writing. ;)

T. xoxo

Old Ke Writings 01: Five Words challenge

2015-09-17 19:04:25

okay, so I found some of my old stuff from CK. figured I'd put it here seeing Chicks took everything down..

FIVE WORDS (or more)

frenzy saxophone indifferent computer sauce video hotel (yeah 7. I know. someone couldn't count, it seems.. heheh)

It was 3am and I was in such a state. Didn't want to be working, sitting in front of a computer all night and day, vegetating under the false, fluorescent lights in my room. I couldn't even sit back and watch a movie. I could do that at home and still remain happy. Unfortunately, home was a looooong way away.

I was staying at a hotel in LA... the Chateau something-or-rather. Work paid for it, couldn't complain. I felt like a proper Swiss Miss when I looked at it from the outside but indoors... breathtakingly beautiful. I was supposed to be running a meeting at a conference in seven hours, but I just didn't feel like it. So restless. More so than ever before, and I was in a city that I didn't know. I'd been staring at this blank screen for near on three hours, just trying to jot down the notes for the meeting... but, nothing. With a sigh I dropped my glasses on the keyboard of my laptop and rose from my chair, pinching the bridge of my nose. I couldn't even rest enough to lie back and take in a video. Without a second thought I grabbed my room key and wallet and left the suite.


Hopefully a nightcap would do the trick. Sleep wouldn't come, I knew that for sure. I was swinging my leg back and forth as I perched myself on the stool by the bar, absently waiting for a tender to come and serve me. Jazzy lounge music warbled from the speakers, a saxophone spiralling through a sad, meaningful tune. My head rested on my hand and pushed my cheek up over my eye, my elbow digging into the bar.

"Should lay off the sauce," a deep voice rumbled from behind me. Any indifferent feelings I had quickly rushed out the door as I steeled myself to abuse this assumptive man in an overreactive frenzy but when I met his eyes, I forgot why I was angry with him in the first place. No one could stay mad when faced with those gorgeous brown eyes. He was slightly inebriated already, swaggering back and forth on his firmly-planted feet. He was probably nattering to himself anyway, come to think of it.

"Haven't even started yet," I replied quietly, turning back to the bar. He took this as an invitation to occupy the seat next to me, and I'm glad he did. For once, I was able to forget about my problems and just enjoy the company of this soused but uniquely handsome gentleman. We got drunk together and caroused until the sun was coming up, much to my amazement.
"Oh no! My proposal! I'll never get it done in time!"
"Sure you will," my optimistic counterpart quipped as he hiccupped his way through his bourbon. "It'll be easy. Come on! Let's go get this done then we can come back and get more plastered..."

I don't think I've smiled so widely before. I nodded to him, looping my hand through and over the crook of his arm and we walked in pace to the elevator, back to my room.


Love, Frappuccino, Sandwich, Classical Music, and Notes

Dearest Izzy,

I have a confession: I have a crush on my bassist. I was behind my piano, leading the orchestra and singing a harmony along to the melody I was working on when he walked in. He is the reason that Napoleon scribed love letters to his Josephine. The reason Romeo stood beneath Juliet's window in awe. Captivation doesn't begin to describe my obsession. He strolled in with his bass and a frappuccino like he owned the studio, introduced himself as 'Ke' and set up as the orchestra kept playing the music I'd composed. I didn't notice that I was repeating the same notes over, I was so taken by him. He looked up at me after he’d plugged his guitar into the amp with an impish grin, then lowered his focus to the strings his nimble fingers were tapping, his hair shrouding his already-dark eyes.

Totally obsessed.

Lunch was quick to follow and the orchestra took a break, leaving me with Ke alone. Finally. I put on some classical music in the background to calm myself down and I think he noticed, so I quickly ejected myself to grab a sandwich from a passing cart. Sitting back at the piano I began to mark out a new song, the lyrics springing to my mind as quickly as he offered his accompaniment.

I wonder if he knows that I wrote that song for him?

All my love,


phone, rain, dance, puppy, fear

My tears mingled with the rain pelting down around me as I stood on the street, the remainder of my pajamas in tatters as I held them around my shivering body. I can't believe I let this happen to me. The perpetrator was nowhere in sight, long gone after his fun. I was too cold and scared to move. Is there a dance one can do to make it stop raining? Maybe there would be someone nice enough to do me the honours. I doubted it though. The cars slowed to gawk but kept on driving anyway. What I needed to find now was a phone. I had one with me to begin with, along with my purse and my car, which too were also long gone. I'd have been happy had he just robbed me and left me at home. I wasn't even sure what day it was.

The rain fell harder as my tears became a downpour. Like the Heavens were weeping with me. I was still looking down the street when fear gripped me harder than before. One of the cars on the street slowed and pulled over. The door on the black sports car opened and a man exited from the driver's door. He was coming over to me, my rain tears assaulting his dry suit jacket and shining dark hair. I was quaking hard by now, the shock and the fear and the cold all affecting me at once, my bare feet ankle-deep in the water that had accumulated around me. I wanted to tell him to get back in the car and drive away, to forget about me, but at the same time I needed someone... anyone... to rescue me. He was careful with his approach, his hair pasting down around his face like a waterlogged puppy.

I was dragging him into my world of pain and sorrow, the rain soaking the picture-perfect man who was walking towards me. He must've seen the fright within me for he stopped and only held out his hands, both middle and ring fingers together as if glued. He was nearly as saturated as I was now, not moving from his spot with his arms outstretched, open towards me. I couldn't stop myself. I rushed to him and he closed his arms around me tightly, so tight it nearly hurt. He knew what I needed and was happy to give it without so much as one word.

Sometimes it's alright to depend on the kindness of strangers.


for some reason, it became a seven word challenge.. if anyone wants to try one, feel free!

rack rides stalk rainbows music life dusty tools erotic

pretend field necklace snack ponder irate lust

bakery operator singing punish weary pattern shower

complete sunshine jellybean waterfall frog moon sparkle

well I'm definitely in the right place..

2015-09-17 18:43:45

hi all!

I am Trinity and I have frequented CK in the past. came to be known as a writer and whatnot while there, and I am glad to know all of you! Keanu has been, is and forever will be a constant source of admiration and inspiration in my life. he has been so for over 25yrs and will continues to be so for several more. wonderful to be amongst brethren again.

in my every day life I am a single mum of 2 young boys, who I endeavour to turn into stand-up, well-mannered and knowledge-thirsty gentlemen. my oldest is 6 and already hard working (Virgo moon) and headed in the right direction. my youngest turns 5 in a month and starts school next year. my spare time is spent poring over books of just about any and every kind, my interests range and vary depending on my mood. I am 34 years young and have a man in my life that I adore. I realised today that he agrees with me about Keanu and doesn't make fun of me for my astute observations about him.

yes, I think I will keep this one. ;)

again, lovely to meet you all. I am going to go and watch John Wick. :*

T. xoxo

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