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The Bad Batch

2017-09-25 18:42:47

Can anyone explain this movie to me? I started watching it yesterday evening but didn't complete. I don't understand anything at all :-\
To the Bone

2017-07-18 01:51:55

another very positive review - from Germany and unfortunately in German
To the Bone

2017-07-16 03:25:31

I've just watched it myself. The movie is tough. Nothing is glamorized, not at all.
To the Bone

2017-07-06 14:03:19

Finally a smart verdict about the movie:
But I do think that films like this one — and Netflix’s other controversial teen fiction, 13 Reasons Why — generate important conversations about serious issues, with friends, at school and at home.
It’s not sensationalising or trivialising a serious illness; it tells one person’s story.

Link: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/rendezview/netflixs-to-the-bone-is-risky-business-in-a-world-of-thinspo/news-story/ea97c4a73c9676a98ed5cf8825d2a9c2

And a question regarding Netflix - do they show the same movies in all countries? I called the help desk yesterday evening and was told release date for Germany is 14th July as well.

To the Bone

2017-07-03 13:41:22

that's a perfect summary:
"And if we as a society can no longer talk about serious issues out of fear they may trigger someone to harm themselves, then we’ve managed to harm everyone."

Problems will never get solved by hiding them. And what's a trigger - I guess that's different for each and every patient and might as well be a women's magazine which can be seen while purchasing the local news. No one is forced to watch a movie or series dealing with a topic this one may consider as hard or uncomfortable.

To the Bone

2017-06-27 12:24:55

gosh - and what's the solution? only doing comedies and action movies?

I think people are much smarter than they are given credit.

The Guardian addresses the same issue and as well fails in providing an alternative how to properly address difficult topics.


2017-06-20 14:04:48

this kind of interpretation is much more fun than the awful stuff I had to do in school :-D
Bits and snippets off the web

2017-06-19 13:20:43

some entertaining stuff to read

So far, I think there are just 2 movies that are always quoted in best of lists Speed and The Matrix.


2017-06-14 15:31:28

wow, after reading this https://www.forbes.com/sites/lukethompson/2017/06/13/blu-ray-review-john-wick-chapter-2-showcases-the-real-life-heart-and-humanity-of-keanu-reeves/#c6b77fb176fd
the wait till 27th June is double annoying :-)
Ffrom Italy

2017-06-14 13:39:12

welcome :-)
Bits and snippets off the web

2017-06-02 04:52:07

he's got a never ending patience, definitely.

2017-05-28 06:29:37

well, I still hope that Chapter 3 will be the last part. This would be making entertainment / art and making money by it.
Continuing part 4 and more would be abusing an idea for money and claiming it's art.

2017-05-25 21:22:11

home release 13th June, here it's 27th.I can't wait to listen to Keanu as John Wick. I'm sure Benjamin Völz is a nice guy but I want to see and hear John Wick as he is supposed to be.

2017-05-19 01:09:33

I think it's a cute idea to name a fictional character like or similar to a beloved family member

2017-05-16 01:09:39

I've found out in today's intercompany newsletter that a Mr Wick is working in a company affiliated to us :-D
Hilarious, I didn't assume that name was real :-)

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