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Watch out all the Girls?ladies?and anyone that talks to a Person calling himself KEANU REEVES

2019-05-08 02:25:05

There are many men out there on the chat lines just about every chatline and they romance you over the chatline then after about a month give or take they want either your IBM card information front and back of your card and also they want you to buy them a iTunes or a google card which is about @200.00 but in the mean time they keep romancing you by saying (I love you ) they seem to know a lot about the actor Keanu Charles Reeve and one day they say their in Germany then England or the one I was talking to was saying he might come to Canada
So what I say to him that why does he want money if he says that he is Keanu Reeves then he is worth Millions of $$$ I tried to get his email and he refused to give it to me so all the girls out there please for your own sake DON'T TALK TO THEM because the real Keanu Reeves does not come on the chat lines but if he does it is a private site i think mainly for his own Family and he friends I am pretty sure of that
To Tell you the truth I almost fell for it It was one of my family that investigated this for me
Really if I could I would be very Hounder to meet the real Keanu Reeves

Pretending to be Keanu Reeves

2019-04-29 01:55:40

No this fellow was and still is from Twitter I was going in to look at other things and he popped up he hasnt asked for money or things like that sounds like Romance dont know his email though I had an out with him yesterday(saturday) and he tried to put all the blame and guilt on me he video chat for not even 1 min
and told me that LA airport was the closes to where he lived
I am trying to get his address with no intent to go down there mostly with him its cell
Pretending to be Keanu Reeves

2019-04-27 09:40:59

Does Keanu Reeves ever go on Hangout chat line because there is somebody texting me here in Canada pretending that he is the actor and invited me down to California that’s what I need and I don’t know this is my first time on here and I don’t know where this subject would be going which form I know this is a very small print I don’t know why but I can’t even read to see where I made mistakes but know this sellers been after me for so long and even showed up I think it was a picture because I sure Look like him on video but I want him to video again but maybe he’s not who I think he is like I say I don’t know where this belongs so I just posted it here

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