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Keanu Reeves is Not on Social Media

by Anakin McFly

Every so often, a quote attributed to Keanu Reeves goes viral on the internet, with sources claiming that Keanu posted it on his Facebook page. There's one problem: Keanu does not have a Facebook page.

"I don't use social media," he said in his first Reddit AMA, answering questions over the phone as Reddit staff typed them out for him. When someone asked him why not, Keanu replied: "You know, I'm a fairly private person, and also I think you can share your private thoughts with your friends using social media, but I have not done that yet. I tend to do that when I'm with them. I just have not found the time or way yet."

He reiterates this fact in an October 2016 interview, explaining that he doesen't use social media because privacy is important to him, and "I don't really have anything to say about anything!"

In March 2016, yet another viral quote made its rounds. In it, 'Keanu Reeves' allegedly laments how "men dress their wives as prostitutes" and says a few other questionable things in barely coherent English ("aping under the primitive sounds" ... "repair every rustle of their car"). While his words were applauded in some conservative circles, others responded in disgust, calling Keanu a vacuous, pretentious, judgemental, misogynist snob and declaring that they've lost all respect for him. After all, it's a special kind of person who would believe that men plan their wives' outfits and then dress them accordingly, and where men should be judged for how much flesh they allow their women to reveal.

But Keanu never said those things. The quote has previously been attributed to other celebrities and one unnamed Muslim journalist (the link to which no longer works). A search turned up a video of Keanu at an art exhibition which was dubbed over in Russian with that quote, making it seem like a translation of Keanu's words. Unfortunately for them, we found the original video, where Keanu was talking awkwardly about art, not going on a self-righteous spiel about how he's one of the few people left in this world with a moral conscience.

I have no idea who first decided to attribute that quote to Keanu. LucaM says that seems to have first emerged in Russian social media, and then made its way around Moldavian and Romanian social media circles as well as several Muslim websites before surfacing in English social media - thanks to fake Keanu Facebook pages reposting it to their tens of thousands of followers.

Fans on this site have, collectively, probably seen or read every single interview Keanu has ever done. None of us have ever encountered this quote or anything like it.

Throughout his career, Keanu has always deliberately avoided commenting on political or social issues. Many of his friends and co-stars have meanwhile talked about his extreme willingness to listen, his open acceptance for all sorts of people, and his remarkable respect for others, even those he disagrees with. That is not the portrait of a man who would use the phrase "retarded despots".

Keanu is rarely in a relationship and does not have children; he started his own motorcycle company; he's good friends with at least three transgender women, used to occasionally wear a skirt because it was comfortable, and did drag for one photoshoot. This is really not a man who would criticise people who do not want to start families, who waste money and effort on vehicles, or publicly lament how one can no longer tell men and women apart.

I'm positive the quote is not from Keanu, and am grateful to Snopes for clearing that up.

There have been many, many Facebook pages claiming to be Keanu's personal account or run by his management. One of them - "Unoffical: Keanu Reeves Online" - collected as many as half a million followers before being suspended. That page was part of a network of fake Facebook celebrity pages that would post pictures of those celebrities alongside inspirational quotes from around the internet. (They usually use the same quotes, which one time led to people angrily accusing Keanu of plagiarising Liam Neeson without credit. Liam Neeson never made that quote either.)

At other times, they would rewrite things that other people had said about those celebrities into the first-person: for instance, if someone had said, "Keanu is a really cool guy who's always kind to everyone!", they'd post a picture of Keanu and the quote "I'm a really cool guy and always kind to everyone!" which had the effect of making Keanu out to be an extremely self-centred snob.

After getting their hundreds of thousands of followers, those fan pages then suddenly change tack and reveal their true purpose: they start spamming their followers with links to certain clickbait websites and products. Fans then click on those links and support those things, thinking that their favourite celebrities are behind them. It's likely that those websites are behind this, and there's a small part of me that's impressed at their marketing strategy even while being repulsed at their dishonesty and exploitation of a celebrity's name and fan loyalty.

Neither was Keanu at all involved with the Twitter account @OfficialKeanu. It was eventually suspended, but not before getting tens of thousands of followers - a few of whom ended up extremely distressed when engaging with that account resulted in 'Keanu' being mean to them.

Here are some other notable not-Keanu quotes that previously went viral, courtesy of those Facebook pages:

A) "Most people know me, but don't know my story. ..."

Snopes does a good debunking at that link. It's a first-person rewrite of an earlier viral story about Keanu, and both versions include many inaccuracies about Keanu's life. I cover that over here.

B) "You see these people behind me? They are rushing to work and not paying attention to anything. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to take the time out to enjoy the beauty in life. It’s like we’re zombies. Look up and take your head phones out. Say Hi to someone you see and maybe give a hug to someone who looks like they’re hurting. Help out someone. You have to live every day like it’s your last. What people don’t know about me is that I had depression a couple of years back. I never told anyone about it. I had to fight my way out of depression. The person who was holding me back from my happiness was ME. Every day is precious so let’s treat it like that. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so live today! I hope you share this post to spread love this holiday."

This one was paired by a photo of Keanu that was not a selfie as suggested, but a fan photo from March 2015. It seems extremely unlikely that she would have then got Keanu's email or phone number so she could send it to him to post on his Facebook page a few months later. While the overall sentiment might be inspirational, the quote also makes Keanu out to be pretty insensitive. He's a multi-millionaire with lots of time on his hands. He can literally afford to stop and smell the roses. Most people aren't that fortunate, busy not out of choice but necessity, and it would be pretty obnoxious for a rich celebrity to stroll serenely around the road patronisingly chastising them for being busy all the time.

Meanwhile, Keanu has never publicly said anything about having depression. I find this quote particularly damaging in how it perpetuates the myth that depression is something that people can just fight their way out of. Being clinically depressed is not a failure of willpower or intentional wallowing in despair; it is a chemical imbalance in the brain that makes it physiologically difficult if not impossible to be happy, no matter how hard you try. Sometimes, dealing with the depressive trigger is enough to help. At other times, medication is also required.

C) "If the Arabs are strong enough, they would destroy the whole world,therefore, we should annihilate them."

I get asked about this one every now and then. It was one of a few fake quotes attributed to Hollywood celebrities that were cooked up by an Iranian news agency to stir up anti-Western sentiment. All sources link back to it as the root. They included a quote from Sir Anthony Hopkins claiming to be ashamed of being American, which people have pointed out is really weird because he's Welsh.

D) A quote about how his friend's mom always ate healthily, did lots of exercise, and now has a whole cornucopia of diseases, while that friend's father - who ate junk food laden with butter and fat and bacon and "never and I mean never exercised" - is, at 81, as healthy as "a young person". The quote then goes on to suggest that we should all live lives to the fullest and enjoy ourselves, ignoring all the stuff doctors tell you not to do, because pfft, what do they know, they just don't want you to have fun.

Firstly, Keanu never said that. It has also been attributed to various celebrities in the past.

Secondly - yes, live life to the fullest. Always. But that includes taking care of yourself by eating well, exercising, doing things in moderation. Sure, some people ignore all that and still turn out all right, but they're usually the exceptions. Likewise, not everyone who follows all the 'rules' ends up healthy, but that's because health is a complex thing. But that friend's mom might have been even worse off if not for her healthy lifestyle.

Other quotes attributed to Keanu were in fact actual quotes from other celebrities, like Bob Marley. Others were excerpts from classic literature and poetry. One post blatantly plagiarised something from this website.


I understand the desire to believe that Keanu has in fact been using Facebook to share his innermost thoughts with the world. But all evidence points to him not doing so just yet. Until that day comes, please use your discernment. Always consider the source and if it seems like something he would say. On social media, check to see if the account has been verified as belonging to that celebrity - this usually means a white-on-blue tick next to their name. (Though even that is not 100% proof, as this case reveals.)

Most of the time, this stuff is harmless, even inspirational. But now and then there are quotes that might anger people to think that someone famous would say something so irresponsible or insulting on a public platform. Or where people use the apparent support of a celebrity to spread and feel validated in views that that celebrity might be opposed to. I'm particularly concerned about younger fans who might be affected by what an actor they look up to seems to believe (such as a young Arabian fan who was really upset by that quote about Keanu wanting to destroy all Arabs), or who view him as a role model and may end up being taught the wrong thing: like how exercising might be bad for you, or that it's totally normal to brag about what a modest person you are.

When Keanu does say something wrong, by all means hold him accountable. But do check that it was something that he actually did say. It's a sad state of journalism when, out of the 5 quotes in an article sharing "5 Incredible Pieces of Wisdom" from Keanu, not a single one actually came from Keanu.




GuestHis privacy is what makes Keanu, Keanu. (2016-04-22 03:19:48)
 This is one of his charms, that he is indeed private.


GuestFan mail (2016-06-05 10:43:00)
 So if he is not on face book or twitter does he get fan mail and answer it?
Guestto Fan mail (2016-06-06 02:41:26)
 No, and no.
Guest (2016-06-10 01:23:12)
 He is a true gentleman. Respect, Mr Reeves.
(2016-06-21 19:16:56)
 No and no and no to all the above questions. Celebrities who interact too much with fans give me the creeps - it's a one-sided thing and can't be a relationship in the way that is too easy to fantasize. I respect Keanu's understanding of that.
Guestdoes he have an email (2016-08-29 17:47:09)
 Hehehe imjust asking
Guestof course he does, (2016-08-30 02:16:56)
 Alexandra Grant mentioned in an interview that he sent her emails. Lots of emails.
Is that email public?
Hehehe no.
Guest48 yr old disabled and widowed (2016-12-13 04:27:19)
 looking for keanu ..the true deal..i posted this too the so called fakes on fb..is this really you? i have wanted to just talk with you since the eighties...ive been through a bizarre hell myself and am also widowed..be nice as a 48 year old lyme disabled person to have a good true person to talk to. i appreciate your valued time. Thank you
GuestInvitation (2017-07-02 19:20:31)
 Dear Mr. Reeves
if you need a break to rest or time for yourself, you are always welcome at mine on my beautyfull canary island Tenerife. It's just an idea, a serious Invitation. Anytime
Guestjust hello (2017-07-19 04:55:05)
 Just hello to keanu
GuestSocial Network (2017-08-21 02:07:01)
 I knew that Keanu Reeves is a very private man, he isn't on social networt. I see on Twitter and Facebook claiming it it Keanu , I know it isn't just by some of the comments claiming by Keanu I find that hard to believe . Keanu is an intelligent man, loves his privacy I don't blame him one bit, he is human as well, and has the right to live his life like everyone else. I have the deepest respect for Keanu, hope one day I might see him in Toronto at TIFF. I know there is no way I am going to meet Keanu in person, would be nice, but not going to happen.
GuestKeanu (2017-10-22 11:34:48)
 Your on my bucket list to say hi not scream.not star struck your amazing person and all you have been threw I know you will never see .hi
Xoxo cat~
(2017-12-28 03:00:47)
 speaking of those 5 pieces of wisdom, just found this


GuestArab thing (2018-01-08 10:13:07)
 Thanks for clearing this up. My heart sunk when I heard about the so called Keanu Arab comment.

Annihilating a whole race of people as a comment is..quite shocking. It's actually genocide, like the holocaust. Really hard to think of coming from your fav actor.

Again, thanks for the clear up, it helped my morale.

Anakin McFly
(2018-01-08 11:23:01)

I'm glad to help. <3
Guest (2018-01-09 11:55:04)
 1. ----he's good friends with at least three transgender women.

Let me guess?
The Wachowski sisters & Jamie Clayton (Sense8).
Is it true?

2.----I knew its out of topic.
What do you personally think KCR MBTI Types?

Is he INFJ type?

Anakin McFly
(2018-01-11 11:04:01)

1. Yep, them.

2. No idea.

GuestFake Celebrity Accounts (2018-01-14 05:46:53)
 I went looking for info in fake accounts related to Keanu (which led me to this article) because a twitter account with the name Keanu Reeves started following my business account this afternoon. I find it especially odd because It’s a fairly new business and it’s not like I have a ton of followers. Aside from the more obvious ...ok maybe he knows someone whose looking for quality hand knits for babies but.... lol. I am always going to be a bit suspect I guess if a celebrity (appears to ) suddenly to follow(s) my page. That would be amazing, because who wouldn’t want famous people to be interested in their creations? But im also a realist, lol

I don’t blame Keanu for valuing his privacy & I think it shows some
Wisdom & common sense that he has any just putting everything out there. Unfortunately once you hit enter (and anyone sees the post) it’s too late to take it back... posting when we’re highly emotional about something, over tired, irritated, maybe had a bit too much to drink are all obvious things to be wary of. And then there is that potential for...I want to be nice and say overly avid fans rather than stalkers lol. Nope, I don’t blame him one bit. And then there is that time sucking element.

Good for him (*I mean that sincerely) delaying getting involved with social media! It does have a tendency to take up much more time and attention I think than it should. Too easy to gravitate to it rather than to do something productive or something that’s actually relaxing and...actually social. I do use it to keep in touch with far off relatives and friends (as well as a tool trying to spread the word about my knitting) but it can also turn into an anti social tool that prevents real communication.

But I’m rambling now so it’s time to stop! lol. Another side effect of just posting our thoughts ;)

I hope you retain all the privacy you need in your life Keanu (in case you actually read this) We all need to have our own space. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to have people staring & even invading your space when you're out in public (or having to have people that help you to avoid that )

Thanks to the writer of this article for clearing up that Keanu is not engaging in social Media. Should I report the twitter account that's using his name & image?

Hope you're all having a great weekend! :)
GuestFake Celebrity Accounts (2018-01-14 05:52:34)
 Oops! Sorry for all the typos!
Hopefully my comment still made sense

And ugh...I think I wrote too much (comment “ cut off “ when it posted)

Hope you all have s nice weekend! ☺️
(You too Keanu

GuestFrom the Knitter (2018-01-14 05:54:10)
 * I hate autocorrect!

Sorry again for the typos.

*This message was sent from my iPhone
GuestFrom the Knitter (2018-01-14 05:55:33)
 OMG where’s the delete button! lol

Bye all! Take care!

GuestFrom "The Knitter" (2018-01-14 06:02:23)
 ok, this page REALLY needs an edit button and a delete button lol

I can't fix the horrendous typos in my first post and it sounds like a 2 yr old (ok maybe a bit older lol) wrote it! On my computer now so I am going to try to fix it a bit..

"Good for him (*I mean that sincerely) delaying getting involved with social media! It does have a tendency to take up much more time and attention I think than it should. Too easy to gravitate to it rather than to do something productive or something that’s actually relaxing and...actually social."

Some of what I wrote disappeared too.. this page also needs to indicate how many words we can type in one post. Just a thought :)

Anakin McFly
(2018-01-14 09:34:49)

The edit/delete function is only available if you have an account and are signed in, because otherwise anyone could edit or delete it for you.

There’s no word limit but it looks like your comment got cut off after an emoticon; I’ll see what went wrong and fixed that. In the meantime I got your full comment when you submitted it, so I’ll put it in for you!

What’s the username of the fake twitter account, by the way?
Anakin McFly
(2018-01-14 12:14:24)

I found the problem - the database can't insert emojis, and trying to put one in broke the code. :/ I'm trying to see if there's a way to stop that from happening.

In the meantime, I've corrected your earlier comment accordingly.

GuestThe Fake Keanu account (2018-01-15 05:14:18)
 It’s @Keanureeves112

Keep in mind i’m “assuming ‘ it’s fake
partly because he used a lowercase r for reeves,
and then bc your article said he doesn’t use social
media (though it’s implied he isn’t necessarily ruling
It out forever). I have to admit that there’s still that
little part of me that wants to believe it could be him
Following my tiny business account lol.

Anyway, the account hasn’t posted anything bad(
that I’m aware of - haven’t seen it today) There was
one retweet on the page of someone posting some Keanu related
event. I do realize that it’s bad enough impersonating
him regardless of whether it remained innocent in
other ways, so I reported the account anyway “just in case”
it really wasn’t him (since that seemed highly likely)

Thank you for fixing my post & clearing up the edit/delete issue

GuestThe Fake Keanu account (2018-01-15 05:14:20)
 It’s @Keanureeves112

Keep in mind i’m “assuming ‘ it’s fake
partly because he used a lowercase r for reeves,
and then bc your article said he doesn’t use social
media (though it’s implied he isn’t necessarily ruling
It out forever). I have to admit that there’s still that
little part of me that wants to believe it could be him
Following my tiny business account lol.

Anyway, the account hasn’t posted anything bad(
that I’m aware of - haven’t seen it today) There was
one retweet on the page of someone posting some Keanu related
event. I do realize that it’s bad enough impersonating
him regardless of whether it remained innocent in
other ways, so I reported the account anyway “just in case”
it really wasn’t him (since that seemed highly likely)

Thank you for fixing my post & clearing up the edit/delete issue

GuestWouldn’t it be funny if... (2018-01-15 05:32:52)
 I just now noticed this is from Singapore
Then I had a random thought...
Wouldn’t it be funny if this article
were written (or directed) by Keanu
himself to clear up the issue re the fake
accounts? I have no idea why I connected
him with Singapore in my mind lol.

I don’t need an answer either way, like I said,
It was just a thought and I couldn’t resist sharing
It ...thinking my if it was true it might get a grin
out of him even if I never saw it. It’s funny how seeing
people on the Big Screen playing some character in
a story can make us feel like we know them ...
so I guess in a way if we like the persona we have seen,
it makes sense we would want to make them smile even once.
: ). (Pseudo emoji that won’t break the code)

I think I’m going to go play Star Wars (SWTOR)
for a bit & enjoy this long weekend. I hope you all
are enjoying yours. : ) <3 Love & Peace

(2018-01-25 01:01:09)
 No, it is not "written or directed by Keanu"
Pleasant fantasies are one thing, and that's cool.
Delusions, however, aren't pleasant for anyone. The idea that Keanu is sekritly taking time from 1) being in movies 2) producing movies 3)developing scripts 4) making art books 5) running a motorcycle company 6) racing and promoting motorcycles 7) having a life with family and friends to manipulate fans online is delusional.

Just saying. And he's not playing video games, either.

Guestyeah (2018-01-25 23:28:51)
 perhaps...but you never know ;)

also re: "It’s funny how seeing people on the Big Screen playing some character in a story can make us feel like we know them ..."

you get over it very quickly...

Guesthi Mr Reeves (2018-01-27 14:58:25)
 After reading this I can guess that the account in Instagram is fake.


Is a fake account considering he/it has just ask for me for money, can you please verify that is true please?

Thank You

Anakin McFly
(2018-01-27 15:42:48)

It’s fake.
(2018-01-28 04:56:32)
 Um, yeah, you do know, and yeah, it's fake.
Guest (2018-01-29 04:56:40)
 You seem to know everything about how Keanu spends his time. Are you his mother?
Anakin McFly
(2018-01-29 08:16:49)

I think any person with a modicum of intelligence can tell that an Instagram account called “Keanureeves_smart” with a handful of followers and photos that can be found online and that goes around asking people for money does not actually belong to Keanu Reeves, or for that manner any scammer who isn’t completely hopeless at this.
GuestJust would love to say (2018-02-05 08:24:58)
 Hello mister
GuestTwitter (2018-02-09 09:51:23)
 @keanu_reeves01...twitter account...chat now with him...also he says..I'm #TheOne...
Anakin McFly
(2018-02-09 13:29:26)

Thanks for informing me. I've reported them.
GuestCan't register (2018-03-01 09:28:01)
 Won't let me register to whoa itsnot me. Says my emails don't match and they do . Due to some imposters instagram i had to close my acct so I would like to get registered. HELP. It is cherfuller429@gmail.com. If anyone can HELP ME . I have been dealing with "keanu" for 5 days. The imposters
fake Twitteraccount busted (2018-03-14 01:57:16)
 I came, I saw, I kicked its ass!

An update on your report
Thanks again for letting us know. Our investigation found this account in violation of the Twitter Rules:

Keanu Reeves

(2018-03-14 02:11:44)
 and yes, I'm totally his mother. and you probably believe that. wow.

(I'm NOT his mother)
(2018-03-14 03:52:13)
 yay ! I never get replies to reports on fakes, guess since my account is not US-based, twitter doesn't care... but nevermind. what matters is that another fake got suspended.

... which means new ones will be created soon :(

Guestkeanu reeves (2018-04-08 08:02:15)
 Hy, I will be truly happy if Keanu had any social media,if you know tell me please if he has real profil, page etc, thank you , bye:-)
Anakin McFly
(2018-04-09 10:50:40)

dude did you not read the article. Keanu is not on social media, at least not publicly.

I've removed your email address for your own privacy.

(2018-04-16 03:06:20)
 [ Comment deleted by poster ]
GuestFake Keanu Twitter accounts (2018-04-17 11:42:13)
 Hello, I have 2 Keanu Reeves accounts following me on Twitter, Keanu Charles Reeves, @keanuR_vesCH and KeanuReeves @KeanuReeves218, the latter messaged me privately telling me he is currently shooting his film John Weak 3 in Canada which made me suspicious
Guest (2018-04-17 22:49:29)
 It should make you suspicious, because that John is not weak

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