On His Charisma

...for every fish who calls him uncharismatic.

Brimming over with unfocused energy and ineffable personal charisma, [Keanu] is described by Van Sant as "very, very smart.

– "The Radical Reality of Keanu Reeves

He was one of those guys who could talk to anyone about anything. He had confidence, charisma.

Alan Powell, "Pizzazz pays off big for teenaged 'slob'"

In fact, you don't have to observe the actor for very long to see that he takes his craft very seriously indeed, that he's also very shy off-camera and that, despite his protests to the contrary, he has the intense physical charisma possessed by all movie sex symbols.

"I hate the term sex symbol" Reeves says quietly.

It was during his second season at the theatre school that Reeves stepped up to play Mercutio. "He was wonderful in the role," Dubin recalls. "Exceptionally talented, charismatic, and extremely energic.

– "Curtain Call"

In Bertocucci's film, he confirms that he's one of the most charismatic actors of his generation.

– "Keanu Reeves, State of Grace"

"Keanu has James Dean charisma, that troubled youth/pent-up sexuality quality," says Toronto photographer David Hlynsky, who knew Reeves as a teenager.

– "The 50 Most Beautiful People: Keanu Reeves"

Such feelings befit an actor who is "rational and intellectual. When that happens he looks stiff," says director Alfonso Arau, who bows in Hollywood with CLOUDS after decades of moviemaking in Mexico. "But he also has this terrific charismas and innocence that I needed in that role.

– "Keanu Reeves Has a Way of Finding His Head in Clouds"

Kind and quietly charismatic, Reeves never lacked for friends.

– "Much Ado About Keanu"

But several steps ahead, Keanu usually gets in the $7 to $9 million-dollar range, an ambitious and dedicated thespian whose charismatic presence helps the appeal of any film.

– "Keanu Reeves – Teen Idol's Excellent Adventure"

Their emerging conflict is the core of the story, and it required two charismatic and gifted actors to fill the roles. Taylor Hackford feels confident that he drew the ideal mix in Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino.

– "The Devil's Advocate – Production Notes"

Despite the passion for his craft, the critics haven't always been kind to him. They usually overlook his strong charisma and unusual innocence and brush off his acting as bland or uninteresting.

– "Magic 'Trix"

He was funny, self-effacing, yet charismatic enough so that we would believe that the whole team would follow him all the way to the endzone.

– "The Replacements – Production Notes"

Halfway through Constantine, a fully clad Keanu Reeves steps into a shallow pail of water, sits on a chair next to it and holds a cat in his lap. Any actor who can retain his charisma in this weird-silly moment--can keep us watching, and admiring his dutiful nonchalance--deserves to be called a movie star.

– "Caught Between Heaven and Hell"

When I met him in person, I discovered a thoughtful, intelligent, deep thinker. He's also a kind, warm, charismatic guy – and a little bit shy.

David Ayer, "Can-do Keanu: Director impressed with star's skills, work ethic"

"In a word, charisma," said Ayer when asked why Reeves was right for the role.

– "Keanu is a man of a few soft-spoken words"

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