On Keanu Being Funny

I loved Keanu in River's Edge, but it was a very serious drama. I had no idea whether or not he could be funny. So the producer and I had him up to the hotel in Los Angeles to talk about the part, and he made us laugh for a solid 45 minutes.

Ron Nyswaner (director, The Prince of Pennsylvania), "Always Wondrous & Weird & Whatever"

I just hate seeing pictures of myself where I have this look in my eye where it's like, 'Ooh, I'm so sensitive and deep.' I hate that puppy dog look. Man, no! I'd rather be cross-eyed and making some stupid face rather than that somber, actor look.

– Keanu, "Keanu Reeves: A Most Bogus Sex Symbol"

He won our hearts playing a series of goofy yet lovable teenagers

– "Alex & Keanu's excellent interviews"

He was funny and touching in Parenthood, funny and goofy in I Love You To Death and funny and romantic in Tune In Tomorrow.

– "Riding The Waves"

When he's in a good mood, Keanu Reeves is a poster child for the theater of the absurd, reveling in non sequiturs, impromptu impersonations (he does a great Pacino), and the occasional heart-stopping outburst, such as "Bluttuuhhh!" whenever Bram Stoker's Dracula is mentioned. Far from "funny ha-ha," his sense of humor is better described as "funny hummm..." and is at once hilarious and utterly confounding.

– "Finding Neo"

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