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Scammers alert
Anakin McFly
2018-11-19 10:29:15


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The next lot of Instagram accounts has been deleted! (except one)
2018-11-19 17:05:00

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Do you think twitter accounts are real?
2018-11-20 00:02:01

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Only if the account has the 'verified' checkmark - the real one, not photoshopped :)

As far as I know, there's no verified Keanu Reeves twitter account.

He could still surprise us, one day.
Not holding my breath until it happens, though ;)

keala2018-11-20 17:32:17

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I don't think he would create an official one... He might have or create one under another name for personal use.
But I think he has much better to do and is somehow more old school...though very aware of new technologies.
Debstar2019-01-14 20:33:15

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Glad I came across this forum as I too have been approached on Instagram from a Keanu impersonator!!

Have since Blocked & Reported!

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