The only witness to the crime was not even there
It was the perfect crime... Except someone saw it all

Gift, The (2000)

Year Filmed:2000 (started Feb 7)
Director:Sam Raimi
Writers:Billy Bob Thornton & Tom Epperson
Runtime:112 min
Articles:Focus: 'Gift, The'
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Rosemary HarrisAnnie's Granny
Cate BlanchettAnnabelle 'Annie' Wilson
Giovanni RibisiBuddy Cole
Keanu ReevesDonnie Barksdale
Katie HolmesJessica King
Greg KinnearWayne Collins
Hilary SwankValerie Barksdale
Michael JeterGerald Weems
Chelcie RossKenneth King
J.K. SimmonsSheriff Pearl Johnson
Gary ColeDavid Duncan
Kim DickensLinda


One day in a town somewhere, a young woman named Jessica goes missing, presumably murdered. Possibly the only person who can help - apart from the culprit willingly turning themselves in - is the local psychic, Annie, because clairvoyancy is useful that way. She helps the police, they arrest a probable suspect, but she continues to get visions that suggest they might have got the wrong guy...

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Pretty Good (2017-03-16 13:07:41)

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This one is not bad. It is worth the watch.

Keanu plays a character who very different than the other's he is known for playing (characters with charm, and maybe a fair amount of redeemable qualities).

I think that Keanu's character's dialogue (especially when you first see the character) goes about heavily hitting you over the head. They really want you to know that this is an abusive, racist, and sexist man.

All in all, this was pretty good.

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