Donnie Barksdale

The Gift (2000)

Age:About 35
That's Not An Occupation:Free your mind.
Distinguishing Feature:Beard.
What If He Shaves?Then we're screwed.

Keanu Reeves

Donnie's just good people. If you're looking for someone to go fishing with and drink a few beers with, Donnie's your man. It's just that he's shut down all his emotional responses. He's pretty direct, and he's someone who would use his physical aspect.

I always felt that the character, though damaged, had a sincerity to him, and an emotional vulnerability to him. That's the base of what he is. He's emotionally damaged because of suffering something as a kid, and not being able to extricate himself from that consciousness. And I think in the courtroom, he gets a chance. "I swore I'd tell the truth. Yeah, I'm a wife-beater. Yeah, I do that." ... Somehow, humans always kind of relate to the humanity in all our human monsters. ... He gets to show his vulnerability. Frustration. He's getting cross-examined. ... And you see why he resorts to violence. He's out of control. And he wants control, physical control.

This guy knows what he's feeling, knows what he's thinking and he's acting upon it. There's no confusion on his part, though he's ultimately misguided. There was a nice vitality to Donnie Barksdale, and a real freedom to it. I think he's the only character who is uncensored. He's definitely damaged as a person, but he's saying what he thinks, and what he feels.

Anakin McFly

Angry and confused. The confusion makes him angrier. He doesn't like that.

He likes yelling, though. Volume is always useful in getting points across. Simple-minded fellow. Would be fun to poke with sticks.


I don't agree that he is angry and confused. This character is very sure that he is right in whatever he says or does. He uses anger to control his enviroment and people around him in a very calculated manner.

I also dont think he 'likes' yelling. He only raises his voice when people who should be doing what he 'told' them, ignore his commands.

He is also far from simple minded. His methods are simplistic (almost neanderthal) but his aims are complex. He manages to control his wife whilst having affairs himself as well as convincing the local police that he is not guilty of harrassing Annie. He also has enough insight to realise just 'how' to scare Annie by tapping into something that he knows she believes in.

He also manages to manipulate his wife into forgiving him for his affair and believing he is innocent as well as convincing her to betray Annie.

Donnie has found that aggression gets him what he wants and I think its a tool he uses, not a part of his character. He also realises that he is hot property for the women in a small town such as his and that his peers look up to him. This has made him arrogant and greedy.