Thumbsucker (2005)

Year Filmed:2003 (started July 9)
Director:Mike Mills
Writers:Walter Kirn (novel)
Mike Mills (writer)
Runtime:96 min
Articles:Focus: 'Thumbsucker'
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Lou Taylor PucciJustin Cobb (as Lou Pucci)
Tilda SwintonAudrey Cobb
Vincent D'OnofrioMike Cobb
Keanu ReevesPerry Lyman
Benjamin BrattMatt Schramm
Kelli GarnerRebecca
Vince VaughnMr. Geary
Chase OfferleJoel Cobb
Kit KoenigPrincipal


Teenager Justin Cobb has an addiction to thumbsucking, a habit that his decidedly weird orthodonist tries to wean him off through various unconventional methods. Later, the school psychologist diagnoses Justin with ADHD and gives him some proper medication - completely turning Justin's life around, making him into a highly successful and popular student, and in the process causing Justin to lose his true identity as he becomes a person he never was.

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Hilarious and Overlooked (2009-07-01 12:20:59)

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This movie is a gem. Lou Pucci is a break-out hit as an alienated teenage debate champion. Keanu plays his mystical orthodontist. The film is very funny, overall, and Keanu gives a brilliantly witty performance.

Rating: 8.5/10

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