Perry Lyman, Dr.

Thumbsucker (2005)

Are you ready to let go of your thumb?

What's that?They do scary things to mouths and make children scream.
Distinguishing Feature:Dentist vibes
What He Taught Us:"The trick is living without an answer. I think."

Keanu Reeves

Perry is a mentor, but he is an adult going through what Lou's character is going through. Perry is kind of an orphan. He's searching. I liked his richness of feeling. I don't know how else to describe it. No matter what he was doing, he felt it. He just seemed so open. I really enjoyed where he ended up. And where he started. He's an orthodontist with some ideas about life.

Anakin McFly

Perry is this philosophical dentist who can't quite decide what he thinks about life. That secretly frustrates him, and sometimes comes out in bursts of private controlled anger that the public only glimpses, tempered with a paternal, almost motherly gentleness.