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Superfan: "I've seen 31 of your movies." Lao Li (Keanu): Wow!
2013-07-15 19:20:47
50 is my number. And I have copies of 49 of those 50. Do I win a prize? A cupcake perhaps:)
Like a Chinese Menu
2010-09-28 07:06:51
This is exactly why I want him to do Jekyll and Hyde so very much. We'd get to see good and bad in the same movie. It would be so fantastic!
There's Nothing Wrong With Keanu Reeves, You Jackasses
2010-07-27 08:56:24
"Bad News" poster must not have realized this is a site full of intelluctuals and he has to be much more creative:)
Movie production will detour NFTA rail
2009-11-25 19:58:20
Now that I know a time and place, I am making my hotel reservations for Buffalo. Who wants to join me? I need moral support.
Ryder Lived 'Rough' for New Indie Movie
2009-10-25 09:13:04
I doubt she worked for free. Couldn't she afford her own rental car? But then again she did resort to shoplifting in the past so maybe she's not good at budgeting her money:)
Keanu Confidential
2009-10-15 19:04:12
I admit it, I too ran out and bought myself a copy. OOH! That smile is incredible. It's another Amanda DeCadnet photo. She does bring out the best in him. Love it!
'My Son's A Fruit'
2009-09-30 18:58:59
I can think of a few parents who deserve to be slapped for the names they gave their children

I know people named: George George, Harry Arms and Liberty Bell.

Keanu Reeves: Quiet Power
2009-07-20 05:27:10
Doesn't matter who coined the term. It's just delicious terminology:)
Effects-laden 'Matrix' sequel has Keanu Reeves wondering
2009-07-14 06:04:41
What a way to burst my bubble. Artificial tears!! I just can't believe it. I wonder why they were needed. The K-man has had enough heartache in his life that you think he would have inspiration to bring them on naturally.
Psst - this snitch is going places in 'River'
2009-06-23 08:32:11
Thanks so much Seer. You always see things so clearly. Actually things are looking up. He got a job! Just temporary but it's a start:)

You are so right about the K-man. He is so lucky to make a living (and then some LOL!) at what he loves to do.

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