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Keanu Reeves: The love I still do not know
2017-10-31 02:18:17
Luca did great German - English translations. I'm a native German speaker so I think I can voice my opinion regarding this.

I hate translating, it takes efforts to do it and guts to decide which possible translation fits best.

I really appreciate your work and so I want to say big THANK YOU.

The Importance of Being Keanu
2017-05-30 02:19:05
according to Wikipedia, "Jack" is a version of "John". And according to the plot of "Feeling Minnesota" it was a spelling mistake.

"In English Jack is traditionally used as the diminutive form of John, though it is now also a proper name in its own right."

In German, it's easier - the name of the Apostle is "Johannes", short version "Hans". Both names are still common but currently not regarded as fashionable.

Keanu Reeves: "Siberia is one of the most mysterious places on Earth"
2017-05-20 03:15:18
I agree the way of speaking is not like native English interviews. But Google Translate is a mess - even while translating German to English and vice versa the style of speaking and writing is gone. And these languages are both Germanic languages. So, just imagine the mess translating Russian to English a Slavic to a Germanic language. So, I think it's just a problem of translation and consequently the style should not be used to decide if the article is fabricated or not.

The content however seems quite in line with the information in other interviews. And I appreciate his tendency to not make any internal conflicts between family, friends and business partners a public affair. I consider this a clever decision.

Keanu Reeves
2017-05-18 02:16:57
thank you Luca, it's a lovely article :-)
Exclusive LRM Interview: Keanu Reeves for JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2
2017-05-04 01:05:58
unfortunately TV has a bad impact on the Non-American fan - almost no chance to watch his latest performance. That's my main objection against TV.
"Women are superior to me"
2017-04-07 12:59:46

The article is clearly marked as the translation of "Die Welt".

So it's quite unfair to compare it with the version of "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" and make wild accusations.

"Women are superior to me"
2017-04-07 12:53:43
well, I'm a native German speaker. The articles are from different newspapers but both claim to be written by Rüdiger Storm. I guess this reporter sold a longer interview to two newspapers - one national - Die Welt - one local dedicated to the city of Köln (Cologne).
So the content is overlapping but not identical.

The translation is accurate. I hate translating, I can never figure out the middle way between strange (still to German English) and an almost new English text. This translation handles this basic translation conflict very well.

Concerning adding the Non-English original of a translated article - I would welcome this if possible. But I don't know if this move would increase the hosting costs of the website.

Keanu Reeves: 'I Worry That People Won't Like What I Do'
2017-02-08 21:11:59
Can someone explain the meaning of this "kind of an O.G." in the first sentence? I guess it means "special" but I'd like to know for sure, especially the abbreviation "O. G.".
Thanks in advance


Keanu, the Antihero
2016-12-20 15:24:09
@Anakin - the picture on the bottom right - our man sitting on a chair - seems to be a glitch in the matrix. it leads to nowhere
Keanu, the Antihero
2016-12-20 15:22:47
I have no children and I am not married ... I arrived at a new place where I began to contemplate my death. And today, at 52, I have assumed it as fact and I've begun to prepare for it," he reasons, intensely.

That's so sad, and somehow relieving at the same time. I'm 41,just normal, divorced, no kids - and struggling to accept that the rest of my life is just going to be my not that interesting job. So, it's kind of good to know that even with beauty, wealth and fame you can end up in a similar situation.

Let's find great times somewhere else.

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