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Season's Greetings!

2015-01-01 06:45:50

Happy New Year to all! Hope everyone had a joyous holiday season.
I got the best Christmas present ever. Found out I am going to be a Grandma for the first time! (Yes,I know I am old!)

My New Year resolution is to be a more active poster here. Not sure how long it will last,technology and I don't often get along well!

Away until 25 June

2014-09-20 08:31

Well,I am now the brunt of the joke at the office. Everyone heard this story and they all know how much I adore K. I also just happened to have Tuesday and Wednesday off from work. So apparently unbeknownst to me,I took a trip to Cali and visited his house in the middle of the night!
Celebrating a Most Excellent Gentleman on the Occasion of His 50th Birthday

2014-09-03 10:43

Happy Birthday,Keanu. As a proud member of the over-50 club, let me welcome you!
You have a burning platonic love for Keanu and no hope of telling him. What do you do?

2014-07-15 05:06

I have been following along on this thread and I don't really have time to comment in depth. So I will just say watch anything and everything of his you can get your hands on. You will be amazed.
The Lake House

2014-06-14 06:11

Feel free to keep on gushing. It is magic when someone new discovers the brilliance of Keanu and it is a joy to witness.
Where have I been all his life?

2014-06-12 06:06

Welcome. You have only touched the tip of the iceberg. I recommend you go way back. River's Edge Permanent Record, Prince of Pennsylvania, My Own Private Idaho are favorites of mine. Not to mention,how have you got this far in life and never seen Bill and Ted?

2014-04-25 10:00

I heard on the radio today a bizarre story about some guy trying to collect all the copies of Speed that still exist on VHS. Whatever floats your boat I suppose. But he won't succeed. Because I own two copies on VHS and I am not giving them up.

Also,in case you are wondering, yes I still have a VCR, yes it still works, and yes I use it.

Bits and snippets off the web

2014-01-15 06:16

Wow! Might take me days to catch my breath after seeing that! So beautiful, like a painting. Wonderful to know other people are seeing the same thing I am!
47 Ronin

2014-01-03 06:41

@LucaM, So sorry, I already tossed my ticket stubs:(

47 Ronin

2013-12-28 11:26

@ARYA, I noticed that. We are of like mind:)
47 Ronin

2013-12-28 11:14

I went to see the movie twice. I LOVED IT! It is everything I want in a movie. Wonderful story with the perfect mix of action and romance. Beautiful setting, stunning costumes, sweeping soundtrack and subtle acting. No raunchy humor, language, or over the top acting in sight. It was pure entertainment.

Also, Keanu was sexy as hell!!! OMG! When he ran and leapt up on the horse in one fell swoop, I nearly lost it in public. I was screaming like a school girl inside!


2013-10-23 05:15

Congrats to all who got their questions answered. How exciting! I was there too but unfortunately my question did not get answered. However, like Ani said, it was still exciting being in the same "space" as Keanu. I tried to tell my RL friends that I spent Sunday afternoon with Keanu and they just didn't get it:( photo gallery

2013-10-04 05:53

Wow Ani! Fantastic! Could I interest you in coming to my house and organizing my closets and cupboards for me?!:D

2013-06-18 05:02

I so agree with you Anita.

Recently lost two people close to me to lung cancer and very quickly too. One was diagnosed in November and died in February at age 61. The other was diagnosed in April and died two weeks ago at age 71.

There is never anything good about smoking.

any interesting dreams you've had about K?

2013-05-17 06:05

I have not posted here in quite some time. RL has been rather busy. Needless to say, I have been lurking and when I saw this post I just had to reply.

My Keanu dream happened a number of years ago now, but it still sticks in my head. Which is rather unusual because I don't normally remember my dreams. If there are any psychology majors out there, please do feel free to analyze for me, as I really would like to know what it all means.

Here goes: Myself and all my co-workers including the bosses were on some kind of work related excursion. You know, one of those "team-building" things. We were at a museum of some sort and there were two different tour guides available to us. One was this typical little old gray-haired lady with orthopedic shoes and the other tour guide was Keanu Reeves. We had to split ourselves up into two groups, choosing which tour guide we wanted to go with. Myself and 4 other people picked Keanu of course but the other 25 people all went with the little old lady. We stood there gawking at each others selection of tour guide, not comprehending why we picked who we did. I remember asking the others why in the world they were going with the little old lady and their response was because Keanu Reeves wouldn't know anything about the museum. Those few of us with Keanu Reeves were dumb-founded. We said "who cares, it's KEANU REEVES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" That was it, then I woke up.

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