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2012-12-26 12:12

Season's Greetings to all, whatever you celebrate!


STILL that meme...

2012-09-04 11:19

:D LucaM
Ultra love, ultra devotion for the man ;))

2012-07-04 05:43

Welcome and congrats! This is the most awesome group you've joined. As Ani said, we're all hijacking Keanu's awesomeness by association, and enjoying his as well! And fandom makes a great escape from crying babies and dirty nappies. Good for you! :)
Trinity arrived :-)

2012-07-04 05:40

Welcome, Trin! I've been busy with RL, so missed your debut, but great to have you join us. Your English is just fine (I'm the resident badass English professor on WINM). :D

2012-05-21 10:35

HB, welcome! Your cerebral cortex appears to be working fine.

The Matrix had us all, but we here at WINM are among the free humans! Perhaps this is our own little bit of Zion...anyway, we'll be counting on you to tip us off once the machines become sentient. I don't want no squiddies chasin' me!

FYI, I'm the badass English professor around here. Nice to meet you!

Side by Side - a documentary

2012-05-21 10:27

LucaM, that's great! Can't wait to hear what you think.
Ïðèâåò!!-Hello Everyone!!- Hola!!- Gutantag!!-Bonjour!!:)

2012-05-19 10:47

Welcome to our fun little corner of the Keanuverse!
Side by Side - a documentary

2012-05-19 10:46

Oh, Robin, do watch it, you will love it. I need to watch it again, myself. There are some very, very sweet and funny moments!

Arya, you are so funny. I'm a pun-lover and enjoy plays on words.

It's cool that SbS is making the festival rounds - hoping it comes near me!


2012-05-13 10:40

Exactly, tini4. Exactly. :)
UPLIFTING QUOTES for our day to day

2012-05-06 06:25

Arya, I really like both the Fellini and Chodron quotes. I totally agree with Fellini. And I love how Pema Chodron just speaks the truth.

By the way I visit your Keanuquotes tumblr every day and I drop in on lazygogi when I can. I don't comment because I can't figure out how the comment thing works. I signed up for a tumblr but I don't have time for it right now - maybe in summer.

Anyway, I love this thread! Thanks.

Side by Side - a documentary

2012-05-06 06:22

Thanks, Arya! I agree - lots of deleted scenes and outtakes would be awesome. It looks like there are plenty of good reviews, I'm glad to see. Looking forward to seeing it myself when available.
Hello everyone

2012-05-06 06:17

Welcome and hello, Mey!
Side by Side - a documentary

2012-04-30 07:43

Softie, I'm with you. I'll meet you there, when it happens! Who knows it might even show up here at our local arthouse cinema.

Arya, I'm so jealous you got to Tribeca to see SbS. Tell us more, please. Did you like the film? Were KR's various outfits and facial hair states distracting, as one review said? Or was it fun seeing all his incarnations?

I'm really interested in this film from a variety of angles, not just KR, so I can't wait to see it, period, but I agree I would like to see it on the big screen.

47 Ronin

2012-04-26 11:24

2013?? That sucketh, royally. I hope they know what they are doing!

Thanks for the heads up, Joke.


2012-04-26 11:19

Yeah, I love it when Giants Stadium gets chomped by the nanos. I rocked out there to a massive Billy Joel concert back in the late 80s. Nothing like 60,000 people singing "Piano Man" together. ;D

Anyway, thanks for the review, LucaM. I'll take "Keanu Reeves is actually quite good" comment with pleasure.

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