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Tai-Chi Tiger

2011-11-24 01:45

@arya. well imdb doesn't say anything about company films,but u never know..

Tai-Chi Tiger

2011-11-23 23:02

How much is 200 million RMB in American dollars?

Google says its 3 145 800 million U.S. dollars..


2011-10-27 18:51

Thank you inkhuldra!you are very luck to experience all that...i bet you had a great time back then!

well, i must say i'm a bit jealous i wasn't born a little earlier..!


2011-10-26 23:32

um..Guys? what is the Garden? i don't get it... :/

2011-10-21 16:44

@arya yes!
Tai-Chi Tiger

2011-10-12 15:26

thanx inkhuldra! :)
i never thought that he would be ashamed for his looks, but the things we read sometimes... but, as i said before, the Greeks like to overreact.. :/
Keanu youtubes

2011-10-12 03:00

it's a song about Keanu..i just heard it.. does anyone know something more about this?

(the band also has a myspace page were you can listen to this)

Bits and snippets off the web

2011-10-11 16:26

I've watched "Drive". i fell asleep at the first half.the same in "Notebook". Gosling will never touch Keanu's acting.

Gosling really had to tone-down his usual style to fit in this character's shoes

WHAAAT? he is boring and his characters are impersonal(i hope i'm saying it right). they shouldn't even consider comparing him with Keanu. it's just wrong.

Tai-Chi Tiger

2011-10-11 01:14

omg! that page's title is "before they become movie stars" and continues by saying that keanu was ashamed by his look and he was hiding his face with his long hair. it also says that he wasn't so stylish.

is that even true?

(well, Greeks are known for overreacting.. Especially in gossip..)


2011-10-10 22:26

And there's one particular Canadian who is particularly nice, which I believe is because of his Canadian upbringing.

i wonder, who are you referring to?? :)

Frances welcome! i'm kinda new here myself, but i reassure you that you will have an amazing time with us!


2011-10-09 23:55

Is there more to the interview on IPad?

i think that's the whole interview.

2011-10-09 04:59


2011-10-09 04:45

well its in .pdf. its just to the 2nd page there is a mark of the website that uploaded it in the first place, but it not disturbing..

sooo, how do i send it to Ani?


2011-10-09 04:16

i downloaded it...i can give you the link, but it's really large file. i can edit it and leave just the pages that keanu is in..

where do i upload it so you can get it though?

My Own Private Idaho.

2011-10-08 16:05

LucaM mentioned Shakespeare. I haven't read Shakespeare. I guess I might have totally missed the mark?

@koala. i saw in Wikipedia that the movie is loosely based in some of Shakespeare's plays.

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