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2019-01-12 23:58:04

Alright thanks

2019-01-12 20:28:53

Holy shit means?
How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

2018-11-28 00:37:37

Best way to meet him, being invited to a party given by a friend of his. So you'll meet him at private ground within an enviroment where he is at ease. Start a conversation with him by accident and avoid personal question, speak about the music that is playing, the awsome view over L.A. from this place ...

Had a mild chance that this could have happended, but now analysing that scenario from a distance, I was scared that this might had worked out, not understandable, but anyways. Still punching myself for letting the situation slip through my hands, but what can I say, the past is the past. What the real drag is is this wasn't the only incident that I could have entered a cirle where he happends to be in.

Open Letter to Keanu Reeves

2018-11-27 03:00:33

I was in the lucky situation to hand him a short thank-you-letter during the premiere of Side by Side in Berlin, which he did take and put in the innerpocket of his coat. It was important to know that he has it and I did not expected nor got an answer.

Darn, I don't have the words I've written no longer on my computer, I deleted them with all the pictures and videos when I tried to check out of the "Hotel Keanu". But I remember I did not write anything about loving him, just that I love to observe his evolution as an actor and that I enjoy his subtle acting style.

But if I remember correctly he said about a decade ago that he does not read fan-mail because he can't bear to read the stories that come with the letters. Which I totally understand, because he is such a sensitive human being.

But who knows how he handles such things today, we all know that we know nearly anything about the guy and I guess that the reason why we are attracted to Mr Reeves.

How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

2018-11-27 02:21:38

Nice fund. Totally understandable that he can't find his words in this interview, when knowing which scences he is shooting there. I'm sorry for him that he has to do an interview in this setting. And, oh boy how much he had matured since then.

How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

2018-11-25 21:57:33

No, Brand wasn't rude nor joking. He was being honest and was speaking about it out of respect for KR's act.

I guess Keanu was squirming because Brand was doing it so exuberant and he just does not want it to be known, because he does it for the reason itself and not for publicity.

This all happended during the interview with Brand, but they cut it.

And you are right, there are quite some topics where he just wants to hide. Which is kind of cute I think, not the improperiate questions but his reactions.

Refering to the freckles, yes, they are there as you can see them in close-ups, but they are very light and can be easily missed.

Btw, you asked in your post sometime ago whether I saw some of his recent movies.

I don't know what means recent to you, but I saw Neon Demon, small part, but really edgy, this scene with the knife, scarily erotic :-)

I saw the Bad Batch, can't still not find my access to that one, but his acting was bold and somehow beautiful, he was extruding sex and power and portait at
same time this caring human being. I think extremly difficult to play.

I watched To The Bone, I liked the film and I was happy that they did not give him to much screen time, just the scenes that were important. And to me these scence were the ones which gave you real insight for your own life. As his role in Thumbsucker did.

Have watched Destination Wedding but in my mother tongue only. The piece was much to wordy for me. But I enjoyed that he did have more text than in all movies of his combined. :-) But soon I will receive my DVD copy and will watch the original, maybe the constant chatting will not be as distractive as in the dubbed version as I can enjoy his voice.

Siberia is on my list and find it's way to my DVD shelf in the next days.

And I'm looking forward to Replicas in January.

Oops, that is a long post, hope you did hang on.

How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

2018-11-24 04:59:25

As you have met him, I was curious to know if he was somehow different from what you have seen/imagined?
What was different and what wasn't?

Okay, let me think ...

Honestly, there was nothing that was different from what I thought him to be.

But I pick a situation which was quite unique.

I was at the taping of the Jonathan Ross Show for John Wick in London. And as it is the taping is so much longer than the excerpts that shown on TV.

Keanu was in good moods during his interview. Then Russell Brand came to the couch and he changed. At some point, Russell pointed out, how much Keanu donate to charity and is helping people and was praising him and Keanu tried desprately to stop him and he was totally uncomfortable that his humble donations under the radar where tosse into public. He was cringing.

After the interviews were done the cast had to do a commercial to promote the show and Brand did used the f-bomb over and over again, so the couldn't use that taping. Keanu was already agitiated as he had to sit for abaout 2 hours, which seems for him to be a bit like torture. And as Brand was pushing it to the limits you could see how the anger built up in Keanu and a one point he jumped off the couch to take a few steps to get rid off his tension.

It was hard for me to watch, because I would have lost my temper and I could literally see how Keanu was clenching his fists in his pockets.

That was one of the situations were you could observe a Keanu that I think is not seen in public so often.

Maybe I'll add one or two other stories of my encounters with the man in the next days.

How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

2018-11-20 04:03:12

Hi folks,

intersting topic!

I haven't been on this board for over one and a half year now, because I choose to live my own life to the fullest without the Keanu-distraction, but as LucaM said "you can check out any time you like but you can never leave... " something made me "reconnect" with the guy.

So I'm willing to answer your two questions, keala, as best as I can. Btw, English isn't my mother tongue, too.

- How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

Good question ... connected is indeed a misleading word here. Guess some people here take it as the simple word of having a "real-life" connection with somebody, which I have not in Keanu's case. I have met him several times in public setting, asked some questions, got one asked :-) and dared to ask for a huge once which was fulfilled.

But I guess you are asking for the reason why we take an interest in the man. What it is that attracts us to the person and personality Keanu Reeves.

In my case it is because I can identify with Keanu on so many levels. Of course I can only refer to the bit he likes us to see, but even to people of his inner circle he is a riddle (refering to a quote of Laurence Fishburne).

So he is a man of questions as I am. He is a deep thinker and his inner world seems to be so complex that it is difficult to articulate it to the outside world. He seeks for truth, the kind of truth that explains the actions of mankind and the strings that holds the universe in place.

I love to experience new things, go to the limits and push them further. I totally understand his drive to go for super-perfect, this feeling when everything melt into unity.

And I so often giggle about the little quirks I share with him, like fumbling fingers, doing out-of-place things in public like lying on the ground to get some rest here and now.

I could go on with the reasons why he casts a spell on me.

On to your second question

- What do you find charming in him?

Oh boy, that's a question I could fill a book with.

His quietness really allures me. He emits this calmness which take me to my own inner pond of stillness.

That's all for now. If you like I will share more of my thoughts and feelings.

Kids and Pets

2017-03-02 07:04:04

I remember I heard him say, that he babysit a lot of kids and therefore have the feeling that he didn't need children of his own.

He was the father figure in Isabels live and I guess he might babysat Atlanta and the Twins

As for pets, he has a lot of friends who bring there dogs to his house, he has some kois, okay, they came with the house and are cold blooded so they don't count. But I think he has no pet of his own, because he is constantly on the road.

IMDb shuts down boards

2017-02-05 01:27:07

I don't know whether some of you were active on the IMDb boards.

I was and went there everyday to check Keanu's board and now the area ends. I use IMDb since 2005 and it was fun, because there was a big crowd socializing.

Well, now I'll mourn a few days ...

Fan and non-fan encounters, stories, anecdotes, etc.

2016-10-28 04:13:26

Yeah, you are so right about the breathtaking thing. Wow, was he beautiful in London when he was sitting 4 ft in front of me chatting about Ode to Happiness. You could see how he was absorbing anything around him like a sponge.

And even though he meets at these events hundreds of people, he manages to make it special for each and every person. As I attended a signing session in Basel I was very surprised when asked where my name comes from as he heard it for the first time. What a lovely man!

I have only praise for this guy!

Fan and non-fan encounters, stories, anecdotes, etc.

2016-10-28 01:15:18

I went to the twitter page you named, but all I found is this note to the pic with Keanu.

"Nice bloke this one. Very intimidating though"

I guess she knows exactly who he is. Why should she write his name as anybody knows who he is. "The One" *grin*

And I totally understand why she says - very intimidating though - because he really is when you meet him in person - he just comes across larger than live and has a huge aura around him. You just stand there and stare in awe.

Although I totally understand your point, there are certainly some d*cks who don't f*cking care and leave without a thank you.

The Whole Truth

2016-09-21 02:19:22

Okay, the new trailer is definitively showing way too much of the story!!!
The Whole Truth

2016-08-11 16:52:35

I paid around 40€. I thought if I would have watched the film at the movies I would have paid about 20€ for the ticket, coke and popcorn. And then furthermore the price for the DVD. And here I even don't know whether or when it will come out.

So, I decided to go for it as my DVD collection is the only guilty pleasure I have and I'm happy about every film I can lay my hands on.

The Whole Truth

2016-08-11 01:42:03

Wow, it is quite interesting that there are so many people from different countries coming together here.

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