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Fish should be ignored

2012-10-29 00:07

Perhaps you just meant to suggest we pick our battles, Sandy? I think we do, but it may not look like that, given that this site was built with dedication to the cause. If you meant that resistance is futile, I would have to disagree with that assessment.

Just because we can't change everything doesn't mean we shouldn't change what we can. The above mentioned "mob mentality" is by its very nature something that can only be surmounted by persistence in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds.

Game: "Can you name the Keanu Reeves Movies? "

2012-09-02 03:59

A different variation on Name Keanu Movies Game:
During a work event that involved drinking champagne, someone was unable to name any movies Keanu had done aside of Bill & Ted and The Matrix. I mentioned that Keanu has done over 40 films and the challenge arose: Go around the room, each person has to come up with a Keanu film or "pass" (also called "sucking"). Every time someone sucks, we all have a drink.
Needless to say, I won, but I also got to have a lot of champagne while informing everybody of the breadth of Keanu's work. In the end, no losers, really! Do try this at home!
My fav video from 1991...and what a fish thinks about it

2012-07-14 11:41

I see a nervous young actor who is doing what he's always done to us which is to be hard to really pin down. I have trouble believing that when stoned Keanu acts like Ted. That would be too easy for Mary Hart!
Trinity arrived :-)

2012-07-14 11:26

Welcome, Trin!! I am relatively new here too, but I can tell you this is such a great and comfortable place for those of us from around the world who support Keanu. Glad to see you here!
Go get 'em, team.

2012-06-11 07:12

HB's take on Fishing for Lame Geeks

Remember that no matter where you spot him, whether surrounded by like-minded supporters or the public at large, the Lame Geek Fish believes unequivocally, rather sociopathically, that he is on his own turf. That means he's intransigent and on the offensive at all turns. Bearing this in mind, these are the steps for engaging with the LGF:

1) Be impersonal - focus only on the actual matter at hand, and resist the temptation to include any personal factoids or remarks. These are like crack to the LGF, making him even less rational and more enthusiastic about his position.
2) Be truthful - use hard facts that can be verified by a web search, but don't bother to directly cite documentation, because the LGF won't waste his precious time looking, and it will take up valuable message space, causing the short-attention-spanned LGF to stop reading.
3) Be brief - as mentioned above, the LGF is more invested in finding a chink in your armor than he is in the facts. The less extraneous information given, the less he'll have to play with. Consider the Twitter limit of 140 characters as a guideline.
4) Be pleasant - avoid using the pronoun "you", and speak about the matter in an indirect way, so as not to introduce personal insult to the conversation. The LGF absolutely lives for snark, and will look for any opportunity to get malicious.
5) Be geeky - if it's part of your nature, use your own internal movie geek self to include pop-culture references that, while not necessarily required, will subtly reveal to the LGF that you, too, know his area of supposed expertise.
6) Be gone - after your short refutation of the LGF's obvious misunderstanding, move on. Don't check back for their reaction, you won't like it. Don't follow up for more discussion, it's not going anywhere. Drop a bomb and jump to hyperspace. You can't do any more good back there, Wedge.

Go get 'em, team.

2012-06-03 03:07

I came late to this party, but consider HB's grenade launcher fired.

Since I arrived late, I observed the fallout of the first salvo, and I think it's given some useful insights on clarifying how best to deal with Lame Geek Fish. I'll come back to that later when I've got it concisely outlined.


2012-06-02 10:19

What a goldmine! I'm new myself but let me say welcome, calimero, obviously this is a fine addition!

2012-06-02 10:16

Ancora grazie! I'm very pleased to meet you, gulbie! Italiano was never the language at which I was most skilled, but I did my best and have many fond memories around using it! I hope to return there sooner rather than later! =) Ciao!
Which Keanu character are you - quiz

2012-05-22 14:52

The older one gave me a tie between Siddhartha and Ted. I'm not sure what that says about... anything
Man of Tai Chi gets the green light!

2012-05-22 12:06

"I’m so happy that can cooperate with Keanu Reeves." Yeah, I'd be happy to do that, too! :-D

Yeah, my favorite dream is the one where I'm cooperating with Keanu.

Thanks for summarizing the articles!


2012-05-22 11:43

Grazie mille! I really appreciate your taking the time to make me feel welcome too, Ani, LucaM, and Arya - I've been enjoying looking at the evolution of your site. And thank you, Spark, packet received, instructions crystal.
So! Fabulous! Not only am I among fellow Keanu baseheads but also Matrix junkies. It's like speedball without the life-wrecking side-effects. I might also note, Ani, that the fancy dress costume I've used most often is my Princess Leia one (but no, it's not the one from Jabba's palace).
I'll be thinking about what I can do to advance this noble cause and in the meantime I'll just be over here, tying flies.

Ciao for now!

Side by Side - a documentary

2012-05-21 12:04

Bogus! Seattle International Film Festival isn't showing this! I fully expected it to be here, *Belushi voice* but noooooooo!

2012-05-21 10:50

Thanks, BlueGem, I'm getting to the point where having a badass English professor reassure me that my cognitive function is A-OK is a huge relief. Don't worry about those squiddies just yet, but I'm observing the situation with hyper-vigilance!
It can always get worse...

2012-05-21 10:37

I see a lot of myself in what you said, fractal. Thanks for showing your heart - it's really important for people to see each other's humanity including and especially in those dark places we all have in us whether we like to admit it or not. We all have some kind of struggle and while we can't get through it without the help and support of others, at its core each person's struggle is their own. I find that, when I feel paralyzed by grief, saying it could be worse, or comparing myself to others, while probably my most frequently chosen method, hasn't been a very effective one when it comes to lifting me up. Some of the happiest times I have had have been with homeless people, not because I was looking at them thinking "there but for the grace of god go I" but because there's no culturally-manufactured and ultimately arbitrary judgmental attitudes flying around in that environment. We're just people being there for each other, flaws and all. I'm still not very good at this, but I'm trying to be more accepting of myself. It's a fractured, discombobulated self, but it's me, for better or for worse, and the kinder I am to myself, the easier dealing with rollercoaster sessions, panics, and the urge to be in survival-mode becomes. I'd say be truly gentle to yourself in any way you can, and more answers will become clearer.

2012-05-21 10:06

Thanks, people! That's true, LucaM, taking drugs offered by Larry Fishburne can free one's mind, but it leaves the coppertops puzzled. I have a bit of a Matrix problem and am not seeking rehab, so let me apologize in advance if any overemphasis on that particular film set is irritating to any of you.

The thought occurs that in a thread titled Introductions, I might actually consider introducing myself. I'm from Seattle, USA, currently live there, but consider New York my second home. I do software research but I was a veterinary assistant for many years and remain passionate about caring for companion animals. I believe that love conquers all and I think I'll leave it at that since this is getting kind of long!

Party on!

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