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I don't normally do this

2015-05-12 08:17:19

Great news! Look at you go!

2015-04-27 15:59:10

I only saw John Wick once when it was in cinemas, but I just watched it again on DVD tonight. What really struck me is how damn funny it is! Fantastic writing that really suits the characters who are more men of action than words. And just the idea of that cleanup crew was just genius. I may have to watch it again before I return it to the library...
celebrity: a good idea for whom?

2015-04-26 05:53:18

The idiot "journalist" asked RDJ if he felt his Dad got him hooked on drugs. That issue is history, RJD is doing great, and the journo was well out of line. Personally, if I met RDJ, I'd have to hold myself back from blurting out "I'm so happy you're alive!"... because it was touch and go for a while there, but he pulled himself out and is a remarkable example of what a person can overcome.
BBC Sherlock

2015-04-22 16:05:19

Be really careful about the Cumberbatch fandom. There are some totally sick people there.

What is the Kenselton Saga?

Keanu Russian Club

2015-03-19 05:47:09

They can take a while to respond. Just resend your request.

2014-10-27 02:29:53

John Wick doing well at the box office can only be a surprise to someone who simply wasn't paying attention to all the fantastic reviews and press.


2014-10-25 07:28:43


2014-10-25 07:18:00

Oh, man, that was a good film! I saw the first show today. Amazing choreography, beautifully filmed and Keanu was stunningly good. My female friend and I were the only women in an audience of about 50, which was kind of odd, but it's not a chick flick by any means.
Bits and snippets off the web

2014-10-17 14:12

What a great article. Thanks for posting!
Keanu's Reddit AMA 13 Oct 11am EST

2014-10-16 14:04

I love that he's so specific about temperatures with his food. That's a detail thing, for sure.

Thanks for transcribing the AMA, it looks like he had fun.

Troll alert

2014-09-26 04:56

Yeah, I didn't understand that one. Um, dude, it's my actual name... It would be highly amusing to hear his theory, though. ;-)

2014-09-26 04:39

He really chooses interesting roles, doesn't he? My friends and I (some of whom are not even fans) are really excited to see John Wick. I respect that he gives full thought to interviewer's questions before he answers. So many actors just ramble, he actually comes up with cogent replies.
Troll alert

2014-09-26 04:37

Thank you, MmeRenard. I appreciate the support and I have no idea why this moron is after me. It's a first for me. I guess someone was ticked off by something I wrote and doesn't have the balls to actually register and have an actual conversation about it. At least when I post on here and people disagree, they say it to my face under their own accounts.

I just imagine people like this troll sitting in their mother's dark, dank basement, one hand on the keyboard, one down their pants, bashing away at the keys, snorting to themselves about how clever they are through the Cheetos dust coating their mouth.

I'd like to tell this moron to get a life, volunteer, or do something with useful with all that time and energy, but I'm done with him/her/it.

Away until 25 June

2014-09-20 11:37

Anakin, you know my thoughts on this. It is not ok to leave stuff at a celebrity's home. It is not ok to harass them by ringing their doorbell. And of course, unlawful entry is... unlawful. It's a matter of respect.
Away until 25 June

2014-09-20 10:54

So.... do you all still think it's ok for stalkers to put notes in his door, ring his doorbell, etc? Are you freaking happy now that someone got into his house?

Sorry to say, but I told you so. I'm so happy he wasn't hurt.

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