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To the Bone (2017) – 2022-05-08 20:46:55
A good movie about a delicate matter

I thought this movie was interesting in how it dealt with eating disorders by showing how different people are affected in different ways and have different ways of coping - if any at all. The characters are well depicted and felt real, not the usual clichéd sick people.
Keanu plays the doctor who treats them and he's a sight for sore eyes as usual. He makes his patients face the hard truth about life and always speaks his mind - I guess just hearing his voice must be soothing...
Gift, The (2000) – 2022-05-06 21:42:38
A fine movie like they don't make 'em no more

Although it's sometimes labelled as horror, this is basically a crime movie with some supernatural elements. Set in the Southern US, the story depicts a few peculiar characters which are mostly clichéd, but the cast is impressive and I think all the actors did a good job, so the result is pretty enjoyable.
Keanu does not have that much screen time even though his character is pivotal. He still looks damn fine, in spite of his character's despicable attitude. I think it's fun to see him play the bad guy for a change, after all he sure knows how to hold a gun and fight!
Knock Knock (2015) – 2022-04-23 13:37:07
Not as bad as I was expecting

I had read terrible things about this movie, even from fans of Keanu, so I was expecting the worst but in the end it wasn't that bad. Don't get me wrong, it's not really my cup of tea, but I thought it was well done for that kind of movie, and it wasn't too gross even for the scenes where violence is clearly taking place.
I liked the set, the house and the way it's decorated with all the pictures of the 'perfect' family. Keanu looks pretty hot and I like the style of clothes he's wearing, too. His famous 'free pizza rant' is really good!
All in all the plot is pretty simple, but I guess the meaning of this movie is that many families may look perfect from the outside, when actually some scary and pervert thoughts are just left repressed, and if properly lured (like the husband that Keanu plays) then people might ruin everything for a simple weakness. While I agree this might definitely be true in many situations, I do not believe that every family's happiness is necessarily fake or that every single man in the world would surely succumb to temptation... You may say I'm a dreamer :-) but I like to believe there still are some decent people in this rotten world!
I Love You to Death (1990) – 2022-04-23 13:31:26
I wanted to like this, but in the end I was bored

This movie has a great cast so it looked promising. The actors are actually good in it and I enjoyed the first half or so, but then the plot turned kind of slow-paced and I ended up being bored even before Keanu showed up. He plays a small role as a stoned drug addict with a crazy hairdo (it kinda seemed to me like he was missing some hair patches on the side, maybe it was meant as a result of the character's drug habit?) and does quite a good job of it. But unfortunately his screen time is not much. I loved River Phoenix's hippie-style character. This movie is also full of clichés about Italian people, but as an Italian they didn't bother me that much, in fact they gave me a good laugh.

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