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14 May 2023
Keanu Articles Archive: Chapter Six

Hi everyone, after 15 years of operation, we have decided to close the articles archive and make it members-only. This archive began as a small group of fans locating and sharing articles among themselves, but as the site has grown and become much more public, there are increasing copyright concerns around reposting material from other sources.

The existing archive will remain available in full to anyone with an account – membership is free – but we ask that you refrain from publicly reposting content elsewhere. We will continue to update this site with links to articles on Keanu, but they will not be included in the archive itself. Thank you all for your continued support over all these years!

(If you encounter any technical bugs due to the coding changes, drop me an email at admin(at)whoaisnotme.net.)

27 Nov 2022
John Wick: Chapter 4 – Official Trailer

Coming 24 March 2023.

3 May 2022
Alex Pappademas Presents Keanu Reeves: Most Triumphant with Naomi Fry

Cultural critic Alex Pappademas will be in conversation via Zoom with New Yorker staff writer Naomi Fry about his new book Keanu Reeves: Most Triumphant, a tribute to and exploration of the magic behind one of Hollywood's most legendary and unknowable stars.

The event will be held on 5 May, Thursday, at 6:30PM EST. You can RSVP on Eventbrite to receive the Zoom link.

9 April 2022
Website Facelift

Hi everyone! Sorry for neglecting this site for so long (on account of work and the global pandemic, the usual), but I'm still alive! It's been five years since the previous site redesign, and I had some time this weekend so I did a quick style/branding refresh. Thank you LucaM for keeping up with the articles, and I hope to work on this site a bit more over the next month or so to clean up some pages and make some long-needed updates. (Like adding a new dinosaur. It's been 7 years. Where has the time gone?)

24 November 2021
DC League of Super Pets – Trailer

23 July 2020
Bill & Ted Face the Music – Trailer 2

30 July 2019
Archive reopened

Hi everyone, LucaM has stepped up to take over the archive updates, so we're good to go for at least a while more! And while you're reading, this is a reminder that Keanu is not on social media.

16 June 2019
You're All Breathtaking

So this site has been getting an insane amount of traffic since Keanu broke the internet by existing. I'm sorry there hasn't been an update since March! I want to say hi to everyone who's new here and extend a warm welcome to you all. I ceased updates in February this year, but LucaM has been doing a fantastic job on that impossible task over at [link redacted].

I'm currently in talks with the webmaster of keanu-reeves.org to port the articles archive over. Updates may continue there, but perhaps the archive – which I inherited from other Keanu fansites – is an artifact of the time when articles were transcripted by fans from magazine scans. Back then, every word that tumbled from the lips of The Anu was a rare and precious thing, needing to be catalogued lest it slip away and be lost forever in the sands of time. Now we have Google, and too many media sites, and anything Keanu says is instantly reposted and turned into relatable memes. It's a new era.

But – especially to all the younger fans out there – I invite you to slow down. There's a beauty in private fandom, discovering Keanu's movies on your own without the incessant chatter of other people's reactions and analyses and reviews and gifs.

The Keanu articles archive goes all the way back to 1986, and there are 11 years' worth of forum posts from fans. There's a movie and character database. There's music from his bands. There are scripts for his movies. There's this dumb video I made 9 years ago.

I hope you'll get happily lost within the archives of Keanu Reeves' life and the worlds of his characters and his films. I hope you'll find small moments of joy digging through all the stories they contain. I hope you'll stumble upon little things that delight you and that possibly no one else has seen in years.

I hope you have a most excellent time.

21 March 2019
John Wick: Chapter 3 – Trailer 2

20 March 2019
Bill & Ted 3: Face the Music Announcement

23 February 2019
Keanu Articles Archive: Chapter Five

"As we watch him rebound from navigating a maze of cubicles with only the voice of a stranger as his guide to joyfully showcasing Yuen Woo-ping’s ecstatic fight choreography, we feel not only the wonder of this world the Wachowskis have created, but the joy of witnessing a star go supernova."

Thus ends the article by Angelica Jade Bastien, which will fittingly be the last to be posted to the WINM articles archive. The past ten years maintaining and updating the archive have been an interesting journey; but I no longer have the time and energy to spare, and the time has come for me to let go. Everything that has a beginning has an end.

I am still looking for someone (or a team) to take over the archive and continue it on another site. WINM was the fourth to host it, after the Garden of Keanadu, Reeves Drive and Club Keanu. I don't want its story to end here. But I also realise that the internet and fandom has changed a lot since 2008, and with the shift to social media platforms, fans no longer visit fansites like they used to. (Maybe we'll dodge bite the bullet and set up a Facebook page...)

In the meantime, LucaM will be continuing article updates over at the Dreamwidth blog Keanu Archive Reloaded. If you would like to join in posting articles there, or if you're a web developer who would like to take over curating the full archive (in static html files with an external CSS stylesheet, and article information in a MySQL database parsed with PHP) on another site, leave a comment or drop me a note at admin (at) whoaisnotme.net!

WINM itself will still be around at least until the end of 2020, if not beyond. But the archive will be frozen from now, although I might do regular link roundups to the Dreamwidth archive. For this site, one hope is to expand on its original fandom content, but I guess we'll just see where things go from here.

Thank you for all your support over these years. It's been an excellent adventure.

1 November 2018
WINM Hosting Fees

Hi everyone! Hosting fees for this site are due on 1 December, and come to about USD$130 for the next two years. I've been running WINM for ten years as of 2018, and the costs do add up.

So if you've enjoyed this site and would like to contribute to its upkeep, send in a donation via PayPal to admin(at)whoaisnotme(.)net. Any amount will be really appreciated, but please don't give if you're short on money, or know people who may need it more than I do (in which case, do donate to them!) Thank you so much to all of you who have helped out so far!

13 October 2018
Instagram Scammers Alert

Hi all, this is to alert everyone to a new wave of scammers on Instagram pretending to be Keanu Reeves. Their current mode of operation is to build up a friendship or romance with unsuspecting users, slowly gaining their trust before suddenly pretending to be in urgent need of money and asking for financial help.

Keanu is not on Instagram or any other social media. He has said so repeatedly. Please take care of yourselves out there. and inform any friends or family who might be particularly vulnerable to online scammers.

I've started a thread here with more information and instructions on how to report fake accounts. Thanks, everyone.

23 May 2018
UNICEF Canada - One Youth

Video #2: Keanu Reeves on Bullying

Keanu joins several Canadian celebrities in addressing a UNICEF report that placed Canada 25th out of the 41 richest countries when it comes to children's well-being. Go here for more information on UNICEF Canada's One Youth initiative, which aims o make Canada "the best place in the world to grow up" by 2030.

January 2018

Interview with Keanu Reeves

Learn how Squarespace teamed up with Keanu Reeves and his company, Arch Motorcycle, to make this motorcycle adventure happen. ... Read more

Keanu Reeves 2018 Squarespace Superbowl Commercials:

2018 Superbowl Commercial
In which Keanu surfs on a motorbike in his desert. (Don't try this at home, kids.) (Try it only in the desert.)

Should You Make A Website? Here's Why Keanu Reeves Did.
In which Keanu explains pretty much the reasons why I made this website too

Make It With Keanu Reeves
In which Keanu gives you the only web development guide you'll ever need, although you don't need to use Squarespace, which I didn't.

4 January 2017
Bug fix

I was informed of a bug in the registration form that said email addresses didn't match when they did. I've fixed it, so if you had problems registering, you should be able to do so now. Sorry about that!

25 December 2017
Design revamp!

It was about time to update the site a little and show better appreciation for the Army of Johns. I've streamlined a bunch of things, updated some old content, fixed various bugs as well as optimised the code to be lighter and faster. As usual, if anything isn't working right, drop me an email at admin at whoaisnotme dot net or leave a comment on this thread.

Til then, have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

5 October 2017
Adventures of the Keanuspawn

By LucaM's request, here's a collection of stories I've written through the years on Keanu's characters, who make an amazing ensemble cast despite being mostly named John. :D

2 September 2017

Here's to many more years and characters named John, and may your chocolate milk always be cold.

4 November 2016
Call for donations – 2017-2018 hosting costs

Hey everyone! My hosting bill for this site is due soon - SGD$154 (about US$110) for another two years of hosting. While I try to foot the bill myself, any donations are, as always, very much welcome and appreciated. So if you've enjoyed this site and would like to help out, you can go here to send a donation via PayPal. Thanks!

2 September 2016
Happy birthday, Keanu

May all your rides be joyous and every sandwich satisfying.

10 April 2016
Legends of Keanu

Hi everyone! I've created a new section of the forums where LucaM has been posting fan encounters with Keanu that people have shared through the years, along with the occasional awesome internet comment. Drop by the thread to check it out!

11 March 2016
Keanu Reeves is Not on Social Media

Every so often, a quote attributed to Keanu Reeves goes viral on the internet, with sources claiming he posted it on his Facebook page. Keanu does not have a Facebook page.

27 January 2016
Anyone Can Quantum

Paul Rudd vs Stephen Hawking in a game of Quantum Chess, narrated by Keanu Reeves and directed by Alex Winter.

23 December 2015
To all who celebrate it:

...or is it the fourth? ;)

19 December 2015
PSA: Keanu is not on social media

It seems that more and more recently, news outlets have been reposting quotes supposedly posted by Keanu Reeves on social media and having them go viral. None of those accounts are actually his, despite their hundreds of thousands of followers.

The primary culprits right now are KReevesFans on Facebook and @OfficialKeanu on Twitter. They are not Keanu, and those are not things that Keanu has said. Many contain misinformation, others are plagiarised (one from the KReevesFans page was actually taken from WINM), and a few are borderline libellous. The Facebook page in particular has been taking and combining things that other people said about Keanu - some of which aren't even true - and rewriting them in the first person to make it sound like Keanu said them. Apart from spreading misinformation, it's been giving people the impression that Keanu enjoys bragging about how kind and humble and generous he is, when all of his actual interviews give the complete opposite impression - Keanu has always been deeply uncomfortable talking about himself, let alone his 'struggles'.

Please, always, check your sources before reposting.

24 October 2014
Thank you!

This is a shoutout of thanks to all of you who are helping out with the articles during this busy period in the wake of John Wick's release in cinemas. LucaM, neaura, Spirit, you're awesome and I love you. <3 If anyone else would like to help, drop me an email at admin (at) whoaisnotme.net! (You don't need any coding skills at all.)

2 September 2014
50 years

Happy birthday, Mr. Reeves. Thank you for being you, and thank you for doing all the things you do to make the world a better place, both directly and indirectly. Earth would be a much less excellent place without you.

(With thanks to the Keanu Russian Club for the photo gallery, and ARYA for helping with the ages. Click through to go to the gallery for the high-res version.)


2 March 2014
47 Ronin ticket stub collage!

With much thanks to the Keanu Russian Club, we've got this collage of 47 ticket stubs for 47 Ronin. :D There were a lot more tickets than that, because some were multiples, but I made sure that everyone who submitted got at least one ticket stub in. Click here for the full version, or go here to reblog it on Tumblr.

11 February 2014
Call for donations!

(MADE IT! :D Thanks to all of you who donated!) Hey everyone! WINM is currently good to go until December 2014, after which I'm short of about USD$68 $0 to pay for the next two years. Hosting costs about USD$60 a year, plus $11 for the domain name. If you've enjoyed this site and would like to contribute something towards it, just go over here to the donation page!

As usual, thank you so much to all of you for making this site what it is! All of you are awesome. Keanu is awesome too. (And dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are awesome.)

4 January 2014
Add your watched Keanu movies to your profile!

WINM members! You can now display posters of all the Keanu movies you've watched on your profile. Here you go!

1 January 2014
Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a great 2014. :)
In Keanu matters, John Wick should be released this year, and Passengers starts filming in the next couple or so months.

Meanwhile, LucaM has proposed a small project. For those of you seeing 47 Ronin in cinemas, keep your ticket stub. We're going to collect 47 of those and create a digital collage to send to Universal and/or Keanu, just because. Send a scan or photo of the stubs to admin(at)whoaisnotme.net, or if you're a WINM member you can post it over on this forum thread. Let's see where this goes. :D

25 December 2013
To all of you...

and/or any other holiday you celebrate! The more holidays the better. :)

18 October 2013
Keanu on Reddit

Keanu will be online on Reddit to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on October 20th, 4pm EDT. That is, tragically, 4am my time, and I'm still trying to figure out if I should try and stay up late for it or try and wake up early for it. But there's a good chance that - regardless of plans - I'll end up sleeping through the thing.

But if it's a more reasonable time for you, drop by to witness this rare occasion of Keanu on the internet! Ask him questions! Even if he doesn't answer, you can bask in the glorious knowledge that, for one hour, you were in the same digital space as Keanu Charles Reeves.

The session should be taking place over here at the allotted time, so keep an eye on that page!

10 October 2013
Side by Side - Transcript

The Side by Side transcript is now online, with thanks to LucaM! You can download it by clicking here .

6 October 2013
Design revamp

I just did some minor design changes to the site. No content changes so far, but I'll work on updating that soon. If there are any problems, let me know in the forums!

2 October 2013
Keanu.ru Photo Gallery Links

The Keanu Russian Club has perhaps the most extensive Keanu photo gallery to date. I recently compiled a list of all its various albums for your perusal, organised into various sections. Keanu.ru - feel free to take it!

2 September 2013
2nd September 1964-2013

Celebrating another year of Mr. Reeves' existence!

18 August 2013
End of Hiatus

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates that have repeatedly subjected you to the photo attached to the article below, which a few of you apparently find terrifying. I was away with family on vacation at the end of my New York internship, but I'm home how! I've got a backlog of articles to upload here, so I'll be doing that in the next few days. Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone who's been updating the forums with news. :D

21 May 2013
Registration bug fixed

Someone notified me that the registration system was broken; there was an issue with the captcha, but I've fixed that and you should be able to register now. Sorry for any inconvenience!

23 April 2013
Technical updates and MOTC interviews

I've made some technical changes to the commenting system to speed things up (my terrible programming was apparently putting stress on the server). From the tests I've run so far, things seem to be working fine and faster than before, but if you see anything broken or unusually slow performance that can't be attributed to a temperamental internet connection, just let me know. You can reach me by email at admin(at)whoaisnotme.net.

Meanwhile, there have been lots of Keanu interviews coming out for Man of Tai Chi. I don't archive videos on this site, but there are helpful people posting links in the forum on this thread, and keanuquotes (ARYA) has a nice archive going here on Tumblr, so check them out if you're interested!

20 April 2013
Man of Tai Chi trailer is out!

Go here to watch it on Youtube!

21 January 2013
The recent mention at blogTO attracted a high number of automated bot attacks, which resulted in the site going down for a while. The author at blogTO has removed the link, and I've optimised database access with the help of my webhost since a lack of table indexing was contributing to the problem. I'm hoping things will be back to normal now, but if not, just drop me an e-mail and let me know. Thanks!
2 January 2013
Site updates!

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm making a Keanu calendar for 2013, and the first five months are available at the gallery for download.

Some technical updates:

1) You can now edit thread titles on the forums, as well as delete threads if you are the thread starter and there are no other posts on the thread.

2) I've also standardised the formatting across the site for both commenting and forum posts. The HTML formatting for the comments section now follows that of the forums, i.e. if you want text to be bold you do [b]this[/b], and if you want to create a link, you do [url]this[/url].

3) Some spambot managed to hijack my account and leave a spam comment, which was kind of impressive. I still have no idea how they did that, but I tweaked the code a little to hopefully make things safer. As usual, if you encounter any problems with the site, just let me know! You can get me via admin (at) whoaisnotme.net.

Finally, this is a shoutout to Patricia Cabuay who recently registered on the site - you're supposed to type in your e-mail address, not your street address. Send me an e-mail with the e-mail address you want for your account, and I'll help you fix it. Thanks!

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