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25 December 2012
To all of you out there...

20 December 2012
The site will be down for about four hours on Saturday/Sunday (depending on your time zone), due to maintenance and upgrading work by my web host. Just a heads up!
31 October 2012

EDIT: Survey has been closed. Thanks for all who responded!
I'm doing a term paper on online communities in actor fandoms, and would greatly appreciate it if you could help me fill in a survey. Thanks! :) Click here

7 September 2012
Database updates

I have marginally updated the Keanu Movie Database. It's not as updated as I would like, but it will do for now.

2 September 2012

Keep on with the immortality, Mr. Reeves. When we're dying you'll be still alive.

11 August 2012
Keanu Tumblrs

Slow news at the moment (mostly reviews of Side by Side and Generation Um, which you can check out at the WINM forums), so I'd like to take this opportunity to advertise Keanu stuff on Tumblr:

Firstly, Keanuquotes, run by ARYA on WINM. It's got lots of Keanu photos and other material, so go check it out!

And secondly, Texts From Keanuspawn, which I created and run - basically it involves taking texts from Texts From Last Night and using them as captions for various Keanu film screencaps, thus providing great insights into the secret lives of the Keanuspawn. General warning - the original TFLN site is heavy on the sex/drugs/alcohol, so that applies to some of the blog content as well.

Have fun!

EDIT: um. at the moment, Keanuquotes appears to have a lot of reblogs from Texts from Keanuspawn. well then. two in one. :|

11 July 2012
Dogstar - "Your World"

New song "Your World" has been added to the Dogstar music page. With thanks to Softie.

26 June 2012
Call for Donations

Hi everyone! I hate to do this, but the bill for this site is coming up in December 2012, and I'm about USD$55 short at the moment in my Paypal account. The site costs about USD$70 a year to keep running, and since 2008 it's been covered by all you awesome people and your donations. So - another $55 $35 to go, and we'll be good for another two years, all the way to December 2014!

I'm looking into cheaper hosting options in the meantime, and if all else fails I'll suck it up and ask my parents for their credit card to foot the bill and then pay them back, because my bank won't let me transfer funds to Paypal and I don't have a credit card. /o\ But any little donation helps! You will have my eternal gratefulness.

Thank you again to all of you for your support thus far and for helping to make this site - and Keanu fandom - the amazing community it is.

Lastly... LucaM, you are expressly forbidden to donate this time. You've given enough. :|

Never mind, LucaM donated despite me saying not to, and now the debt is covered. Thanks also to the others who donated!

3 March 2012

I'm against the practice of censorship and believe in letting everyone freely express themselves on this site.

HOWEVER, as per the site rules, be respectful at all times, both towards Mr. Reeves and his fans. I don't care if you hate his guts or think he's the most horrible person in the world. You're entitled to your opinion. You're even entitled to share that opinion, as long as you do so in a civil manner, and in a form that is open for discussion.
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13 February 2012

He's not dead. Check your sources, people. The site in question has been around for ages as a template hoax site, and I can't believe it actually went viral. It even says it's fake, right down there at the bottom. And note how the date on the article is always the current date. And how none of the links on the top menu can be clicked on.

So, Keanu: not dead. Come on, he's immortal. Can immortal people die? No.

25 December 2011

For all of you who celebrate Christmas, and for all of you who should be celebrating Neo Year. (every year is Neo Year.)

2 September 2011

Here's wishing Mr. Reeves a happy 47th birthday. :D Congratulations, you're still alive! (Not that it's that hard for you, what with being immortal and all.)
And if you're sad, just remember: It can always be worse.

12 August 2011
Scans via KeanuWeb. Added for Much Ado About Keanu, Keanu Reeves on getting wasted for Little Buddha and bathing in vintage Bordeaux, Love bites Winona and Keanu.
13 July 2011

Collected posts from the now-defunct thankyoukeanu.com. With thanks to Funkelbie who started that site and gave WINM permission to repost them, and to LucaM for helping out tremendously with the coding. ... Read more

5 July 2011
A Note About Pap Photos: Since a few people have brought this up before in the guestbook...

WINM is primarily an archive. I post articles that I think have some level of news value, and sometimes these come with photos which will get posted along with the articles (and are then uploaded separately into the gallery). ... Read more

2 June 2011
We have a gallery now! :D A proper one, anyway; the original WINM gallery is still here in all its splendor for anyone who wishes to peruse its profound depths.

The new gallery currently hosts movie posters, as well as hundreds of magazine and article scans (and/or their accompanying photos) grouped by year. These are also available through other parts of the site (such as the Keanu Movie Database and the individual articles themselves, but now they're all in one spot for easier accessibility.

19 May 2011

While he is, like many other people, not Keanu, Sam Rockwell is still an amazingly awesome person who until today did not have a fansite. (There was Sam Rockwell Online, but it died a few years ago; there's also a fanlisting out there, but that's it.)

I have since rectified this problem, and I'm using this space to advertise the site because I can. So if you're a fan of Sam, go on over and register and be a pioneering member of a community that will hopefully, eventually, exist.

(with thanks to kiwicoy for the paid webhosting and taking charge of the gallery!)

16 May 2011
More scans added. For Keanu Reeves: The US Interview and Keanu Reeves: "I miss my friend River very much...".
14 May 2011
For those of you who don't know yet, KeanuWeb is back online. Thanks to Merlin for letting me repost the articles! I've also added scans to some articles: Off Center, Keanu Reeves, Much Ado About Keanu, Angry Young Man, Reality Bytes, Reeves follows his own beat, Keanu Reeves - Hawaiian Punk, The Wild One. Keanu Reeves on Sex, Hollywood and Life on the Run., Keanu Reeves / River Phoenix, Regarding Keanu.

Lastly, I've created a sitemap for WINM.

15 April 2011
Welcome to the largest layout revamp since this site first started back in January 2008. Most of the changes aren't visible unless you want to go poking around in the code, but it's basically a complete revamp, layout-wise. I've barely touched the content but shall attempt to update some of the older pages in the near future; I'll keep you guys posted.
2 March 2011
Hi. Sorry for the slight lull in updates, but I'm currently going through a lot of life-changing stuff in real life at the moment. Check the forums for the latest news - inkhuldra for one has a lot of links regarding updates for 47 Ronin; and I'll catch up eventually in a day or so.
19 February 2011
Earlier today or yesterday, someone with far too much time on their hands spent a few hours spamming the archive with close to a hundred comments about how Keanu Reeves is not really Keanu Reeves but is instead some lookalike named 'Ben X', because apparently the real Keanu is happily married and never grew up in Canada. Said person also alleges that various news outlets are thus being sued for defamation, including this one.
I'd like to inform said troll that, in the highly improbable situation that these claims are true, WINM and any other third party site cannot be sued as we are immune under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. I study this stuff, you fish. Find a better target, and find your meds while you're at it. Thank you.
10 December 2010
Site layout revamp.
25 August 2010
Added magazine scans for two 90s Movieline articles: The Young and the Restless and Doin' time on Planet Keanu.

With thanks to LucaM.

21 July 2010
Front page revamp. Thought I'd brighten things up a little.
4 June 2010

A gigantic outpouring of pro-Keanu sentiment has emerged from this post at Reddit.com... people are spamming Twitter every few minutes with comments about Keanu's awesomeness, and it's just... you've got to see it for yourself. Reddit.com (and apparently 4chan, and Digg) did what WINM could not, with the traffic they get... Maybe things will be different tomorrow. Or start to change. There is hope after all. Meanwhile, June 15 has apparently been declared Cheer Up Keanu Day.
18 April 2010 (2)
Captcha problem fixed, thanks to web host. Registration and guest commenting have been re-enabled.
18 April 2010
EDIT: All fixed.
20 March 2010
Keanu Reeves Youtube Feed

For some reason the MagpieRSS feed system doesn't work on this domain (though it used to when I first tried it out), and so I'm hosting the Keanu Youtube feed over here instead. It's basically a real-time update of the latest Keanu-related videos over at Youtube, and there's usually something new every day, so that's something you can check out if you're bored.

17 March 2010: Keanu in 1986 Black's Photography Commercial
Never knew he was in this. Watch it on Youtube!
20 January 2010
Fixed formatting errors in Firefox that for some reason I never noticed until today; mostly to with font colours on the main page.

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