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30th December 2008
Because I suck at programming, I've just started *manually* tagging articles in the archive for easier navigating, so there may be a slight decrease in the frequency of new articles in the meantime. Finished tagging TDTESS, Street Kings, Chef and, uh, Babes in Toyland. I'm currently just tagging any article that remotely mentions the film, so not all of them would be wholly related - some are just part of filmography lists. I am, however, deeply fearing the tagging of Speed, seeing as how it's also a fairly common English word and I'd need to weed those out...

*cautiously checks*


28th December 2008
Got a load of articles from the most excellent billandted.org, whereupon we've just surpassed 1000 articles in the articles archive. Here's the lucky 1000th article that happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Ditched the tagboard because it's kind of redundant with the forums and all, and it's been dead for ages.

New poll.

27th December 2008
Fixed bug with articles layout. The layout is now happily back. Also fixed a bunch of broken links - The Not-Particularly-Excellent Adventures of the Keanu-Spawn has been uploaded under 'Other Stuff'. There are apparently other broken links elsewhere on the site, but I'll fix them after I deal with this update.

Cleared the links page since all but one of those articles are already available in the archive. Meanwhile, the articles update box is kind of screwed up in Firefox because of all the long titles this update, but that's not really important.

There are a couple of new quotes under In Defence, used without permission. I'll go e-mail 'em now. Lastly, if you haven't heard of it, this site is awesome. Keanuthon!. Okay that site is full of technical problems, but its blog isn't! (Although I seriously disagree with their film ratings. For some unfanthomable reason, those guys don't like The Matrix. THE MATRIX IS AWESOME.)

25th December 2008
Merry Christmas everyone!

Just made the final shift to a Singaporean paid webhost, HostSG. Thank you very much for all your donations; they are most appreciated. This will probably be the site's permanent home from now on, and it's got lots of space to grow. Am teaching myself PHP programming. This is going to be fun.

Thanks also to luckofthe, who gave me a copy of the Chef script, another one that Keanu has been looking into. I haven't had time to read all of it yet, but what I've read so far sounds great. (Though not as much as Passengers, which is still the best script ever. If Keanu doesn't make it I will.)

And I'm slowly getting the backlog of articles up; got a bunch of German translations from Fiercelyred and Spanish translations from keanugirl76, so that will be added in time once I've gone through them to format and edit.

And here's a random comic strip to end off. Enjoy the holiday.

24th December 2008
Shift complete; this host will do for the moment until I find something better. Until then, if you come across pages with nothing but a number on them, tell me the number and the link you found it at - the page contains a banned word. Thanks a lot!

Meanwhile I have a gigantic backlog of articles to upload. Got quite a lot of new ones up today, more to come tomorrow. And my exam results are out! 2 A minuses and 3 B pluses. The latter are the ones I actually studied for.

Articles aside, I'm also got plans to expand the website into a Keanu film database with reviews and other kinds of interesting stuff like that. Though that will have to wait until I've cleared the article backlog that accumulated while I was away in Australia. Also, new poll on TDTESS.

23 December 2008
All right, shifting webhost. Going with Freehostia despite their forbidden words list; this will mean several articles being inaccessible until I fix them. This sucks, but it's the best deal I can find. The whole site will take some time to come back; so hang on in there. In the meantime, new articles if you can still access them. Not adding them to the recently added list on the main page yet because I'm being lazy and busy with site shift.
22 December 2008
Back in Singapore now; lots of stuff to catch up on, but I'll be getting the new articles up soon. Meanwhile, SITE WILL BE DOWN around the next few days due to major webhost problems (i.e. it no longer exists). Will be shifting webhost, so expect non- or limited- access around the Christmas Eve period; hopefully everything will be back up and functional by Christmas.
5 December 2008
I'm going off with my family on holiday for two weeks, so no updates or new articles (3 new ones today) in that time; if you need to contact me, just send me an e-mail and I'll see it when I get back. Meanwhile, the articles archive search engine is now fully functional and is very fun to play with.
4 December 2008
Just submitted a full sitemap to Google search, so the search engine in the articles archive should be fully functional once that gets processed in a few hours. Meanwhile, luckofthe presents the second page of the Chef script, one week early!

A broken link check revealed that I had accidentally uploaded some articles into the wrong folder; sorry if you couldn't access them. They're now up and available: "A computer with a heart", "Buddha has become a tramp", "The importance of being Faust" and "The 30 million-dollar man".

3 December 2008
The first page of the Chef script is available, with thanks to luckofthe, who has offered to scan in one page a week until the release of TDTESS.
2 December 2008 (2)
Added the Johnny Mnemonic original screenplay, with much thanks to LucaM who painstakingly scanned in the whole thing. This is the screenplay that William Gibson originally wrote and the one that Keanu and director Robert Longo attempted to make. The final cut apparently diverted much from this and made people unhappy.
2 December 2008
New poll. The main theme can be accessed on Youtube; type in 'Speed soundtrack' into search because I forgot the link and am too lazy to look it up. Meanwhile this isn't the main theme, but I think it's actually better.
1 December 2008
New entry on the Wall.
30 November 2008
Added the script for "Passengers" under Resources; it is one of the scripts that Keanu's production company is looking into and that he's apparently very excited about. With good reason: it's the best script I've ever read, and was apparently rated the third best unproduced script in Hollywood or something. Basically it's good. Read it. Yes.

Basic premise: there's a bunch of passengers stuck in suspended animation on a spaceship bound for another planet very very far away. One of them suddenly wakes up, unexpectedly, a hundred years before he is meant to... so he's the only one awake on this gigantic spaceship. He could wake others to fulfil his eventual desperate need for companionship, but it would mean dropping them into the same horrible fate he currently has. What does he do? WHAT DOES HE DO? ... A shootable hostage would probably be handy in this situation.

29 November 2008
New guestbook up, because the old one was hosted on FreeWebTown and was thus blocked by Firefox. Comments are always appreciated, especially if I don't know you yet. :D
28 November 2008
Added a tagboard. Have fun, and see if it works.
27 November 2008
Revamped article format for most of the articles in the archive such that they're no longer plaintext; I'm just left with the 1999-2003 lot to do now. Until then, more articles still coming in on about a daily basis.

There may be a short hiatus of a day or so while I go work on my other fandom's website, which I have just discovered (after ages of procrastinating for fear of what I might see) looks weird in Firefox, but far from as badly as I had feared. Note my cross-fandom obsession with cataloguing things. ONE DAY I SHALL ARCHIVE THE WORLD. \o/ Till then, I'll settle for Back to the Future fanfic and Keanu Reeves articles...

Meanwhile, there's also a new poll that has nothing whatsoever to do with Keanu.

25 November 2008
Site transfer is mostly complete; I think most links are accessible now.
24 November 2008
Just shifted webhost; might be a few minor (okay, major; looks like nothing works yet) glitches here and there, but I'm working on it.
23 November 2008
CALL FOR TRANSLATORS - If you're reasonably fluent in both English and another language (esp. German, French and Spanish) and are willing to work for WINM as an article translator (won't get paid, but you will get credited), e-mail me at starwarsisnotdead@gmail.com.

Thanks! We've got a backlog of about 240 foreign language articles that haven't been translated, so your help would be appreciated. :) (Alternatively, if you're Chicks and have the translations on CD, could you send them to me? I'll format the lot and pass them to you when I'm done.)

19 November 2008 (2)
Fixed layout for non-IE browsers (thanks, ckage!); it's much better now, though not perfect.

Also I made a 2009 Keanu calendar over here; it's free, though donations are always welcome and appreciated. :)

19 November 2008
More articles up as usual; this, this and this had pictures added; and this was extended and had pictures added after I found the full text. In the meantime, this site still looks and works best in Internet Explorer.
16 November 2008
The Neofish has been added to the database. And a new poll on TDTESS. After making it I realised that there should be another option: "Will wait till it airs on TV", so if that's your answer, just put it in the comments or something.
13 November 2008
Articles still being added regularly. There's also now a page of all the recently added articles by month, so you can just bookmark that and check back now and then to see what's new.

Meanwhile this site still works best in Internet Explorer, and I have no idea how to get it to look exactly the same in Firefox. :\ But I'm working on it. Or at least I will once all my term papers are in and all my examinations are over.

12 November 2008
More articles are being added on a somewhat regular basis, so just check the box below this one. And new poll down there.
10 November 2008
Four new articles up in the archive, which now has a SEARCH ENGINE! Have fun.
9 November 2008
One new old article up, new poll, and uh... that's it for now. Yep.
8 November 2008
Happy birthday to me.

The Articles Archive has gone through a revamp and now has nice shiny banners for each year. Plus one addition to the articles themselves, a review of Street Kings from Empire magazine.

4 November 2008
Two new TV spots for The Day the Earth Stood Still are up on Youtube: here and here.

Thanks to mercy740 from IMDb.

1 November 2008
Fairly major site layout revamp. CSS is awesomely fun to play with. Apart from the new poll at the bottom of the right-hand menu, there's nothing new in content, so don't bother looking. That is, unless you haven't been here in some time, whereupon there has possibly been some new content since your last visit.

Also; any technical glitches, e-mail me or inform me some other way. The menus still overlap in Firefox for some reason I am unable to discover, but it's still working very well compared to an hour ago when I tried to view the site in Firefox and freaked out at how everything was all over the place.

29 October 2008
Aaaand the Articles Archive is complete, after 40 days of hard work. Also up on the site are a whole bunch of new quotes under all three sections, gleaned from the aforementioned articles. Yep.
14 October 2008
The Database of Fish has been updated with several new species. We have the Death Sentence Fish, Jeallyfish, Fish in The Nile, Dumbfish and Cannibalistic Fish to add to the sushi menu. The Article Archive is still being updated daily; I've just broken into 1999 and am about 60% done. Note: IF YOU COME ACROSS ANY BROKEN LINKS IN THE ARCHIVE, PLEASE TELL ME ASAP. I've located several because my webhost bans the use of the word 'porn' despite its wholly innocent contexts; apparently they have other banned words too, but I don't have the energy to go through over 600 articles looking for broken links. Thanks.
5 October 2008
I'm still working on the archive and that's kind of taking up a lot of time, so there will probably not be much updates on the main site; however, new articles are being added every day, so you could go read those. The archive has also since been linked on billandted.org. In the meantime, there's a bunch of new quotes up here and here. And a new entry on the exalted Wall. Also, formatting and tech stuff has been slightly adjusted so you evil Firefox-using people don't see a majorly screwed up version of the site. Mostly the picture mouse-over messages work now for you guys.
30 September 2008
Just finished archiving the 1994 articles over here. I am so proud of myself. I was also ecstatic, that is until I discovered that the year 1995 on its own has about as many articles (264) as those from 1987 to 1994 combined (274). This will take work... Meanwhile, there's a new blog entry.
18 September 2008
The in-construction rebuilding of the Club-Keanu article archive is now available here, and will be updated as I go along. Thank you very much to Fiercelyred and LucaM for sending me their saved articles.
17 September 2008
Due to the Club-Keanu crash, the whole site was wiped out and they lost among other things their extensive article archive. Some of those articles were the only copies available on the Internet; some of them are still accessible in cached format or through the Internet Wayback Machine. If you are free and in the mood for a good deed, please help in rebuilding the CK archive. Details and instructions are here.

After which, in gratitude for your efforts, you may have cake.

16 September 2008 (2)
After multiple people complained that the site was too wordy, WINM NOW HAS PICTURES! On every main page. whee. And much thanks to LucaM for most of them - mouse over the pictures for photo credits. If none are listed, it means I found 'em on my own. \o/ Also an old new poll under polls, which is basically the who would be most fun to poke with sticks... but with Klaatu now added as an option.
16 September 2008
The gallery now has pr0n.
14 September 2008
Due to the Club-Keanu server crash, they lost everything and the screencaps on its gallery that WINM link to are currently unavailable; as of right now, its gallery holds 119 caps from Point Break and 332 from A Walk in the Clouds - that's it. Will keep you updated; until then, the Keanu-Reeves.Net and KeanuConnection galleries are available for anyone who wants screencaps.

There is now also a section of the WINM forums dedicated to resources over here. This is for links to things like scripts and films available online. The Keanu films currently linked there that can be viewed online in whole are Parenthood, I Love You to Death, The Night Before, Much Ado About Nothing, Little Buddha and Bram Stoker's Dracula. Credit goes to Personality_Disorder for linking the first five (links to those are located under the same thread). Young Again is also available, but not in full - it starts from Keanu's first appearance in the film, and ends a little while before his last.

12 September 2008
New entry on the Wall, courtesy of a Youtube fish.
10 September 2008 (2)
New script added - an unknown draft of Point Break.
10 September 2008
Club-Keanu is currently down due to a change in servers, and until then is available at a temporary site. The Screencaps Resource List has been updated, with the KeanuConnection gallery now holding 316 caps from Brotherhood of Justice. Several bugs with the scripts were fixed; thanks to LucaM for notifying me. They should work now.
9 September 2008
More scripts added - early drafts of Constantine, the Matrix sequels, My Own Private Idaho, The Replacements, Something's Gotta Give, Speed, and Street Kings back when it was still known as The Night Watchman.
8th September 2008
I've got several scripts up under Resources, with more coming up soon in the near future. Contributions are welcome.
2nd September 2008
GOOD MORNING, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN AND OTHERPEOPLE! It's 12.24 am here in Singapore on the 2nd of September 2008, and it's a beautiful morning albeit kind of dark but WHO CARES! WINM IS ONLINE, ON OUR OWN DOMAIN, AFTER MUCH ANGST AND PROBLEMS AND WORKING THROUGH THE NIGHT, AND THIS CALLS FOR CELEBR....zzzzzzz.
31 August 2008
The About Us page has been updated with imaginary backup staff, plus new quote by ckage under In Defence.
27 August 2008
Due to problems with FreeWebTown, WINM will most likely be shifting over to its own domain soon. Until then, there's a shiny! donation button thing on the main page, for people who want to give me money support the website because domains aren't free. :D
24 August 2008
Two new entries in the WINM blog.
17 August 2008
Hi everyone; just to let you know that there probably won't be updates as often as before because I've just started university, and there's homework and other time-occupying things like that to do. Yep. Currently I think there is new stuff on the Wall and a quote by Scott Derrickson added, but that's it for the moment.

In the meantime, thanks for all the great comments in the guestbook! WINM has now had over 3,500 unique visitors. You all rock. (Except the ones who were directed here for insulting Mr. Reeves and saying that he stones and other bad things like that. You... pebble.)

3 August 2008
Updated the Wall, and added another new species, the Suicidal!Fish.
2 August 2008
Updated the fish database with a new species. Say hello to the Masochistic Fish.
30 July 2008
Just discovered a whole lot of formatting errors due to the new layout. Arrgggh. Will attempt to fix them and/or edit the layout such that everything is nice and neat again. And rearrange stuff such that things are more accessible and user-friendly. Might take a while though. I still have the Back to the Future fanfiction directory to update, and I still haven't packed for university.
28 July 2008
Sorry for the lack of promised added content. Been busy with university; term starts in less than a week. In the meantime, there's a new quote up on the Wall, and two new Other Stuffs - Steanu's List of Keanu Reeves Facts, which is located outside WINM, and The Mythos of Keanu, which is this thing written mostly by my younger brother.
18 July 2008
Site layout revamp. Now I have two menus and have room for MORE STUFF! No new content yet, unless you count the poll on the homepage. Content will probably be added in the near future.
12 July 2008
I added a Screencaps Resource List. Need screencaps from a Keanu film but too lazy to search through all the fansites? Here's a comprehensive list ready for your use, showing you which site has what.

I'm going off for a cruise, so if there are no updates after an inordinately long amount of time, the ship probably sunk with me in it.

When I'm back, I'll start my attempts to turn WINM into a fansite plus defence site, because with the sad demise of KeanuWeb and Keanu A-Z, the fandom really needs more fansites. Meanwhile, WINM is proud to be at present the most famous Keanu fansite on a free webhost. \o/

6 July 2008
Minor site revamp; not many changes in the way of content though.
2 July 2008
No major updates. New Wall quotes and one more under In Defence. Meanwhile my work contract has ended. This means days spent at home playing World in Conflict and not doing anything really productive, on this site or elsewhere.
26 June 2008
New quotes on the Wall.
22 June 2008
There be new quotes. And yeah, that's about it for now. I have six more days of work before my contract ends, then I have about a month's free time before heading off to university and the many horrors that lurk on campus.

Oh! I've also started a webcomic: Casting Our Whoas Aside. It's mostly based on various fandoms; the whole lot is at that link, but if you're just interested in the Keanu-movie-related ones, those are over here at Club-Keanu. The main strip is updated every Monday and Thursday.

5 June 2008
Entry 0008 of the SWAT archives added.
26 May 2008
Two new entries to the characters page, both courtesy of keanugirl76. Introduction to K-SWAT was extended under the about us page, and I did some technical tweaks to the database of fish.
17 May 2008
The first paper bag rebuttal now has pictures. I will never again underestimate either Microsoft Paint or the things I can do in work when I'm free and people aren't looking. There will eventually be more pictures added to the site. Also, a new rebuttal added for the argument "Keanu is really just a plank of wood".

There have been other minor adjustments or additions to the site here and there, but nothing that significant. Monday is a holiday here, woot. I have a sort of a backlog of updates for the site that have been sadly neglected due to work, and maybe I can do something about them then.

9 May 2008
Expanded the Database of Fish with three new entries. The webmaster gave the office coffee machine's cafe latte a second chance, and it actually tasted pretty good this time. Maybe office work dulls the senses, or perhaps more sinister forces are at work.
1 May 2008
New entry on Wall of Shame, and updated the About Us page.
21 Apr 2008
On the 20th of April 2008, KeanuWeb shut down after 14 years as the largest website in Keanu fandom. It will be missed by its 60,000 members. I owe to it half the site traffic here at WINM since January this year, and it had also proved an invaluable source of some of the pictures used in this website as recently as last night.

Despite being a regular at its rival website Club-Keanu and knowing of the bad blood between them, I nonetheless would like to state my appreciation for everyone involved in the running of KeanuWeb. You did a great job, and I have much to thank you for. I salute you.

- Anakin McFly, WINM webmaster

20 Apr 2008
There are now picture banner thingies on the characters page, as well as more other stuff under Other Stuff.

nancloutier of K-SWAT has also gone missing and hasn't been online for half a month. Nancloutier, if you're reading this, please contact us. Please.

Someone on Wikipedia deleted the link to WINM. This sucks.

17 Apr 2008
Bits of new stuff were put up in the previous mini-updates that weren't large enough to warrant an update of the updates page. In the meantime, I am proud to announce that WINM got a mention in a column in New Jersey's largest newspaper on 11th April, over here. I am however sad to report that the columnist in question appears to be a Styxfish.

Site traffic has also gone up four-fold since I linked it on Wikipedia, heheheheh. We're very close to breaking 2,500 visitors since the site launch on 11th January, though put that way it doesn't sound like very much after all.

Coming up in future updates - a quiz (courtesy of ckage, who is awesome) to see how well you read human expressions, a list of Keanu 'facts' along the line of Chuck Norris facts (Steanu claims that he'll get it done two days ago) and actual banner picture things on the characters page when I stop procrastinating and get down to finding usable pictures. Trawling the Internet for random pictures of Keanu really isn't all it's cracked up to be. Two days ago, half-asleep and zombie-like, I picked my way through the Club-Keanu gallery in search of a picture of Scott Favor with good lighting that could be cropped down to 126x80 pixels. It's not fun. Really. I've done three banners so far, and half of those suck.

8 Apr 2008
Several more people have generously presented themselves for display on the Wall of Shame. Added a quote by ckage under In Defence.
6 Apr 2008
WINM publicity page added - help spread the news! More adverts coming up soon. Also there are new quotes, and another brilliant entry on the Wall of Shame.
3 Apr 2008
'Why We Exist' page added. More new pages coming soon. Meanwhile, the coffee machine at the webmaster's office makes wonderful hot chocolate. It should have been a hot chocolate machine.
24 Mar 2008
More entries up on the Wall, plus a couple or so new quotes and an update of entry 0005 of the SWAT archives. The coffee machine at the webmaster's office also makes funny tasting cafe creme, or maybe that's just what cafe creme is supposed to taste like. Now it's just up to the expresso and the cappucino to help the webmaster regain faith in coffee machines. I shall quit the third person now. Everybody go read my fic -> The Not-Particularly-Excellent Adventures of the Keanu-Spawn.
14 Mar 2008
The webmaster got a job and from now until the end of June will be spending 50 hours a week sitting in an office cubicle with no Internet access. This does not bode well for the frequency of updates, though it bodes well for the webmaster's personal money supply.

With relation to the site, the news ticker has been deleted due to redundancy. New quote added, and entry 0005 of the SWAT archives has been updated. Also there are additions to the Wall of Shame. In other news, the coffee machine at the webmaster's new workplace makes funny-tasting coffee.

4 Mar 2008
Character profile for Jjaks Clayton is up, plus a new entry to the SWAT archive. Also added quotes.
28 Feb 2008
Added the section 'Keanu SWAT Team in Action' to archive Internet discussions and debates. Plus more quotes.
26 Feb 2008
The WINM Forums are up.
20 Feb 2008
Added quotes, stuff to the Wall of Shame, and extended the rebuttal regarding Keanu's lack of expressions.
15 Feb 2008
Added more quotes, and several articles under the links page.
11 Feb 2008
Added to the site: Updates page, Mission Statement, A Database of Fish, some new quotes and specimens on the Wall of Shame.
31 Jan 2008
Guestbook had been accidentally deleted, but is back on now. Two new arguments added, plus new quote under In Defence and a new (and the longest yet) addition to the Wall of Shame.
21 Jan 2008
New argument and rebuttal added (Keanu is really just an Ent).
20 Jan 2008
We have a new addition to the Wall of Shame and several new quotes from IMDb posters under In Defence.

WINM has been linked on Club-Keanu under Cool Sites. Sad to say, they got the website title slightly wrong.

14 Jan 2008
WINM achieved moderate fame upon being featured as a news item on KeanuWeb.

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