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He recalls his first acting role, in a high-school production of The Crucible, in which he asked the question "What am I?" Out in the audience, his mother overheard a girl murmer, "A hunk." Eight years later, thinking about this still makes his face turn bright red. (He says it's because he's shy.) Then he laughs.

– "Peaking in the Valley", March 9, 1989

Keanu seems to appeal unconditionally to audiences -- and has ever since his very first acting venture, a high school production of The Crucible. One night during that play, as Keanu delivered the line, "What am l?" a girl in the audience, who happened to be sitting near Keanu's mom, responded under her breath. "A hunk.

Kicking it with Keanu, February 1992

He appeared in the famous Arthur Miller play The Crucible. He concentrated on his performance so much that he completely forgot about all the people sitting there watching. One night, his mom came to the show. When Keanu delivered the line, "What am I?" his mom heard a girl sitting nearby say, "A hunk.

– "Who's Hot!" – July 1992

During one stage performance in which he was playing a classic role, his character asked: "Who am I?". "A hunk!" yelled a woman in the audience.

Rebel with a cause – January 17, 1994

Once, in a school production of a play, Keanu's opening line was "Who am I?" To this question, a girlie in the audience responded by standing up and shouting, "A hunk!"

– "Keanu!" – October 1994

His mother even remembers sitting in the audience of a high school play and hearing girls yell out one word when Keanu stepped on stage. "Hunk!" the girls cheered.

– "Keanu Reeves: A Most Bogus Sex Symbol" – August 1992


While leaving the 30100 block of Avenida Tranquila, Reeves "grazed" a photographer according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

– "Keanu Reeves 'Grazes' Paparazzi With Porsche"

He grazed a paparazzi standing in front of his Porsche and the man fell to the ground," Hernandez said. It wasn't known how fast the Porsche was traveling at the time.

– "Paparazzo claims hit by Keanu Reeves car"

Photographer Alison Silva, 27 said he feared he was going to DIE." ... "Alison was treated for a broken wrist and other injuries.

– "Cops quiz Keanu on "hit and run""

Brazilian shutterbug Alison Silva alleges in his lawsuit that Reeves' actions in the parking lot of a Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., clinic on Mar. 19 caused "serious injuries to body and severe shock and injuries to the nervous system and person, all of which injuries have caused and continue to cause Plaintiff great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering.

– "Keanu Reeves Sued for Uncool Car Maneuver"

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