David Allen Griffin

The Watcher (2000)

He's watching you

Occupation:Serial killer
Distinguishing Feature:A large number of dead bodies in his vicnity
What He Taught Us:Don't go home alone. Unless you're Kevin McCallister. And even then maybe not.

Keanu Reeves

A stylish serial killer - homicidal in Armani and shades.

Anakin McFly

Griffin is the silent observer watching from the shadows, seeing the way the human race goes about its business and perhaps wondering at it in an anthropological sort of way. It fascinates him - people, the way their minds work, the way their feelings and emotions work, the way they can be so easily manipulated and driven to the depths of despair. He likes this control he can have over them, the mind games he can play, which at the same time means a certain dependency - he needs them to provide him with that particular form of entertainment. He plays with people primarily to see their reactions. He doesn't kill out of malice or for any material gain such as money - those are of no importance to him - but for the sake of the act itself: for that final look of fear in their eyes, or resignation, when their true selves are revealed, for the reactions of those who knew the murdered - and for the process itself, the strategy involved, the calculated planning, the execution, each murder perfect in its own way. He does things neatly - no unsightly splatters of blood, strangling would do fine. He keeps things neat. It's just a game.