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You're a great guy!
I've never met you, but I've heard a ton of great stories about you. You just seem like a really great guy! And as someone who has several family members that have beaten cancer, thank you for all of your donations. I wish you the best. :D

Michael Hathaway

to wish happiness for someone who has brought us so much joy through his craft. None of us really know you, personally, but sincerely love your body of work. Thank you for remaining a classy, professional actor. Thank you for the entertainment you've provided us. We are literal strangers to you, but are sending you love and gratitude more than you know!


Un abrazo desde Argentina
Un abrazo desde la Argentina Keanu!! Continua siendo excelente para con tu projimo, sos un ejemplo =)

Ruben Silva

Bro Love
Stay strong, bro.
From what I've heard you've had quite a few unfortunate happenings in your lifetime. Get through it as best you can. It doesn't seem like it, but good things will eventually come and you have to see it through until then.




I've always seen your performances as a mirror. Your craft as being as clear and clean as could be to mirror back what anyone wanted to see in you.
This is what we see" we see in you the best of ourselves mirrored back to us with great love and compassion, endless patience and dedication.
So here is what is mirrored back: we love you, we've got your back, if you are down we'll turn that frown upside down.

I have never seen such kindness, sweetness, heart-overflowing warmth before in my fellow man.
I was on a bus once and across from me there was a young girl on her way to an orphanage.
Her parents where fed up with her because she was too difficult so they kicked her out.
I spoke to her for a while: she was well mannered and soft spoken, I couldn't understand why anyone would kick her out of anywhere. So when we had said goodbye and I was walking through town I stopped at a drugstore and had a perfume set gift wrapped and sent to her. I wanted her to know that there was someone who cared, who thought she was worthwhile.
I stop and talk to people who look like they are in trouble and try to help. Whether it's a sandwich for someone who is hungry or a cup of coffee and a chat for someone who is lonely.
When hurt, I get a band-aid. When lost, directions. When really lost I try to offer hope.
Last winter I bought a Romanian family of street musicians new shoes (in all fairness I did think I was dying of liver cancer at the time, I am usually less extravagant with my small budget).
I never met anyone like me before but I tagged you a while back and have been following your run-ins with life ever since (always wanting to apologise for the invasion of privacy, sorry to the n-th degree). It gives me a secret little hope for the world to see you do what you do. And it keeps me doing what I am doing no matter how many people call me a dope or a sap.

Please don't be gone long, I can only imagine all of this can be a little overwhelming but please don't be gone long. I need you to be out there.

A fan.

You've done more than you know
I know it was only a movie but you truly have taught people to be better to one another.
Everyone here that has donated to a charity over the last week or so has been because of you.
Take it easy bro.




Keanu Reeves
Wyld Stallyns


You're most non bogus!
keanu, you are most excellent and bodacious. you make my heart melt with that little smile :)
keep going dude!


Cheer up, Keanu!
Cheer up, man! It\'s a wonderful world, it wouldn\'t be without you!

Maria Paz

You're my hero
You are awesome.


You are my inspiration
Your performance in A Scanner Darkly inspired me to pursue acting. Your actions on the set of the Matrix inspired me to be excellent to people. You're my damn favourite, dude. Keep rocking.

Johnny Valdez

To the most amazing angel on earth
Come on honey! We\'re all rooting for you! Chin up!


We believe in you Keanu!!!
we love you, you're a great actor and a great man! eat cookie, good for your mood !


Dear Keanu
We love you Keanu!


a better place
the world is a better place with you in it, keanu, you do so much for so many and it's amazing and admirable and heart-warming. plus, speed is pretty much one of the best films in the world. keep doing what you do! <3 be happy, you deserve it!


Chin up, there cap'n.
Dude don't take the meme too seriously. Honestly it's the image we're laughing at, not you. Think of it as thousands of anonymous friends ragging on you like friends do.


Buck up, Reeves!
Don't forget to look on the positive aspects of your life! For example, whenever I hear someone complaining about stubbing their toe, I say "At least you still have your foot on there." Cheer up, Keanu Reeves!

Quinn Crump

I think that you are most excellent, we hope you are far happier on your benches.


Cheer up! We all love you!


Dear Keanu
My name is Alex, from Russia ^_^
Me and my girlfriend Nataly love you SO MUCH! You are my hero! Keep your head up, you'll be fine!

Alex D

The world has your back
Cheer up bro!


rootin for ya
just wanna say chin up k. we're rootin for ya. keep followin ur dreams, reach for the stars (oh wait ur already one!..in that case, just stay in the sky!) besides, whatever bugs u doesn't matter anyway bc its just the matrix and not real.

Kylie Skylar

Keanu you are a true brother
Woah, cheer up dude!


u r my favorite
u r my favorite Wyld Stallyn

daniel s.

Love from Mexico
Hello Keanu! today is June 15th so be happy this is your day! You know I never expected to see so much people gathered for just 1 person and that person should be so happy about it! we all love you so much.
You are my favorite actor! I have been a fan of yours since I watched the Lake House, I don't know why it's like you captivated me with that role and ever since I have watched some of your other movies, I really enjoyed every one of them you are an awesome actor and a very handsome man I must say!.
I know your life has been hard but we all have hard times the most important is knowing we have people who support us and we all are supporting you from wherever we are so keep being excellent as always Keanu! I love you so much and I hope you come and visit my city, Monterrey one day :) Cheer up you're the greatest!!!


I love you
Keanu! You've always been one of my favourite actors and I have to let you know that from one fellow canuck to another, you are a huge inspiration. I love you, you're amazing, keep being the best damn dude you are.

Dave Smith-Hayes

Thank you!
Don't ever stop making sci-fi movies, and stay awesome! You're great!


You're simply amazing
Dont stop being so amazing. Your movies are my favorites, plus you're really really attractive


Oh my Keanu!
Keanu I really feel for you. I can imagine it is kind of relieve when suddenly so many people recognize your talent and try to cheer you up. Pity it came too late though...

Nailine Day

You're my favorite actor
Be Happy my good man because you have so many people that care about you, even if you don't know them personally. I myself can't wait for your next movie.

Trevor Scott

You're the best bro! Keep doing your thing, we love you!


The internet loves you
We all want you to be happy! You're a force of awesomeness in this world. Keep on being an inspirational and generally great guy.
Lu x


Thanks, Dude
Thanks for your wonderful film work and your inspiring life!


I love you, Keanu! Never forget that.


love the films!
love the films!


Oh Keanu
Oh Keanu, from everything that I've heard, you sound like such a decent, nice guy. I hope that the outpouring of love helps to lift your spirits. If I ever met you, I would like to shake you hand. Or even offer a hug, if it would be reciprocated. I hope today is a great one for you!



Kevin Cruz

Your pigeon-toedness is hot
Everyone who is pigeon-toed looks weird and awkward, but not you Keanu. Rock those P-T's!


You have united a very fractured community, and the fact that you have been able to do so, with or without being aware of the fact, is kind of a small miracle. We are all in this together. Thank you.

Rachel Beasley

don't let them see you cry
don't let them see you cry


Cheering Up our bro Keanu
Hey there. It's going to be all right, man. Stay classy.

William Frederick Coats

Happy Keanu Day, dude!
I love your movies, even your bad ones, and have been a big fan for a long time. So cheer up, you're doing better than Alex Winter!

Justin Daily

Keanu, you're awesome.


Thanks for Being Real
It seems a little strange to be thanking a person I've never met, but why is that? Fear of public retribution? Fear of making ourselves look foolish? Fear of being ourselves? It shouldn't be awkward to thank somebody for being a genuinely good person, especially in a place where selfishness and greed are the norm, and it really shouldn't be awkward to thank a person for being an example of individuality in a world where conformity and the status quo are given so much value. Thank you, Keanu, for being you. Thank you for not adopting Hollywood's values and thank you for never giving up on your true self. I wish ! we could all be like that.


I love Speed and the Matrix...you're awesome!!!


You're amazing.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robyn Nyree

You made my sisters last few months enjoyable...
Dear Mr. Reeves,
My sister died a few years ago from MS. We watched all the 'Matrix' movies again and again together because she was bed-bound. They made her VERY happy.


Thanks for making me see the world differently. You're an amazing man!


Keanu, you are a special person and I think that you deserve all the kindness the world has to offer. You make the world a better place and, though I enjoy your acting, it's because you seem genuinely cool. A


hey man
you seem like a great guy, hope you're not sad.
cheer up man, keep rockin'


Cheer up bro
Don't worry man, there is no spoon

Charlie Armentrout

You're the best
Not only did you perform awesomely in all your movies, but stories show that you are a great person in everyday life as well. I hope the best for you, and CHEER UP!

Warren Seth

Thank you for your years of service!
I've always enjoyed your performances and want to thank you for sharing your career with us onscreen. Hope you are doing OK these days!

Hal Bumble

Dude, you're like, totally Whoa. <3 Cheer up Keanu! We love you!


Look at what you did to us
You made so many people wanna be good. Thanks man. You're awesome for just being yourself.
Jens (from Cologne, Germany)


seriously... I have seen a LOT of your moviers, and you never dissapoint me, your acting roles never cease to amaze me... but you never smile!
WE want to see you smile Mr. Anderson!

William Redfield

An example
Mr Reeves you are an example to everyone in this world.
You have faced many hardships and yet you remain a good person. More people like you would definitely make the world a better place.
So be proud of who you are, you are a true example to all of us.
Cheer up bro!

Jack Arleth

I love you, man!
Mr. Reeves,
You're hella awesome! After reading about your hardships and the kind things you do for others this is the least I could do for you. The Matrix is still one of my favorite movies. One of my college classes this year studied the script for The Matrix as rhetoric and I was pumped I got to actually study something as great as your movie. You're a good man, man!

Gentry Pletts

Thank you =)
I have loved you ever since I can remember!! Please keep doing what u do FOREVER!! You are the best!!

Sarah Stowe

Cheer up!
I love your movies! When the trailer says Keanu Reaves, I know I am gonna see it! Keep fighting the good fight!


Who is the most awesome actor?


You Inspire Me
To be a better human =)


May the Force Be With You
I hope that all is well in your family, and you go on to more prosperous film roles!


Keep being awesome
I have always liked your work, but up until now I had no idea how great a person you really are. In a cynical and selfish world, your generosity and humbleness are an inspiration. You don't care about the money so long as you can perform and enjoy your art, and you are always kind to fans and random people, and that is true, unadulterated Awesome. so keep being awesome, Keanu!

Gil P

Stay Excellent Brosef!
Long time supporter and admirer! Stay Excellent bro!

Daniel Larsson

You're pretty cool, you know?
I got a chance to see the Matrix at the cinema again a couple of months back, ten years since it's first release. While I've seen it on DVD and video and whatnot a few times it wasn't until seeing it on the big screen again I realised how much it - and by extension you - has formed my definition of 'cool'.
Also, despite being nothing like the comics, I really enjoyed the Constantine movie. So thanks for that, too.


Wish you well
May you be free of suffering.
May you find happiness.
Love and compassion to you and yours.

Yicheng Li

Thank you
Dear Keanu Reeves,
You're a great person, don't ever give up hope, and dont let your sister ever give up hope.

Kevin Doty

Thank you so very much Keanu!
Unlike many other stuck up actors you, Keanu are a real bro. I know you hang out a lot with the crew on set and the fact you donate most of your income or say "I don't need it so you can cast someone else" means that you have not lost your humanity. After all the tragedies and all the down time and because all the hard times we the fans feel it is time to show you how much we appreciate what you do. You are a real bro, not only do you inspire others and that is not through acting alone but because you are still humane unlike many other actors. I wanted to say thank you for Keanu and even though live is hard at the moment and even though I am sorry for you losses through out the years please realize that there are still people out there who appreciate who you do and who wouldn't want to see you unhappy. Thank you Keanu, you're a real bro!


Keanu, you are an idol to me. I wish you the best in your life, and I expect many awesome movies from you. Much love!


Keanu Reeves taught me Kung Fu
I always wanted to learn Kung Fu and Keanu Reeves taught me out of generosity.

Abu Mohammed

Love you!
Hang in there! We're praying for y'all!

Lauren Richards

I just donated using the Leukemia link below, and if you do so you are given the option to donate in honor of someone and have the charity send a letter to them, so I honored both Keanu and his sister, and used the address from the Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=125104887512396
You should too :)


Like a childhood friend
Thank you Keanu for making films that make me look back and smile at my childhood and teen years!

Peter R.

A thank you to a true god amongst men
Mate, I've grown up with you and your excellent body of movies as companions through my formative years; Bill taught me to be excellent to each other, My Own Private Idaho taught me not to accept blowjobs from strangers, Speed showed me the true definitive line between good and bad and The Matrix just cemented your image for me as a dude and legend in my mind.
You're a great chap with plenty of excellent altruistic qualities, chin up you bloody star you x


If it isn't already apparent, you have SO many fans that love you. You'll get through this man; you've got so many good waves being sent your way.


Thank you, Keanu.
For giving us the entertainment that we have cherished and loved for many years and many more to come.
You're an amazing actor and have always been an inspiration to me.
Thank you.


Keanu Reeves
Cheer up dude, you are awesome.

Thomas Romer-Smith

Dear Keanu,
We know you have been put through trying times as of late. God only tests people , to what they're capable of. You are a man of great qualities; humble, a nice person; genuinely interested; you treat everyone equally.
Keanu, you deserve the best, and only that. Blessings are sure to come if you keep up your good work of being an excellent human being. You are an icon to everyone.
Be happy, we all love you.


You were the bomb in Freaked.
Also, I use the name Johnny Utah as an alias when out with friends.


We're here for you bro
Love you.


All the best
I met you in an art gallery once, and even though I was just a random stranger you were really friendly and had a brief chat with me. I didn't realise you'd had such a hard life; if you're reading this I want you to know that by all accounts you're a wonderful person and I hope things turn out ok for you some day soon. :)

Gallery gal

That's what you are Keanu.


To Keanu
Can this be happening?


You make this world a better place, bro
From Argentina with love.


Love from Brazil
Dear Keanu
I wish you oceans of love. Cheer up! Life is beautiful and you deserve all the happiness!


Keep Up The Good Work!
Dear Keanu - You are one of my favourite actors and from what I can tell a thoroughly awesome dude. Keep rocking .

- Ben

Selfless, if grief doesnt have a shape, hope does, you.


you are a most excellent human!
*air guitar*


Best wishes, Ke!
Thanks for all of your hard work and everything you have done for others. You are a beautiful man, inside and out! Love you ~

CeCe xx

I Just Wanted To Say Thank You Keanu
I have seen a majority of your films and I'll admit I pirated most of them. However to make this up I've calculated the cost of seeing your films in theater (non-matinee)and it came up to about one hundred and fifty dollars. I contacted a local charity dedicated to the fight against cancer and have donated that and an extra fifty as a penance. I just wanted to say thank you so much Keanu, I appreciate everything you've done for all of the people in your life.


Thanks for not losing it....
I just wanted to wish you lots of smiles and a wonderful day. Its rare to see celebrities that remain sane, original, and decent people. Thanks for all of the laughs and all of the other great movie moments. Here's hoping for many more.
See you, space cowboy.


love you keanu
i wake with a smile in the morning because of you keanu thanks :)


Thank you, Keanu!
As a child, I remember watching many films with you. Your cool, calm and collected nature inspired me to be who I am today. Thank you!

Alex Dean

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