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His generosity, humbleness, and altruism are a lesson for all! If every celebrity acted like he does, the world would have fewer problems, and if every citizen acted like he does, then we'd scarcely have any problems at all.


Keanu Reeves has supported Stand Up 2 Cancer (SU2C)in the past so I have set up a group you can join and donate to his team - called GIVING KEANU REEVES A SMILE


Please read the mission and comments and join us. If everyone who commented on the "Sad Keanu Meme" donated just $1 we would raise thousands for cancer charities.

Ask yourself "What would Keanu do" (#wwKRdo) and please be generous on behalf of a great man, Keanu Reeves.

Many thanks!!


Party on, dude!

Xippy Xippo

Keanu, whatever you are looking for, you will sure find it.
Be happy, we love you.


Keanu is a great actor and a great person. The world is a little better with him in it.


You're a man of sincerity, generosity, and humility. People admire that. Even if you didn't intend to, you've touched many lives. Those people are ready to cheer you up, just as you cheered them up.


Selfless, caring, and an all around great human being. Keep on keeping on broseph.


I know you've been to so much bad stuff. So have I. We want to see you happy again, because you are a great person and you truly deserve that great smile of yours. Cheer up bro, we are with you.


Though not noble in the sense of having a distinguished ranking, you are clearly most noble in every other sense of the word, Mr. Reeves.
Thank you for not succumbing to the mean-spirited and often unwarranted rants that you may at times be subjected to.
I am in complete awe of the way you quietly live your existence as normal as can be, while never needing to pander your celebrity.
Thank you for being the gentleman that you are and I wish you continued success in all you do.
Forever Your Fan,


Its sad to know someone as awesome as yourself, has suffered so much, in such a short, yet wonderful life.
You've brought so much joy to the world with your movies, from my first experiences with bill and ted, through to my lasting favourite, sweet november.
We're behind you bro, always will be.
Much love,


Keep on trucking man.


I know your life's been tough. That's why i love you. You stood up to all of it and you still keep on kicking. You are the man. You deserve to become Saint or something. I love you, bro.


I really hope things aren't sucking too much for you, man. But you should know you have a hell of a lot of friends out there. You've done a lot of things you should be really proud of, and we love you for it.
Next time you're in London, look me up - I'll buy you a drink and we can have a jam! Until then, keep your chin up, buddy!


I'm glad to share life with you Keanu, see you on the big screen soon I hope. Head high!

Pedro San Miguel

You are a wonderful actor and the world is honored to have the pleasure to see you perform so much. Although life has not been the best for you, I believe that you are strong for pushing through as you have. Continue to fight and keep that smile on your face. From me to you, I want to convey as much love for you as possible through typing.
Smile, Keanu -- be happy and smile for the world. You are a huge inspiration and we could use more of you.
Love from San Diego,


I'm convinced that Keanu Reeves has been sent to us from another planet or from the future to tell us something important through his movies. Little Buddha...Johnny Mnemonic...The Devil's Advocate...The Matrix Trilogy...Constantine...A Scanner Darkly...The Day the Earth Stood Still: it's in there.


Keanu, in case you read this, just know that you inspire more people than you know. As evident by all the wonderful things being said to and about you. I hope you're able to take it all and really appreciate the love.
You've been my favorite actor for awhile now. I'm always interested in seeing what you're going to do next. I'm always curious to see what you "think" is interesting and should be brought to the big screen. Even if the script has maybe changed from the original one you signed up for. ;) (As I read a few of your films have done).
I don't know you personally, but you did stop and take the time to take a photo with me, ages ago on Sunset Blvd., (thanks for that btw! you were very sweet and I was super nervous!) but I can honestly say that no other actor has intrigued me as much as you do. Here's to your continued success in all your pursuits. Cheers!


Keanu Is The Awesome (nay, EXCELLENT!) Antithesis Of Hollywood As We Know It
Never, in all the time I've heard about the famous and numerous nihilistic numpties of Hollywood, who spend their time generally hell-bent on acting like (and I say this politely) idiots, NEVER have I heard a single bad word said about the great and glorious Keanu Reeves. Yes, there are those who revel in criticising his acting ability, but in my honest opinion, those are the people who think Robert Pattinson (or "R-Pattz" as some have the gall to name him) is a good actor, even though he expresses his every emotion with a salient and ever-present frown.
As for Keanu: remember both "Bill & Ted's"? Remember "Speed"? "The Matrix"? "A Scanner Darkly"? "The Day The Earth Stood Still"? Without Keanu, they wouldn't be the EXCELLENT! (had to be done) films that they are, and would instead be something else entirely: absolute rubbish.
So on this day, let us remember that Keanu is not merely yet another actor that regularly bestows the silver screen; he is everything an actor, and a human being, should strive to be in their lives.
After all, can you think of any other actor who YOU would want to protect, stand up for, give thanks to, and really, honestly, want to CHEER UP? Nope? Didn't think so.
So, once more, thank you Keanu Reeves - for being all that you are, and everything that you have done. And (to continue flogging that metaphorical long-dead horse) keep on spreading the B&T philosophy of: "Be excellent to each other!"


If you ever find the secret to happiness, let me know okay? I've been looking for a while. Also, you rock, and so do your movies.


We love you, Keanu. Stay mellow, stay happy.


...much love & many thanks to you for all you've done to entertain us lo these many years. Loved what you did in Feeling Minnesota, Thumbsucker & of late Sparhusen over on My Damn Channel.
Thanks Keanu!

VDO Vault

Keep er lit big lad, love ye


I have put some pennies towards cancer research in your name, Keanu. Keep being a great guy!


You are the best, here in Portugal we all love you so much.


See how he sits there
A pillar against the dark
He is all like "woah"

Party on dude


Keep it up Bro


You are not not awesome

Keanu, Italy approves you fully. We wish you best for everything!


Keep being yourself, and even if you existence isn't, you are noble and sublime.


Manly tears.
I shed them for you Keanu.
You're a true bro and a true role model for us all. One day, I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you.


Don't give up! One day we'll meet ;-) Just wanted to send a smile your way!
Best wishes

Tanja from Germany

Thank you for all you do and everything you give. We are all behind you!


Thank you for being your awesome self Keanu! Seriously, never give up hope. I love you. <3


Never forget that you are a fabulously wonderful man- and there are millions of people who love you. After all the bullshit that's happened to you, it must be time for something good! So be happy!


Despite all the Hardships, you never let even fame get to your head. Cheer up bro, We're here for ya.


I don't want you to suffer. You are one of my favs <3. *HUGS*


Thank you for your smile
Thank you.


You are what every human being should be, Keanu : nice to others when you can, honest and modest. Don't hear the jalous people about your acting skill, you are the most subtle actor i ever saw in a movie. Stay who you are.


We Love you.
Best Regards From Turkey.


But now I know you save worlds and stuff.
Thank you Mr. Reeves


I've been a fan ever since I saw The Matrix when I was quite young, and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is one of my all-time favorite comedies. I know things have been rough, but I hope you know the joy your films bring to so many people, including me. It's all we can do to give some of that joy back.


You are probably my favourite actor of all time. Ever.
I don't know why. But I love you and want to be you.

Peter and Phil

You, dear sir, are most bodacious. Not just for being a great actor, but a great person as well.


Keanu, thank you for inspiring us to be excellent to eachother, and for showing us that movie stars aren't all douchebags :)


I was thinking what I would say if I meet you and I think it would be something related to you as a person not an artist (but can it be so easily separated?). It would be something like: Keanu, I think that this is a miracle, taking into account the circumstances you were into (childhood, school, alone in Hollywood), that you have not wasted the gifts you were given, but let them grow and eventually be able to share them with others. I think you can say to yourself: I made it!!! What I respect the most in you as a person is that you have learnt and developed so much by your own wish and effort that now you are better accomplished and educated than most of the people who think they are smarter than you are. They are not. Very often they do not understand why you said this or that or why you smile or laugh at, but this is not your fault?. As far as journalists concern: once, in the past you were too open and naive trying to be so genuine and true in your responses, you took! all of it too seriously; now, I think you understand that you can still be open and honest, but on your own terms. You got it! Keep it going. Do not worry, do what you do, remember that every judgment tells us a lot of its author, far more than s/he would like to reveal about her/himself, take care of yourself to be with us as long as possible or even longer.
P.S. What about your acting? When I watch your films I know and can feel what your characters think and feel; isn't it what is the most important in acting? Your way of acting appeals to me.
What about your roles? I love your Constantine and Bob Artctor, I like your Neo very much, especially his smile, or rather a shadow of a smile, at the end of the first part, I like your Conor O'Neill and Shane Falco, I like watching your two LAPD young officers and older cop in Street Kings, I like quiet Paul Sutton of yours and you made me sympathize with the violent Danny from The Gift, I like Julian, Perry Lyman and Chris Nadeau and many others. By the way, have you noticed how many of them are giving persons? Your Marlon makes me laugh every time I watch "˜I love you to death', the scenes with you and William Hurt are the best parts of the film, and one of the best comedy scenes in history. Thanks.
P.S.1. Once again: What are the things I like and respect you for?
- persistent effort to learn and improve (self-education and development as an artist),
- courage to try something new
- love for Shakespeare
- good taste and talent in choosing films (most of them are good)
- survival of some critics' reviews
- sense of humor
- smartness and intelligence
- good-looking
- trying to be yourself.

P.S. 2. I wish my English is better - hoping it is understandable, at least to some extent


Two nights after September 11 the tragedy finally hit and I woke up sobbing. My mom stayed up with me and we watched The Replacements on TBS and it made me feel better. Thank you Keanu. so much so much




You were a teenage crush my friends and I giggled about in high school, but I never knew about how kind and down to earth you are. It really warmed my heart to hear that someone like you exists. You havent let money and fame get in the way of selflessness but instead use the good you have to make other peoples lives better. You are amazing and inspiring!


Hey Keanu, I just want to say that I loved your bill and ted movies when i was a child and you have shaped a little of my childhood.
I hope you have a really great day today!!!


I genuinely believe that Keanu is a very warm hearted bloke and not at all dumb. I went to see the Frances Bacon exhibition at Tate Britain in London and when I walked through the doors Keanu was right in front of me, it was a bit of a shock and I have an expressive face! Instead of avoiding eye contact and turning away, as a lot of other people, let alone celebrities would do, Keanu gave me a comforting smile and it has not only given me a tale to tell all my friends in Scotland, but is a little kindness to remember on bleak days!


Thanks for being there, supporting everyone that needs help!


I'd like to have a brother like you
I have already a brother like you but 2 is better than one!


I really feel sorry for what has happened in your life. You've been going through a lot and I admire your personality and your certainly a wonderful person. I hope it all gets better by the time and hope you'll find something that makes you really, really happy in your life! :)


Mr Reeves, chin up buddy. all the love and support from here in New Zealand,
ps, so good in a scanner darkly bro.


It takes an extraordinary kind of person to be as kind as you are in a world as full of adversary as this one is, particularly in light of the misfortune that has influenced your life. You're my hero, Keanu.
Never give up.


You show the best Canadian traits


Man,you're awesome. Cheer up and go on living. There are a lot of other people to be sad.


I've always enjoyed your movies, KR.
Hope you have a happy June 15th!


Aloha Keanu,
I send you immense Love Light and Nui Loa Aloha :-)
You are Love~
You are Beautiful~
You are Divine Light~


You are truly a great person


I'll never forget you, Keanu.


Keep up the good work Mr. Reeves, and always remember that you've got millions of fans around the world who support you.


Although you were blessed with immortality, you had to suffer through things we cannot imagine. I wish you well Keanu. You are a hero amongst men.


Keep doing what you doing Keanu, we support you all the way!!


I've been a massive fan since I was a little girl and it comforts me that there are 'real' people like you in Hollywood that doesn't really care about all the shit that go with it. And I just want to thank you for being a genuinely good person on TV that I'd show my kids. Loved you best in The Lake House! You are such a great person :) I do envy people who have had the honour of receiving your kindness.
Much love,


I have never really understood the fascination some people have with meeting rich and famous actors, other than to be able to tell other people about their star-struck celebrity run-in. I think of myself as relatively selective with the people that I enjoy spending my time with, and it invariably revolves around their personalities and attitudes towards others around them.
To be honest, I didn't know anything about you or your personal life until a few people on the website Reddit began to relay some stories of their experiences and interactions they've had with you, on movie sets, in random public, etc., as well as bit of biographical history regarding some unfortunate stuff you've lived through, and a new leaf has definitely been turned over.
I wouldn't want to meet a famous actor just to tell people I'd met them.. I'd want to meet somebody that would genuinely be a good-natured, conversible person; good company in every sense of the word. You sound like that sort of person, Keanu, and I'm happy that truly good people really do exist everywhere, even in the notoriously conceited and arrogant world of showbusiness.
Keep on keepin' on, dude.


Keanu, I've never met you, but I've of course seen many of your movies, and Matrix jokes aside, you were always awesome to watch. It's only recently that I've learned what a good guy you really are in real life. Living thousands of miles away, I may not be one of the many people you've been kind to on such a personal level, but it brings a smile to my face that humanity has you among its numbers. Thanks man.


Hey Keanu, I just wanna say that I've always appreciated you, especially when i was a kid and saw Speed. That was a great movie, and even though i didnt know it at the time, i got real happy years later when i found out you were one of the leading actors in it. Suddenly, you were not only the amazing character Neo, you were also in Speed <3 Youre a great actor and a great man, dont let anyone else make you think differently! :)


Great Actor, Nicest Guy, Super Sexy HELLO Dream Guy!


Keanu, you're an awesome guy, i saw a lot of your movies and they were all superb. I knew you were an awesome actor right from the beginning. What i didn't know was that your life was so messed up. I truly do hope everything works out good for you, becouse of all people, you do deserve it. And here, i'll even give you a smile :)
With love from Croatia,


You've got a whole lot more people backing you than you realize. You're a great guy, and we recognize that.
Have yourself an awesome day.


You are one amazing dood Keanu! You stand above the crowds of corrupted stars that fall amongst the glitz and glamor. You are a perfect role model who stands for everything that is right with this world. Don't ever let anyone get you down.
I look forward to seeing you in your future movie roles!


I'll always remember the first time I saw the Matrix. It was with my dad, and we drove 40 minutes away so we could see it at the good theatre.
We spent the entire trip back talking about how awesome it was.
Thanks, Keanu! =)

Bobby BigMac

Keanu! You're f'in awesome! So kind and friendly. I wish you a great life and hope you keep being awesome. :D


"How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world."
You are a true inspiration and without you the world would have been a much worse place.


Keanu, You Rock AND Rule!!! Keep being such a wonderful artist and such an inspiration for people everywhere!!! We love you!!!


I always thought that fame corrupted people and was worried what would happen to me if I had fame and money. I always thought that even though I would like to share it I might become greedy and arrogant. Apparently this is not always the case. Thanks for your generosity and kindness, you inspire us!


Keanu Reaves, you're one hell of a guy. And I just have to say I think your performance in Constantine was amaaaaaaaaazing. I love your acting and your style and your swagger. You're an awesome guy and you should be rejoicing in the awesomenesss of life.

<3 Max

You are a good dude blessed with what seems to be integrity of spirit, humility and intelligence. Just knowing that someone like you exists in the world makes things a little bit better.
We should hang out and eat waffles some time.


I've been watching Keanu's films since I was a kid and I have always been fascinated by his mystique. Such a good looking guy, and always so seemingly quiet and humble.
As I grew up I read about his kindness towards others around him despite quite a few unfortunate things that occurred to him in the past and this really made me respect him.
I'm sure that his life and films have touched others in the same way as me and I hope he realises it.
Cheer up Keanu, and thanks for everything!


If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming in on you,
If you can trust youself when all men doubt you.
But make allowance for their doubt you.
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies.
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise.
If you can dream - and not make dreams your master,
If you can think - and not make thoughts you aim,
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools.
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken.
And stoop and build'em up with worn - out tools.
If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch - and - toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,v If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds'worth of distance run.
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!


All of my love to Keanu. He has made so many great films and led a an incredibly generous life. Keep it up Keanu!


I'm a cynical person who doesn't hold much hope for humanity but you, Keanu, you give me hope. You show me that even though there are bad times and bad people in this world that there is still a light. You are that light. You are a talented man and a great guy who's had it rough. However, the fact that you continue to be such a phenomenal person who is excellent to his fellow man brings untold warmth to my heart. The world needs more people like you, Keanu. You are the man and all I want to do is give you a hug. Thank you, Keanu Reeves.


You're excellent.


I respect you, because you suffered and continue to suffer, but you're still helping when you can ti stimo sul serio


A fellow Canadian, a wonderful actor, an inspiration. I know things will turn around for you eventually, even if they're not looking great now.
We've looked up to you, are now we're looking out for you!
PS; looking forward to seeing you as Spike. I hope the experience cheers you up a bit.
Love you, Keanu!


There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in - Cohen


You are a wonderful, talented, and generous human being. Smile, because you are loved and supported by many ^_^


You're a great person, Keanu. Millions of people all over the world love you, not just because you're this huge movie star but also because of your kindness and incredible off-screen awesomeness.


I donated some cash as a present to you, bro.
It must be odd when you realise people all across the world care about you.. feel better


....for there is nothing lost that may be found if sought.....Jai Ho ( Victory to Thee ) Keanu Cana, ny Beloved ONE


I feel like a bit of a creeper for doing this, but you're a great actor and seem like such a nice guy. I hope your sister is allright in the end, and that maybe you find someone to marry who will eat sandwhiches with you.


I always look forward to your next incarnation and I am thankful for all which you have shared. Cinema just wouldn't be the same without Keanu Reeves.
Thank you, Keanu!


Keanu, thank you for all the interviews you've made (or endured), I have found a lot of inspiration for my life in your words. i like all your movies and i wish you many new exciting projects and enough care in your private life.


Thanks for being you. Every soul that tries to do well and create positivity is a light - every bit helps. So, thanks.


To a man who has experienced some of the highest highs and lowest lows a life can throw at a person, and by all accounts still be amazing to everyone around him - you inspire me to be a better person.


Thank you for loving science fiction and helping science fiction movies get made. Thanks for entertaining us and making us think, feel, laugh, cry, and escape if just for a little while. And thanks for being true to yourself as a mixed heritage person in a Western world. It meant a lot to me, and others I knew, 10 and 15 years ago when Asians were always typecast or not cast at all. My best wishes to you.


Just wanted to let you know that The Replacements is one of my family's all-time favorite movies, and you are truly an inspiration in this world.


Thank you for all the love and caring you've shown people who've worked with you, people who've worked for you, fans, passers-by.
Thank you for showing strength, kindness and sensibility in difficult circumstances.
Thank you for having passion about what you do.
Thank you for being what a star should be.


You're such an awesome guy. You've helped countless people despite all you've been through. Please keep being such a great human being!


"Those who live in accord with the course of Nature and are contented and at ease when the occasion comes, cannot be affected by sorrow or joy. This is what the ancients called release from bondage."
I hope you can find comfort in such thoughts, and face pain the best way a person can. Thank you for working so hard for the right reasons, and in spite of so many obstacles. You're the kind of person I'd like to see more of in the world.


Thank you for being the generous, friendly, strong, and humble man that you are. Know that you serve as an inspiration not only to your fellow actors, but to all the average joes and janes out there as well. We wish you the best and look forward to seeing you soon!


Life's all about the hardships, it's what makes you an individual and forms your character! For all of your hardships I am amazed at how many great things you've done! Don't look back except to learn from your past and build a brighter future!
And I always liked this quote by the Philosopher Seneca, maybe it'll bring you a bit of peace:
"Death is the release from all pain and complete cessation, beyond which our suffering will not extend. It will return us to that condition of tranquility, which we had enjoyed before we were born. Should anyone mourn the deceased, then he must also mourn the unborn. Death is neither good nor evil, for good or evil can only be something that actually exists. However, whatever is of itself nothing and which transforms everything else into nothing will not all be able to put us at the mercy of Fate."
We may all seem like strangers to you but we've fallen in love with the characters you've portrayed. Be excellent dude! You've never let us down!


A hero is born among a hundred, a wise man is found among a thousand, but an accomplished one might not be found even among a hundred thousand men. (Plato)
Thanks Keanu - for inspiring me, putting my goals in life into the right perspective, and help me to procrastinate the 'other stuff'...
Although I did not meet you, or see most of your movies, its nice to read these kind stories about you. Keep it up!
If I learnt one thing in life until now it is: The more you expose yourself to make this a better world, stand up and fight, and open your mouth; the more you will meet people who suddenly have (and state) an opinion (about you) - but hey, now you made them THINK!
Our life is sometimes strange, and we loose people we love and need by illnesses we cannot control. Your generosity and private struggle (as far as The Internet "˜knows') made me think about which way I should deepen my scientific reasearch and broaden my horizon... One never knows what awaits you after the next turn and perhaps it is me, who can answer one of the many open questions helping people like your sister in the future? ...well let's see, I am doing my best and try to get better! Science is broad!
Thank you for being the role model you are, and thank you for making so many people reflect their life and make them look at this world with open eyes and comprehension - for one second!


What attracted me to Keanu Reeves was his truthfulness in his acting, which you can't really call acting, because he is living the characters in his movies and what I also admire is that he hasn't be the centerpiece of the film, he always blends in with the ensemble. His true personality just shines through in his movie roles, he is humble and authentic. That is what I love about him. He doesn't care about a fancy or noble appearance. He is himself no matter what. I have the feeling that through the 18 years I watched him from a distance that what I saw was a soul evolving through all the experiences that crossed it's way. And now at the age of 45 he seems to be at peace with himself and the universe that surrounds him. Keanu, I bow to you in graditute. You really change the world! Truth comes first Love will follow! With love,


Kind, smart, caring people. Thank you for being such a swell guy, Keanu Reeves! You really set an example for all of us.


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