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Mr. Reeves, reports of your physical immortality may be greatly exaggerated, but the kindness that flows through you will live on forever.
Be well


Sometimes I thought about you as if you weren't real, as if you were a product or concept. I am sorry for that now. Thank you for being you despite our bullshit.


Even if there's nothing to smile about, just doing it will make you feel slightly better about everything =] I know I'll smile for you ^_^


Please be happy, you are awesome and deserve it ;]


Keanu! You're a super cool awesome guy and I hope all this stuff that people are doing for you makes you happy. You're an awesome actor and an awesome guy. I hope you at least see some of these as a lot of people worked hard for you trying to get letters and all this to you.


Thank you for being awesome Keanu. You are a great man, and a true role-model.


Keanu, I have always loved your movies and I only recently learned about how nice you are to people (especially people who aren't actors as well). I sincerely hope you continue on being the amazing individual you are, because I have never heard of another hollywood star being as kind and giving as you.
I recently found out that my Uncle has cancer and will be losing part of his foot because of it, so I plan on donating to cancer society as soon as I get money (I'm currently unemployed). My other Uncle (his brother) is a cancer survivor, so this is really close to my heart.
To hear about you being so involved in cancer research, I am truly impressed. If you're ever in Ottawa Ontario (Canada!) I hope I get the chance to meet you.


I love a few of your movies bro, especially Point Break! You sound like a great guy and I hope you have a great day come June 15th! Thanks for being such a true bro!


You deserve this
credit where credit is due.


I'd like to make you a cake
Because you seem pretty awesome. I hope you're ok.


You have given a lot of people a lot of joy over the years. Nuts to the haters. Life would be so much better if we all strove to be excellent to each other.

Halloween Jack

Keanu, you are totally excellent and NOT bogus.


"The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite; revive from ashes and rise." - Miguel De Cervantes


I woke up this morning to discover what appears to be at least half of the internet had decided to cheer you up because some paparazzi bloke snapped a shot of you looking forlorn on a park bench.
It's a testament to your character as a human being that they've done this for you, that the internet is giving you a collective hug and a "buck up, kiddo!"
We love you, Keanu. :)


You rock. I know how shit sucks for you, hang in there bud!


You are a lovely person, smile today, more than once :) :) :)


You're awesome! :-D


I find it very impressive how you are still so humble even with you being a big celebrity. Your charity work, from cancer research to the crews on your films, is inspirational. It's interesting how people like Angelina Jolie reaps the benefits of her helping out charities yet you keep your privacy. It's time for your day in the sun, for you to get recognition for your efforts. Thank you for being a good person, you're an inspiration. I hope more celebrities were like you. It's a shame how some people will take this day as a joke, how they will just make fun of you. People can be immature in this world.

A Fan

I've lost family to Cancer myself. The months leading up to it and the ones after were the hardest in my life. You'll be in my prayers.


Ode to Keanu
Ode to Keanu (I'm not a poet,just speaking from the heart)
a heart of gold
down to earth
real and with integrity
hard working
always thinking of others
talented, of course
Canadian (so proud)
a fine role model
and all wrapped up in this beautiful package to boot
Best of luck in your future endeavours Keanu, we'll be watching!

Sandra in Vancouver

You gave my good friend a huge gift certificate to a luxurious seaside resort, and he took me with him! It was fabulous, and something I could never afford. That money you spread around impacts a lot of people you don't even know. Thanks Keanu!

just a regular person

Thank you for being an all around stand-up guy


Me and my brother were watching Bil and Ted one Christmas. Our Dad walked in, and could not understand a single word you and Alex were saying to each other. Me and my bro laughed, and now have one simple rule... "Be Excellent To Each Other"


Forever and always. Ever since bill and ted. You are the greatest, Keanu, and I am really excited you're playing Spike in Cowboy bebop LET'S BE BEST FRIENDS


You and a friend of mine walked straight into each other at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore a few years ago when you were shopping for a gift, and he said that you were a really nice guy about it, and said "Excuse me."
I hope you're happy - you deserve to be.


I've never actually seen your movies, but I read about how great a guy you are, and now maybe I will! Congratulations on being a terrific human being!


Thanks for being, from what I've read and looked up about you, a genuinely good dude. Cheers, mate!


Greetings from Spain Keanu. I just wanted to tell you how much we like your movies in my country, if only we could meet some day I would show you my lovely home town in the SouthEast of Spain and have you taste our fine local cuisine ;-). Until that day comes, god bless you.


Okay, I admit that I've made fun of your 'woah', but I also admit that your presence in a film is a guarantee that I'll see it, too, if only to find out what you think is worth preserving in print.
We should all be so cool,

Jim G.

Although you have probably never been to or heard of Saskatchewan, there are a lot of people here who adore you. Stop by sometime, we are friendly and quite welcoming!
With love from Saskatchewha-where?

CJ <3

Keanu Reeves, you have been my favourite actor for some time now, mostly because you are a brilliant actor, but also because unlike most actors you are not selfish nor greedy. That is the greatest thing about you, you help instead of taking, and therefore I really wish you a great day!


June 15th is my birthday. For my birthday, I want you to keep doing what you've been doing. Being an all around fantastic human being. Thanks in advance :D
PS- Looking forward to the Cowboy Bebop movie.


You have always given me something to think about after seeing one of your movies, that's rare in many modern actors' performances. Thanks for being yourself. :)


I respect your life.
I respect your emotions.
I respect your beliefs.
I respect your choices.
I respect your loves.
I respect your opinions.
I respect you.
I am glad you exist and wish there were more people like you.


Years ago I was present at some of Keanu rReves Dogstar shows. Lots of fans were out back then, and having fun. Keanu would talk to us sometimes. Something devastating happened to me when my mom passed away from cancer. I was in denial and didnot expect this, as she was also my best friend. I was at a show when talking to Mr. Reeves, I broke down crying.I had just found out the news. He asked what was wrong, I told him and he gave me a big hug. He listened to me as I spouted off about my mom (Is this Keanu Reeves taking the time to listen to me??) and what a great person she was as I grieved.. It meant the wor! ld to me, I will never forget this as he could have walked away, or not smiled, or not taken time out of his busy life to listen. Hollywood celebs dont do this type of thing, and judging by the stories told Keanu has been the same good hearted person for a long time now. No one is perfect, but he sure deserves the best in life as far as I am concerned because he seems to give his best often. I had no idea he was so nice to so many other people too, besides me! LOL!!!! :)


Mr. Reeves, you're a wonderful person. Thank you.


I'm very glad everyone has taken time from the bad impersonations to actually learn about your life and what a good guy you are.
Your movies have always been favorites of mine in the "fun" category. You are a great entertainer and I never fail to enjoy myself when I watch one of your flicks.
More than anything else, though, your generosity warms my soul. In this day and age of self-absorbed celebrity, your example is a shining beacon of gratitude and humility. I wish that there were more celebrities like you.
If you are ever in the San Antonio,TX area, drop me a line (twitter id: aedile, or ask this site admin for my email) and my family will treat you to a Texas style barbecue the likes of which you've never seen!


I don't know you, but I do know your work, and it's all good, my friend. From "Bill & Ted" to "Parenthood" to "Speed" to "The Matrix" to "Constantine", you've given us great movies that I have watched multiple times. If you drink beer, I'm buyin'.


Keanu, you own
That is all.


Thank you for having the guts to do the unexpected, the weird, the risky stuff.
Thank you for sometimes doing exactly what people want/expect from you.
The world needs to see both sides of the medal to really appreciate a person.
We'll never meet, but I hope you'll become a happy person.


I genuinely enjoy your work. I have always been a fan and am pleased to know learn about your hatred of Cancer. I had cancer once, and am happy that those who can help fund research to fight it, do so. Thank you.

lobster rocket

Keanu should be like the role model for all people, he's simply awessome! I hated it so much when i read what life gives him in return ... so unfair. Still, so many of us love you bro!!!


If you happen to be Keanu, please read
I wanted to say thank you. I don't really know you personally - we've never met or spoken, but I know how hard life can be. I wanted you to know that I appreciate you, your work and all that you have done for cancer victims/survivors like me. Sometimes I think in general you don't know how much you effect someone, because you've obviously brought happiness to us all.
I hope you find this site.
Thank you, Keanu.


Thanks for playing all of the characters I find myself relating to, and for being a model of good in such a shitty world.


Keanu Reeves was always my favorite actor and it's cool to know he's awesome in real life.


Bill & Ted changed my life. My brother and I watch both movies every Christmas. Back to back. Usually with eggnog. I will love Ted Theodore Logan 4eva.


Congratulations for being a genuinely good human being. The world needs more people like you, man.


You're an inspiration as someone who can continuously pick themselves up and do wonderful deeds for others. Thanks for being such a wonderful person! After hearing your story, I'm going to go an donate to cancer research and tell my friends to do the same!


You're an admiral human being. It's hard to find decent people among this sea of douches we live in today.
Not to mention your movies are truly gems in cinematic entertainment. My friends and I still yell that part in Point Break to this day.
Thank you for everything Mr. Reeves.
PS: My sister has a crush on you. :)


Keanu, I was in class 9th when I read about you giving away Harley-Davidson bikes to the action crew of Matrix Reloaded. It was a big impact on me, and I have hence tried helping needy poeple whenever I can. Actually, it was because of you that those people were happy. You rock! We love you Keanu, not as Neo, not as Ted, not as Constantine, not as Lomax, but as Keanu, Keanu Reeves.


The world thanks you, Keanu Reeves. Shine on, benevolent sun.


Hey! Even if you say your existence isn't noble- I think it is. You've done a lot more for a lot of people than most people would do with your income. Hope for the best, man!


Keanu though I may not know you personally I feel like if I did know you you we would get along on a personal level and we'd be pretty cool friends! I may not know what it feels like to go through what your going through but I can let you know that youve inspired me through all of your films whether it be Bill and Ted, Devils Advocate, Constantine, of course The Matrix, youve shown me that no matter what life throws at you youve always got your passion to lean back on, youve always got the arts to let out emotions. Im only 17 but what Ive learned about life is that shutting down and shutting out never works its! those little moments in life and those strangers that you may meet that make all the difference and to brush anyone who may be trying to drag you down a negative path off your shoulder. I dont know you yet but I can tell that we are gonna be friends.


You are awesome guy and actor, mate. :) Keep it up, hope people will have a lot more movies to see you in the future ! :)


Deep in the bowels of my Microsoft Word files, I have a file named "Read in case of low self esteem". It is a single page of compliments--truly sincere, heartwarming compliments--from friends of mine. Whenever I'm feeling down or feel like the world itself is out to get me, I just read that page and feel so much better. The fact that those friends of mine believe in me helps me to believe in myself.
That's what I want this page to be for you, Keanu. I hope you bookmark this page and come back to it every time you're feeling down. You're a wonderful person, man, and we all thank you for being such an enlightened figure in a sea of detritus. You may not see personally just what the effects of your actions are, but know that a kind heart can touch others in ways that none of us can even imagine.
So whatever happens, Keanu, remember this: believe in yourself. Believe in the Keanu Reeves that we have faith in. Keep being awesome and NEVER give up.


I saw a picture of you sad on a bench and looked up your wikipedia page. It inspired me to write you and while looking for a way to do so I found this site. It will have to do.
I just wanted to tell you that I think the work you do is really important, aside from being an incredible artist with a great deal of talent, people need distractions from the day to day grind as well as the terrible things that are happening all over the world. Your films, even the sillier ones from your early days like "Bill and Ted", are a welcome escape from the sad world in which we all just want to eat our lunch in peace.
I also think the kind things you do for your family and even the people you work with on films is very generous and an inspiration. So while it probably doesn't mean much coming from some random dude, the world needs more people like Keanu Reeves. Keep being awesome. I look forward to enjoying your upcoming projects.


Thank you for all you have done to the cinema. You are a great actor and a real bro.


We are flourishing with indie filmmaking talent, and we recognize how awesome you are with being true to yourself, believing in an idea, and embracing it. We thank you!


Congrats on being a good human being, this is tough to achieve and you clearly have attained good human status.


I watched Speed every day for about 2 months, it never got old. Thank you :)


Keanu! I've always loved all your films and as an aspiring director/cinematographer I can safely say there's not many actors I respect as much as you! You are truly a great man and a perfect example of an ideal human being!


Tnank you so much for being a real Man - for reminding us of what a Man should be like. Hope there's enough strength for you to carry on what you're doing for people - your life is a good example for us all. Tnank you so much!!!!


The internet can be used for good!
Congrats on not being a Hollywood douche and using your wealth for something other than personal satisfaction!
We <3 you


After reading all of the stories about how you help random strangers with their cars, donate absurd amounts of money, I can say that the world could use a few more Keanu Reeves. There's a quote that I have been particular fond of;
"A man must constantly exceed his level" - Bruce Lee
You exceed and set examples for the rest of us!
God bless!


Keep the good things up bro, you are awesome and you know it, dont let anybody say otherwise, i always liked your acting.
Cheer up! you have tons of bros over the world, you just need to say Hi!


You are a man with the talent and ability to do whatever your heart desires and pleases. Your personal strength and story reminds me of how strong some of us frail humans can be. That photo of you feeding ducks, that saved my life. And whilst I know that as long as you live you might never meet me, I just think you should know that your own life has given inspiration to a person whose life previously had none.
God bless you.
God bless you, Mr. Reeves


I've never seen a single film of yours but I don't need that to know you're a good, down to earth person who deserves the love of the world. Cheer up!


Yo, Keanu.
I know you're reading this. Just wanted to say:
Good luck space cowboy.
See you around now...

Ed the Second

I've heard a lot about the bad shit life has dealt your way and I just wanted to say, hang in there man. Though we'll probably never meet, it's great just knowing that there are people as kind as you are out there. I also love the works you've partaken in.
With love from San Diego,


I feel for you, Keanu.
I hope you'll have fun playing Spike!


Just wanted to let you know you're a really good man with really good intentions. This is a rare thing in this day and age and I wish you all the best.


Thanks for bringing us so many wonderful movies and being an all around wonderful man. The world would be a far better place if there were more like you out there.


I know it must be hard, but cheer up, we're all cheering for you!


I'm amazed that someone so successful and rich can still somehow manage to be such an amazing and caring person despite the bad hand life has dealt you so far. Don't give up. Keep being golden.


Thank you, Mr. Reeves, for the dedication you have put into your work over the span of your career. The Matrix truly changed my life, and it wouldn't have been possible without your persistence and unprecedented work ethic. I hope you will continue to bring that spirit to films for many years to come <3


You're are so awesome that British movie's "Hot Fuzz" features the epic scene of Point Break!
Cheer up bro.


You were one of my first ever favourite actors. I was like 12 and I saw the Matrix and was blown away. I didn't know you did any of the things you did for people. You are one of the mosst incredible and wonderful people in the whole world. I bloody love you, man


I am a complete stranger to you, as you are to me. I know no one who knows you, or who has knowingly met you. I have had no contact with you at all- direct or indirect - to the best of my knowledge.
Nevertheless, you still have had impact in my life, when I pause to think on it.
So I choose to say this. Thank you.
Thank you for being an actor I'm not ashamed to point out as Canadian. You give me no reason for hesitation in claiming you as my countryman.
I'm proud of you, Keanu. And I'm sure that seems odd, but it's no easier to live the life of Keanu Reeves, musician, than it is to live the life of Joe Smith, plumber. All lives are difficult in their own way.
Thank you for enlivening an evening for the people who watch your movies. They'll get a laugh, a smile, have a revelation, or an escape. It's worth a lot.
The first time I heard your name, it set the pattern for future mentions - one of my friends mentioned your generosity and kindness to the set crews. It impacted me enough that I still remember this instance, years later. You haven't once behaved in a way that upset me, though perhaps that's just because I don't celeb stalk. I doubt it though.
Thank you for remaining kind, in environments where it could prove quite difficult to do so. I'm sorry about your sister. I'm sorry about your daughter. It may not mean much to you, coming from the depths of the internet, but it's heartfelt.
You know those moments where you get a bit choked up, and just wish that you could wrap your arms around someone and transfer the solid strength of your goodhearted faith into them? Wrap it around them like a blanket, to show them the depth of your acceptance and care?
This is the sisterly hug I would give to you. Because you deserve it. You may not need it right now, but it's still there for you.
Thank you for your music, for your kindness, and well. For not being a douche, basically. Just so you know, you're pretty cool beans, Mr. Reeves.


Keep moving forward, bro. Don't let anything hold you back.


I don't think there are enough words in the world to say how amazing Keanu Reeves is. He is talented, and takes his stuff to heart. I've never personally met the guy, but I've heard so many nice stories about him, that it only makes me want to be more a better person.
You rock Keanu, and you aren't not loved in this world. <333


On June 15th I will light a candle for you, because you are an inspiration both on awesome and on longevity.


You're seriously one of the most sincere actors/artists out there. You've always given out to the people that are needy and just to cheer people up.. Now you need to cheer yourself up, dude!
You're awesome.


My family and I thoroughly enjoy your movies. After hearing about your sister's plight, I decided to post here to tell you to not lose hope! Cancer research is hard (near impossible), but we are making breakthroughs everyday. Hang in there, because the cure is coming sooner than you might think.
Cheer up, pal!


Keep it up, you've restored my faith in humanity a few times over.


Serious bro, isn't no actor out there as lovely as you. Chin up mate!


Best wishes


I loved watching The Matrix trilogy, I found your acting awesome. I'm also amazed by all the donations you've made, I think you are a really good person :). Cheers up from Spain!


Thank you for being so patient, after all the idiotic shit we have given you. Patience is the greatest virtue a man can be blessed with. Please continue being the awesome dude you are... now we know, and we're sorry.
All the best to you and to the people you love.


Thank you for your example of generosity. Although your vocation has allowed you to be more financially generous than most people, the stories I read about you remind me to do what I can with what I earn, and also to be and remain generous of spirit in personal relationships as well as with strangers. Thanks!


Normally, the only people for who I take my hat off are my best friends. But after I read about you, I feel I must take my hat off for you too; thank you.


I've been a fan of yours for as long as I can remember. "My Own Private Idaho" was one of the first movies that made me aware of your acting range. That movie remains one of my favorites. I've looked up as many of your movies as I've been able to find and while some are better than others, I've always liked your role in them, even the most obscure ones.
It was only the last few years that I became aware of what a truly good person you really are. It seems that being a star has not ruined you like it has so many others, and that alone takes strength. You have been through a lot, as have I, and I believe that's what has helped you stay true to who you are. Thank you for all the good you have done and continue to do. I am sure it will not happen, but I would be truly honored to meet you one day.


I'll probably never meet you, but it comforts me to know that if I did, I'd be enriched from the experience alone. You do good in this world, whether you realize it or not. For everything you've gone through, you have my sincerest empathy, for I have endured hardship, too. Be strong; I know you have it in you.


Keanu, your movies have always been awesome and apparantly you're one cool guy to everyone even after your hardship in life. Keep it up bro, you're the cool dude that we all aspire to be.
Much love and respect,


Thanks for being the guy people like me can and will always look up to, thanks for being such a great guy in the face of all the adversities that have fallen upon you.
Never let troubles bring you down bro.


Actually, I don't think you are sad, but deep in creative thought, right? Anyway, I love the concept of your Passengers, and think you have it in you to come up with many more great stories.


Thank you for standing out, in the good way.


It's difficult for the media to provide accurate pictures of people such as yourself, hence I never really thought much of you.
In the last few years I have heard of your awesome generosity and extreme kindness. I am beginning to see that you are entirely deserving of your success and am happy to consider that the monies you receive from me, and the other positive-feeling folks around here for your big-screen activities, would be used to _make_ _people_ _happy_ and not fund self-indulgent/promotional pleasures (excluding the odd house/car/tv).
You are a good person and I'm sure you know that.
If there were a way for the people of earth to know there are more folks like you there would be a lot more love on this planet.


I was 6 when i saw the first Matrix movie, it was also the first time I met my father. We went to the cinema to watch the film together and now he is my best friend and that was the best movie I've ever seen. Thank you!


I wouldn't typically go out of my way to thank or show appreciation for an actor. But you've done a lot of good for a lot of different people, and it's an admirable act. You have my respect and my gratitude.


Thank you for all the memories of the great films you've given me. You made my childhood complete.


You're a great person, Mr Reeves. I know the whole world should look up to you.


Thank you Keanu. Remember, everything is going to be alright.


Thank you for being an example to me.


We believe you, we love you. Never give up!

A Certain Anonymous German

After watching a number of movies I was curious to look into the person responsible for making most of them what they were. What I found was not your typical Hollywood actor, but instead a humble man who's gone through a number of hardships.
For this reason whenever I feel the odds are against me and a cloud is over my head I like to think of you Keanu and how you've managed to move forward while always keeping your head high no matter what the obstacle is.
Thank you Keanu Reeves!


I know you from the various movies that you have done and I always enjoy watching you act.
But then I read up on all the hardships that you have faced during your life and I understand the pain that you have gone through. Even though all these bad things happened to you, you remain a beautiful, normal, kind and above all genuinely nice person.
I hope that all these messages make you feel somewhat better, because that is what you deserve.


I've enjoyed all of the movies I've seen you in, and I've read some incredible stories about your generosity and I simple wanted to say Thank You for being an amazing human being, despite all of the hoopla that surrounds being a celebrity!


Sometimes life tends to complicate some of the most simplest things. Being happy, being successful, being yourself. But in the end it's not how long or how much you've lived..it's how well.


You have been in some of the best films i have seen keanu, matrix <3


No one can replace you at what you do best. I love all your movies, and I hope you continue to do some great acting.


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