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The Matrix Goes Live
2011-07-03 19:28:23

that previous comment was mine. :|

'Bill & Ted 3' Script Is Finished, Star Tweets
2011-04-30 22:55:07
*air guitars with Giladora* can't wait! :)
Cheer Up Keanu Reeves Day - Newest Internet Sensation
2011-02-16 11:41:52
people have done that in keanu's name.
Reeves: 'New film makes people want sex'
2011-02-05 12:02:11
Tangerines don't have sex. They rely on pollination.

...erm. thank you, Ink, for the scientific accuracy.

Trying to have sex with K would end with Tangerine as a pool of juice on the floor.

Tangerines really are not that squishy... O__________O you're not hinting that...

and I consider myself a little... young for, um, meiosis.

Reeves: 'New film makes people want sex'
2011-01-31 11:03:51
well, i don't know about *that*. but meeting him would be nice. and I wanna see Henry's Crime anyway.

I wanted to go to the premiere, but I can't drive yet. :(

Mad Axe Attack!
2010-12-17 03:39:06

I love wikileaks.

Why don't they block the fish?

Bill and Ted reunited! Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter back together 21 years on
2010-10-28 04:49:40
NO. Not Justin Bieber. I will not have the most excellent character of Ted be tainted by such a creature as Justin Bieber. >:(
7-year-old to play young Keanu in film
2010-10-08 06:48:10
Keanu And A Cupcake
2010-10-02 04:05:51
Welcome to the information age. :/ Johnny Mnemonic is going to save our heads from exploding with too much information.
Like a Chinese Menu
2010-09-29 04:35:07

Watcher sounds good. From Ani's writings about Griffin, Keanu's evil characters are cool.

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