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I had to draw one of favs

2011-09-09 14:58

Thanks, I'm happy you, luvs, liked them - as usual!:)
@Gypsybiker2112, cool, two Zelazny fans here!)))
I had to draw one of favs

2011-09-07 16:27

Have you read "The Lord of Light" by Roger Zelazny? I associated Reeves with the lord in the first chapter (then he became different, maybe harder)Great book!
2011 Calendar, in installments!

2011-09-07 15:56

Ani, very nice.I see you like light colours:)
Happy birthday! :)

2011-09-03 04:49

Thank you, guys for watching and appriciating my videos)))) Happy birthday, Keanu, one more time!
Happy birthday! :)

2011-09-02 05:13

It's already the 2nd of September in my country! And for this day I made two videos:
Mr.Reeves will tell us about life:)
And now meet an incredible group of dancers!Connie, Neo, Tom, David and others (don't forget Lu and Smith) will perform irish jig in KR's honour! So, let's dance!
blood disease ???

2011-08-31 19:39

I always got the impression he wears blazers all the time because he needs a pocket to carry those cigarettes.

And about his warm cloth so unsuitable for the hot weather...I think he just doesn't want to take suntan, I mean city-suntan, when your face and arms change color and the rest remains white (it's not nice). Or staying in the sun is contraindicated for some people and he can be one of them.

2011-08-31 19:13

Hi, Chaira! Nice to meet you!
I had to draw one of favs

2011-08-10 01:00

Thanks, guys:)
I had to draw one of favs

2011-08-05 21:05

Ok, tried with colours :)

But pencils are sharp( wanted to try with creamy but couldn't find them in my town, ordered and looking forward to get them:) )

GIF to share

2011-08-05 20:58

@Gina, I love your Jjaks! And Neo is amazing as always and cool!!! Very goog work:)

2011-07-31 15:38

I like him so much that my sons name is keanu:-)


2011-07-31 00:13

Guy Ritchie's "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels"

Wonderful film! Oh, and "Run Lola run" too.Cube -didn't see, but may be I'll fix it soon (if I have enough patience with youtube;) )
Gina's drawings

2011-07-31 00:04

I used prisma colored pencils for the 2nd one.

May be I'll try them too.Looks so real.I don't have a place for drawing, so I do it wherever I can and have time to:) - often it's working break, so different kinds of pencils are more convenient for me than paints.

Can I see your drawings? I would love to see them!

You can start here: and on....:) (sometimes I just cannot stop drawing him)
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2011-07-28 02:36

Gina, I love them all! Thanks:)
Gina's drawings

2011-07-28 02:27

Hi, Gina, nice to meet you!Your drawings are cool.What did you use for the second? Own studio is wonderful.So, it's your profession, not a hobby and I hope you can give me some advice how to improve (I like to draw Keanu so much))))

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