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Bill & Ted

2010-01-31 11:24

I found them incredibly boring

:O D:

How. Why. Whaaa. KUNG FU. BULLET TIME. That is like the antithesis of boring.

Okay, ladies, let's let go of the Matrix, its done, gone, its overplayed

NO. :|

DNA Test Results - Not the father.

2010-01-09 01:55

Haha, yeah, great point.

Comment from that article:
I hate Keanu Reeves, ever since I saw Speed and figured it was the dumbest movie ever. I wish he did father those kids so I would have the proof of what a loser he really is.

Another old fishing hole

2009-12-19 12:22

Wow, a half-positive comment about Revolutions. Or less than half. Or something. But there was positivity in there somewhere.

... Is this real life?

Layout revamp and no more fish tank

2009-12-17 03:06

Noooooo. :(

I like the layout, though. And I've gotten Neo on the banner three times now, which makes me happy.

VERY early pic of Our Man

2009-12-16 03:39

Oh wow. So young!

Also, the way he's giving the camera the eye there is kind of making me laugh.

Bits and snippets off the web

2009-12-16 03:32

Hmm, can I be a cat too? ;)
Another fish to fry

2009-12-13 03:32

The writing in that article annoyed me, and that combined with the unnecessary Keanu dig make me want to go punch something.

Though I would agree that Point Break is far from his best work...

Christmas wish

2009-12-13 03:26

Aw :D

... yeah, what kind of idiot is embarrassed by liking Keanu? ;)

'Limousine' par Karim Kazi an article about Kim and Keanu

2009-12-06 03:42

Very interesting read. Seems kind of far-fetched, but interesting.

2009-12-03 02:50

No no no no no. No blonde, please. Like LucaM said, the darker, the better.

That said, if a Constantine sequel is really happening... that would pretty much make my life right now.

Appearing in 'V' remake?

2009-11-29 02:49

I watch the V remake mainly for the lulz... and for the main actress, who reminds me a lot of Carrie-Anne Moss. I know, weird reason to watch the show :p

That said... that'd be pretty awesome if Keanu showed up. Keep me watching, for sure. *nod*

Some Keanu reference: Scam artist passes herself off as screenwriter

2009-11-27 09:34

Wow. That was... fascinating.
New funny pics thread

2009-11-27 02:24

I love those Matrix 'shops so much. Never fail to make me laugh. :D

2009-11-18 22:29

Watch! It was actually better than I expected it would be.

And <3 Conor. But not as much as Neo.

New funny pics thread

2009-11-17 07:45


Okay, that was just the summary of my life in one flow chart.

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