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Things Journalists Should Ask Keanu

2011-10-31 07:51

Well I had to log in for this (yes, I've been lurking ;).

Discussion about Keanu and hygiene. Anyone ever notice that his hands and nails are generally clean, regardless of his attire and the state of his hair?

I've always found that interesting and a bit 180.

And I'm not even going to go near the thought he should be asked about circumcision :D.

KeanuWeb is back online

2011-07-14 06:43

That should get you there, it's a members only list, one has to join, keeps down the spam :). Not an active list, not many members, there mostly as a kind of 'parking spot' that will always be there in the event there's another site 'crash' ;).

KeanuWeb is back online

2011-07-13 15:05

I've got a portion of pics from the old Kweb at the Keanu-ites elist, and more on disc but they're all stills of course. I did have a very few of the videos but am not sure I've still got them, I'd have to look. If you'd like to let him know Arya I'll be pleased to pass them back to him (it'll take awhile ;) since they're his to start with. I said that I'd close the album at the list if he ever got all of it back up and running but wasn't sure that he had yet - and he may not be wanting to manage such a gallery again. So whatever he thinks? Just let me know :).

2011-07-13 14:57

Puts me in mind of that character from X-Men :).

Is this a preview of a coming film? Or is it one of the online productions?

47 Ronin

2011-07-13 14:47

Just read it, great snapshot of extra's work, thanks for the link Ink :).

The sneaky shot is.. sneaky Arya,bad girl ;). But I'm not ready to get all weepy yet, for some reason this one's not seriously bugging me like the bus scene did :-/.

lurking days are over!

2011-07-13 14:43

Welcome aboard MSuperstar :).

2011-07-06 19:29

Oh man.. this little guy is adorable... Aaaawwwww....

I wonder, do even the babies know how to use that wicked hooked beak?

Away until 25 June

2011-06-29 14:13

Yeah, I was aware that you weren't the culprit in that little caper ;).
Picture Captions Thread!

2011-06-29 09:31

Caption for Ink's multi K pic :

"Man, I gotta stop with those 'shrooms.."

{sorry, not insinuating K's a druggie ;) just something very halucinatory about that thing)

Away until 25 June

2011-06-29 09:06

Hoo..kay, gotta stick my .02 in here of course ;).

MJ ya gotta admit that your 'tone' was a little severe, we don't usually get in each others faces like that here ;). Now, that said, I agree with you - to a point - that it is a possibly rude thing to have snapped the interior picture. However.. all else that Ani did was, as was mentioned, actually normal and has nothing to do with being a celebrity / fan at all. Look at it in this light - if K weren't Keanu Reeves - A list actor, would it have startled you that someone approached his front door and left him a message? Or that they actually took a peek in the window? We're social animals, we like to 'connect', we're conditioned to do that in whatever manner we can manage it - watch every third piece of film, no matter the story line or subject, and see if at some point some character doesn't actually take a peek in the window of a house or leave a note, whether in a mailbox or slipped under the door, taped to the window, etc (ok, that's probably a slight exaggeration, but this IS why we have answering machines/voice mail, so we don't miss these attempts at connecting ;). The connecting is just the animal we are.

We're talking perspective here, as in keeping things in it. K is a star, he has fans, that skews normalcy quite a bit. Mobbing the ropes at public appearances, chasing them down the road with a camera, sticking microphones and/or cameras in their faces when they're trying to get from point A to point B (public or private venues) and approaching them at their table when they're in a restaurant having a meal are all truly intrusive actions - yet considered the norm in the life of an actor (I wish I had a dollar for every time someone commented "That's just the price of fame".. ;). 'Normal' doesn't apply, by heaping 'fame' upon them we rip the dynamics of 'normal' to shreds.

I understand your reaction, it's usually mine as well - I'd not do most of the usual things that fans do, but that's just who I am. And Ani's actions were benign, with the added plus of having delivered yet another message of 'you make a difference', which I think in K's case he particularly appreciates knowing - 'we' don't really tell him that often enough, not outright, in plain English - so it's pretty nice when someone makes the effort :).

Away until 25 June

2011-06-22 08:46

It sounds like his house, not his home - I suspect his mentality not only has been but still is Gypsy-like, if anything he might consider the world to be his 'home', or perhaps just the road ;).

Unless there are no trespassing signs posted I doubt you're under threat of arrest, and if there are signs it's still unlikely, he's never seemed to be the vindictive sort, and most of his 'statements' have been made through film :).

The note sounds fine (many films I'd like to see him do but I imagine I'd have passed on suggesting any of them, that's just me though :). So, did you wear a scarf wrapped about your face? Did you wear a big hat with an even bigger floppy brim? Or did you just keep your head down and stare at the steps?

Security key pads, the key as 'doorknob'.. possibly cameras?


Enjoy the remains of your vacation Ani :). Do you plan to return here for school again next year?


2011-06-18 03:25

Just because this is your fault ARYA, dangling a link in front of me that naturally just leads to other links, and they lead to other links..

At any rate I'm stickin' this one here :D. Keanu Reeves, another youtube thingy, 2011.4.5.HD was it's title (sorry didn't get the link ya'll will have to fish for it like I did ;). It was the following comment that struck me :

**Keanu Reeves is a terrific actor who knows how to captivate. For me, a Nureyev of the film, which has a great power of suggestion.

Greetings from germany

Rattenmoni Monika Huebner**

What a massive compliment... w o w ... Ya know I never connected these particular dots.. but she's just about on the money..

By the by, has anyone noticed that K's fingernails seem to be out there a bit? Which would make sense as I believe that somewhat long, usually well groomed nails are rather Japanese among both men and women (historically, can't swear to that but for some reason it's ringin' bells in connection with samurai type things).

Then again maybe I'm just crossing wires with the ungodly long curly Chinaman slice and dicers ;).


2011-05-26 04:25

Have a blast Spark :D.
Sweet November

2011-05-12 14:37

My comment doesn't mean anything with regards to the actors or their work, or whether they liked the piece enough to sign on to it :). I'll often watch a thing because I like the cast/behind the scenes folks but my connection with them stops there usually, ie they don't determine whether I'll like the film or the story it's telling ;).

Sara's selfishness - my opinion remember - I have a problem with messing around in other people's lives to the point that you (the all inclusive) set out to change a life because you think you know what's best for them or think your way is better than their own. This is where the old Oriental saying about 'saving a life thereafter owning it' comes from :). Once you undertake to take over the responsibility for a life (the choices/actions of another) then you must continue that responsibility ever after, or you're simply stirring the pot irresponsibly. Archaic term - 'minding/meddling in' the business of others rather than your own.

One can stand as an example by your own life, or provide advice/thoughts (if asked for them ;) but enforcing your own will on another through misguided altruism (often to that one's detriment no matter how well your intent) is a common failing in us humans :). We are our brother's keeper - not our brother's owner ;). Just one of my personal 'hot buttons' ARYA, and of course it's just a movie :D. The flick was good enough, I just didn't care for it's story. That the Sara character was seen by so many as a wonderful, free spirited, caring woman with a heart over-full of love.. well.. ;).

I suspect personally that there's good reason why the story ended where it did :).

Bits and snippets off the web

2011-05-11 14:33

And I have to agree ARYA - that photoshoot is probably his best to date (and likely due completely to Amanda being behind the camera), it's certainly my favorite :).

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