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Can't Catch a Break

2014-09-20 03:25

On top of everything else that has happened, my mom's CT scan came back positive for cancer. The PET scan confirmed it, so she's going into surgery a week from today. My family really can't catch a break. I may not be around much for a while. Will keep you updated as I can.
High School. . .Dahhh. . .

2014-08-26 22:08

It is a justified thought indeed! But if you haven't watched Tron in a while, you should watch it again. ;)
High School. . .Dahhh. . .

2014-08-23 08:21

Archery is fun. I need a new bowstring before I can get back to it, though. My current one is fraying.
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2014-08-15 23:46

Bubble wrap? I LOVE bubble wrap! *pop-pop-pop-pop* *giggles insanely* *pop-pop-pop*
High School. . .Dahhh. . .

2014-08-14 10:15

What does your mom do?
High School. . .Dahhh. . .

2014-08-13 14:00

I'm not sure how much help I can be, considering my high school experience was far from typical. For one, my mom is one of the two founding teachers still left at our local high school, so I pretty much grew up in her chemistry lab, and I knew all the teachers way before I started there. Two, I live in a small town, and the 2011 graduating class only had around 100 students (the total number of students in the school is around 500) - and due to medical issues, I had to leave in the middle of senior year and ended up taking my GED.

So, my advice might not be helpful, but here's what my mom (who still teaches chemistry and physics) has to say:

Hi. I would agree with the poster above - get involved in something you enjoy. You'll make friends that way. Along the same lines, explore a little. If a class sounds interesting, see if you can take it as one of your electives.

I assume they have some sort of bathroom available for the girls to use - I think it is illegal to leave students without access.

Get to know your teachers. You should have at least one adult on campus you're comfortable talking to and trust. If you're not sure about something, they can be good people to talk to.

Your parents are also good people to talk to. Remember, they went to high school too! There's probably very little you can tell them that will shock them, and they'll probably have good advice.

DO NOT SEXT OR ANYTHING SIMILAR. General rule is that if it's something you wouldn't want your grandmother to see, don't post it! Figure that nothing you post will remain private, even if the recipient promises to keep it secret. It will get out there.

Before you do something, take a moment to decide if it's something you really want to do!

DO NOT DO DRUGS, ALCOHOL, OR SMOKE! If someone is encouraging you to "just try it", THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND!!

In general, the best advice I can give is: DON'T PANIC!! Relax, keep on top of your work, and enjoy high school!

I hope this is helpful. :)

Hello there humans! :D

2014-08-13 12:47

Does that perchance include Tron: Legacy?

*eyes glimmer, circuits shine* Indeed it does. And Tron: Uprising and Tron: Evolution and Tron 2.0 along with any and all other Tron-related things. Currently, Tron: Uprising is my main fandom, but the others are close behind. :)


2014-08-13 04:25

I found BttF a bit strange. Not bad, just strange.
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2014-08-13 02:18

Special features are fun, but don't forget to sleep. At least a little. ;)
47 Ronin

2014-08-13 02:17

Saw this movie a couple months ago. I liked it.
Hello there humans! :D

2014-08-13 02:13

*waves from usual spot on ceiling* Greetings! I'm Spark, the resident Tron-nut. I've been away for a while, but now I'm back and ready to participate once more. If you wish to converse or some such activity, I'll be up here on the ceiling.
*rezzes in once again* I Have Returned!

2014-08-11 11:00

Thank you! I missed you all too. It is going well. I passed Calculus! I got a B-, but I passed! The fall semester starts on the 18th. I'm taking Intro to Philosophy, Intro to Psychology, and Chemistry. So my posts may be a little sporadic, but I will be here.
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2014-08-11 09:37

I posted a topic that explains my long absence.
*rezzes in once again* I Have Returned!

2014-08-11 09:31

*returns to familiar place on ceiling*

After over a year of absence, I have returned to this forum. Why was I gone? Well, about two months after my last post, my computer died and I lost ALL of my data, including my internet bookmarks. Since that was right before school started, I had lots of things to worry about and not much time to do what I needed to. Anyway, I've had some adventures between then and now, but I have returned! I have a new computer, and I have recovered most of my data from other places.

User: Spark has returned to Location: WINM. End of line.

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2014-08-11 09:07

It's never too late to join in. Welcome. *waves from usual perch on ceiling* I haven't been around much either.

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