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2010-03-23 00:23

Thanks for the heads up, Anakin. I noticed that he works with Tilda Swinton in this movie so chalk up another actress his worked with multiple times LOL.

2010-03-21 08:09

Okay, officiandos. Just how much air time does Keanu have in this movie?

I'm asking this question because Canadian digital cable has a new channel called IFC...that would be, "Indepentant Film Channel" and they had this movie on tonight and he hasn't got any kind of star power on it, it gives me some name of an actor I've never heard of and Tilda Swinton, that's it.

I just realized he's worked twice with this actress also, Thumbsucker and Constantine. Is there any new actress's in hollywood he's going to work with LOL>>>>

The Lake House

2010-02-18 05:28 are right, how did I miss that LOL. Man, that's a lot to keep track of now but it will be worth it to give myself an excuse to watch the movie yet again. Like I need an excuse to watch his movies anyway LOL.
The Lake House

2010-02-16 08:54


Even more awesome observational powers, I was thinking how the red envelope showed up right after that too. Unfortunately now though, since you brought up it was the first time in the movie she wears bright colors, I have to go back and watch the whole movie all over again...LOLOL.

So... what do we call ourselves?

2010-02-16 06:03

I think I must be a Keanougar, since I'm older than him.
The Lake House

2010-02-16 06:00

God, I'm getting incredibly bad when it comes to his movies. I just watched this again on Saturday night, shoot me now but I noticed something I never did before.

Just before Kate and her boyfriend hit the architects office, The Lake House looked like an M. Shalayman Night film, she's the only one wearing a bright red coat through the foyer and everyone else is wearing dark colors LOL.

I really gotta stop watching these movies, over and over and over and over.

What 3 things would Keanu want on a desert island?

2010-02-14 16:05


That about sums up my fantasy world.

Another refugee

2010-02-10 02:28

Lizaird, I know of London, Ontario LOL, I'm born and raised Windsor, Ontario. I'll be flying into London this year on my way to Windsor (go figure, WestJet only goes as far as London).
Another refugee

2010-02-09 12:12

Waves to Lizaird...nice to see another fellow Canadian on board. I'm assuming your in Ontario, correct?
Another refugee

2010-02-07 10:04

Ah, MrsSpooky. I'll join you in the ranks of refugee status from IMDB, I'm still posting there but not like I used to, having too much fun with this board and another one.
Keanu's such a stallion!

2010-02-07 10:02

My Own Private Idaho.

2010-02-05 04:42

AngelWitch, I'm in British Columbia, Canada.
My Own Private Idaho.

2010-02-04 05:30

Anyone on the board seen the movie?

I was choked last night when I checked the listings on my t.v. and found a new station called "OutTV", it's being billed as a gay and Lesbian station, they played this movie three times on it last night but unfortunately I don't have a subscription to it. I've tried everywhere to find this movie and I really don't feel like paying 45 dollars off of for it but I just might have too.

I have finally made it here...

2010-01-31 09:40

Thank you, seer.
Bill & Ted

2010-01-31 09:39

Oh, thank you, SEER.

Okay, ladies, let's let go of the Matrix, its done, gone, its overplayed, lets move onto the next overplayed movies...BILL AND TED LOL

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