"The last time you made just a passing reference to KR, one of his defenders was on the thread within minutes, or possibly seconds. It's like a kind of Keanu SWAT team. I love it!"

- Frau_Ilsa_Lazlo

Neo finally loses it.

about us

Far out in a small unregarded corner of the Internet lay a message board frequented by about twenty or so regulars. Years spent in unyielding defence of one of the most maligned actors in Hollywood had hardened most of them into cynical misanthropes whose hope in humanity was steadily diminishing with each repetitively-uncreative and usually arboreal insult.

One of them - a hapless Singaporean student who takes everything too seriously - decided that having a website to link to would save a lot of time and trouble, because there're really only so many times one can insist on Keanu's lack of plant cells before one starts getting mad and destroying furniture.

Thus began WINM in January 2008, initially consisting of no more than a stock supply of counterarguments against common attacks on Keanu's acting. At WINM, we win 'm, and the webmaster swears that the original tree-inspired colour scheme was completely unintentional.

Banded together by this site, we grew more ambitious and started spreading out into the rest of the Internet in search of people or articles that unfairly insulted Keanu, whereupon we would either debate them in comments or get 'em via the privacy of e-mail. One day, someone dubbed us the 'Keanu SWAT Team', and so that is the name that we now go by.

Eventually - in the space of less than a year - the site grew past its original purpose of defending The Anu against those who would see him out of Hollywood if they could. It mysteriously extended into a full-blown fansite, and is now one of the most prominent Keanu-focused places on the Internet. Among other things, WINM includes the largest Keanu Reeves articles and interviews archive to be found anywhere on the web.

These things happen. No one quite knows how.

For those who have incredulously wondered how much time we spend on this, we appreciate your concern, and would like to say that most of us are perfectly functional human beings. No, we are not a bunch of unemployed slobs sitting in our parents' basements and munching on chips. My parents don't have a basement.

For anyone who wants to know, we are not in any way officially affiliated with Keanu Charles Reeves. Most likely he does not know we exist. It's probably a good thing. We might scare him.

The Original Keanu SWAT Team

We've since grown beyond our original number; basically, everyone who's a member on this site is technically a member of K-SWAT. The full member list is available here.

Reconnaissance, Ground Assault and Technical Supportckage
Website & Tactical AidAnakin McFly
Translators Foreign Affairs CorrespondentsFiercelyred (German-to-English), EllieP (German-to-English), Sephonae (Spanish-to-English), keanugirl76 (Italian-to-English)
Artillery SupportSteanu, LuxN, lanathegreat88, keanugirl76, tiikay, EllieP
TDTESS Pond OutpostSuchAPotsie, MissLilly
Homebase Defencelefty10, pretendyouredead, TheWyleyOne, Speed_of_Late, mz_black, noodnix, EverythingIsMagic, Jakuja, personality_disorder
Honorific MemberRob Mailhouse, because he once swallowed a goldfish.

Imaginary Backup Staff to Make us Look Bigger than we Really Are

Technical Support (2)Thomas A. Anderson
Public RelationsTom Ludlow
Medical Services for Injuries Sustained from Public RelationsDr. Julian Mercer
Exorcism Services in Case the Medical Services Did Not WorkJohn Constantine
Legal Representative for Suits Due to the AboveKevin Lomax
Insurance to Cover Above CostsDavid Allen Griffin
TreasurerConor O'Neill
Dentist to Scare ChildrenDr. Perry Lyman
FBI AgentJohnny Utah
Complaints DepartmentMarlon James
Complaints Department BodyguardJack Traven
Complaints Department for Complaints about the Complaints DepartmentBob Arctor
Sex AppealOrtiz the Dog Boy

About the Webmaster

When not defending the good name of Keanu Reeves, I'm a minorly-published science-fiction writer currently working as a web developer and copywriter at a financial advisory firm in Singapore. One day, I hope to write movies for Hollywood and thus take over the world.

Keanu Fan Since: July 2004

Keanu Films Watched: 41

Favourite Keanu Films: The Matrix, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Speed, I Love You to Death, The Devil's Advocate, The Night Before

Least Favourite Keanu Films: Dracula, Point Break, The Matrix Reloaded, the 5 minutes of Johnny Mnemonic I survived through. I will attempt to watch the whole thing one day. Some people claim it's good. But those people also claimed that Point Break was good and that I have horrible taste.

Favourite Keanu Character: Conor O'Neill Neo

Favourite Dogstar Music: 32 Stories, Cornerstore, Enchanted