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2020-07-15 16:15:25

Latest ‘not’ Keanu Instagram page- keanureeves0669. Contacted me this morning. Beware!
Teresa Pollachek

2020-05-31 11:22:33

Please read my sons story if you can help thankyou if you can't please share with those who may

Heather M Kelley

2020-04-18 22:16:54

Hi! So I have just been contacted by a person impersonating Keanu! Like... I'm not even going to fall for this but this is his insta url

He stated at first that this was his personal and wanted to connect with fans but... I mean no.... then out of nowhere asked for my WhatsApp. Just wanted to share.


2020-03-18 16:29:22

I was on Twitter, and someone approached me on Twitter saying that he was Kiana Reaves obviously, and sent me a link to Skype saying that it was his assistant Emma. I clicked on the link and have been chatting with this “Keanu Reaves “character. He sent me a picture of himself which really looks like keanu, and he accidentally skipped video chatted me, which really looked exactly like him. So does Kiana have an actual Skype page? There is no blue checkmark on the Skype page or his account. So I don’t know what to believe, the picture looks exactly like him, the live chat looked exactly like him...If you need anything further like the Skype ID that he has on the account let me know and I will post it.

2020-03-17 02:54:32

new fake Keanu twitter account. Reported to Twitter (as impersonator). Notice acct. has typo (from los "angles" instead of angeles"


2019-08-01 12:11:13


Hi, I’m recently registered here, been a fan since I was a kid (yes, Keanu’s influence has been all over my entire life lol)... this site is amazing and it’s super impressive that you and your team manage to gather so much information about Keanu.

A small thing I found is that in the “KEANU.RU PHOTO GALLERY” section, all of the links leads to an error page (I literally clicked every one of them) that says “Security error”. I wonder if there’s anything you can do to fix it? All those photo categories looks so appealing, and it’s a pity not being able to view them.

Thank you so much!!!



2019-07-25 15:47:36

How can facebook keep putting he's name out there I reached out too them like they don't care but it just not him it's other stars I guess they have to wait tell something bad happens to someone to open there eyes thank God I'm still here to talk about it

2019-07-25 00:41:38

Did he get married that's something that's going around on facebook

2019-06-05 12:41:04

Hi new email to add to the list of scammers Was not sure where to put it

2019-01-15 08:23:53

The idea that people would be so gullible as to believe that any account that has Keanus name on it in any way might be the real him astounds me. Get accepted by said account, be polite for the sake of being a human being, and the second someone implies that they are 'him' someone is just obviously playing or has it out for people desperate enough to believe it. Enough thought on this thing leads me to believe that there are more weak minded people out there living in fantasy then there are people looking for money. I cant believe one person with half a brain would fall for that. It would seem made up to me for 'keanu-drama' before it would seem realistic to me. This is me actively giving credit to potental dreamers before slamming them so lets not play the narcissism card. Actually mentioning Interpol or the FBI? Are you kidding me?
An official check means approved marketing/pr not guaranteed contact with a celeb. Be a fan. Watch the product. As for debunking every word or decision of a celeb I say get a life. As for 'defending' a grown adult celeb I say get a life. As for spending years of your life compiling news and articles great if you're so inclined, but as for it being a defining factor in your life please get another motivator. If I were famous I'd be embarrassed that my fans were that obsessed, that idle...THAT obsessed takes the cake. Come on people.

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