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Fan and non-fan encounters, stories, anecdotes, etc.
2016-04-10 22:38:42

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Apparently, Sara asked nicely for a hug, because one of the stage crew came over to her and said that since she asked nicely, Keanu would come over and give her one. This eventually led to a 20-minute hug/autograph/photo session with everyone. Earlier, while he was still on stage, I called to him, held up my scrapbook, and asked if he would please sign it. He said "yeah, as soon as I’m done here." I said "thanks," and went on watching the sound check. Later on, when he came over to us and began the task of signing, hugging, and posing, I held out my book to him again and asked if he would sign it. He took it and signed it, and I said "thank you, Keanu, I really appreciate it." He said "sure." He then went up and down the row of people (there were probably between 30-40 people lined up against the fence, clamoring for his attention) and continued signing things, posing for pics, and getting/giving hugs. Finally, when he was in front of me again, I asked him if I could give him a hug, and he said "okay." I said "I've been waiting 15 years for this," and then he leaned in and I hugged him. I said "I love you, Keanu." He didn't say anything back, as I didn't think he would, and then continued on with signing, etc. A stage crew guy took a picture of me hugging him, too; I really would have liked to have had both of us looking at the camera, but that is quite all right. When he was back in front of me again, I asked him if he would please say hi into my recorder. He looked apprehensive about it, but being the sweetie he is, he eventually shyly leaned in and said "hello" into the recorder (after I said "pretty please?") I again thanked him for signing my book and for the picture, as well as for saying hi into the recorder. I said "I really appreciate it, Keanu," and he said "you're welcome." He stood around for another minute or so, and then he had to leave.
After he left, we were all in shock. Sara was really happy; he let her touch his ass, and then he said "oohh!" after she did. She also got to keep the beer bottle he'd been guzzling on earlier (Miller Lite, I think.) One of the stage crew guys got it for her.
A few minutes later, Paulie came around again, and I got a picture with him; he also said hi into my recorder, but it didn't record due to my fuck-up or equipment error. I told him how I appreciate the e-mails he sends out to the fans, and he said it was no problem, and thanks, etc. After that, I sat down and was just talking to the girls I was around. At about 4:30, a Beatles tribute band called Instant Karma began playing, and then after them, a cover band called The Hat Guys (who, by the way, just about blew the roof off the stage…they ROCKED!) Becky was slated to come on at 9pm, but they didn't hit the stage until 9:15. By this time, the nice little group of people by the fence had turned into a mob scene. It got darker, and I was standing up at this point, because I knew if I didn't, I'd never get off the ground.
What started out as 10 early birds by the fence (the early bird gets Keanu!) had now become hundreds of drunken lunatics behind us. I'd never been so happy to be so early in my life, I swear. I'd waited (again) for 9 hours to see the man I love, and it was so completely, utterly worth it. It was worth having pains in my feet from standing in my heeled boots for so long; it was worth loosing sleep and having the band look blurry, as if it was a dream; it was worth paying $35 for cab fare; it was worth it all. Becky completely rocked the park, and in the 3 times I've seen Keanu perform live, he had never been so lively or passionate than he was last night. He even sang for a second. That man knows how to play a crowd, I swear. He knows that when he looks out into the crowd, or smiles, or jumps around, the crowd will go nuts, and that's exactly what it did. The screams were deafening, and there were drunken women bumping into me, and it was raining just a little, and my feet and legs were killing me, but none of it mattered, because he was there.
At the end of the show, the fireworks went off...right in front of us...big time. We were fine, but the booms scared the shit out of us, and a spark hit my arm, but I didn't care. I'd had the best day of my life. Now, all I wanted to do was sit down, because I knew if I didn't, I'd be falling down. I went and found a bench and sat down, feeling my legs give a sigh of relief. They were throbbing and stinging, but not as bad now that I was off of them. I sat there for a while and looked at the rides, which were all lit up, and felt the rain fall on my face. Tears were forming in my eyes, and I let them fall; there weren't a lot, tho..the torrent would later come at the hotel. I sat there for a few minutes and decided that I needed to get up and get out...NOW. I went to the front entrance and sat down on a folding chair. Taking out my cell phone, I called a cab to come get me. And then I waited.
And waited.
And waited.
According to the nice lady cop, I probably waited for an hour and a half for the fucking cab to show up. I called them several times, and they kept telling me that they sent one'll be a few's on the way, blah blah blah. Apparently, someone stole the first cab I called, because on one of my call-backs, they told me they'd already picked up someone from the park. I told them that the only vehicles I've seen were cop cars and the shuttle busses. So, they said they'd send another one. And I waited some more. After a while, I stopped this fireman and asked him if cabs were able to get on this road (the roads had been blocked off earlier.) He said yes, that the roads were clear now. I told him that I'd called a cab ten million years ago and it still hadn't shown up yet. So, he called them on his cell phone, and no one answered. Then he called another cab company, and someone finally answered after a million rings. Apparently, there was a fuck-up between the two cab companies, which are one and the same, or something like that. I guess they had a really busy night; they completely dissed me. The man ordered another cab for me, and then he waited with me. I told him "I apologize if I start to cry; I've had a very eventful day." I was tired, I was cold, it was raining, my feet were killing me, and all I wanted to do was get back to my hotel room. A few seconds after I said this, the tears just fell, and wouldn't stop. This young woman stopped and asked if I was okay, then she came over to me and kept giving me terms of endearment. She kept calling me "honey" and "sweetie." She asked me my name, and then told me hers... Bird ("it's not my parents were hippies.") I told her why I was crying and about the day I had, and this woman wiped the tears from my face... twice. I think the last time I had someone physically wipe my tears away was when I was a little girl. Anyway, I told her that I got to meet Keanu, and she playfully called me a bitch, and then asked if he was arrogant, and I said "oh, no no no," and she wiped my tears away again, because they just wouldn't stop. I should mention that, by this time, the park was now completely empty, everyone was gone, and it was after midnight; the concert had ended at 10:15. She told me she didn't have a car (hell, even if she did and had offered me a ride, I wouldn't have gone with her, nice as she was. I'm crazy...not stupid.) She told me everything would be okay, etc. and then walked away. After about another 15-20 minutes, a cab finally showed up, but it was there for someone else, but the nice man that waited with me stopped it and put me in it. I thanked him for waiting with me and he told me to have a good night, and I told him the same. Then I told the cabbie to take me back to my hotel. I guess he was there to pick up a Jim, but Jim never showed up, so he took me instead. HA! Someone stole my cab, I stole yours, motherfucker!! HA!
When I finally found myself back in my room, I closed the door, locked it, dropped my backpack on the bed, put my hand over my mouth, and completely lost it.
I cried like I did on the day my dear, sweet, precious mother died. I paced the room and cried. I sat on the bed and cried. I leaned against the wall and cried. I cried like I've never cried before. They were tears of frustration…tears of happiness...tears of relief…but most of all, they were tears of joy. True, complete, unfettered joy. I had finally met him! I finally got to meet Keanu Reeves! After 15 years of wishing, hoping, praying, and fantasizing, I finally met him! I got to hug him! I gave him my poems! I told him I love him! I got a picture with him! I taped his voice! And he could not have been nicer. It was very obvious that he was tired, but he went up and down that line of people and signed whatever they wanted him to sign, spoke to someone's mom on a cell phone, posed for pictures, and even let someone touch his ass, for God's sake!! He was completely gracious to everyone, and very shy, and very sincere (when he's touched by something, he puts his hand over his heart and says thanks, or smiles and nods his head, and that's what he did when he looked at one of Sara's signs; I think it was the one that said I ADORE YOU. He wanted to give everyone what they wanted. He was SO SWEET! Some people were saying goofy things, like "Keanu, take off your sunglasses, so I can see your pretty eyes," or "Keanu, can I have your sunglasses," etc. But he just takes it all in stride. Most were there to oogle him because he’s handsome. I was there to show him my true love for him, and I hope I succeeded. I hope he reads my poems, but I suspect he won't; he doesn't read his fan mail. All I know is, he is the sweetest, most gracious, generous, and sincere man I have ever met. I know he's used to being hounded, and other actors would probably blow us off, but he didn't. He stayed for as long as he could and was nice to all. Because of this, I love him a zillion times more than I ever did.
July 24, 2004 began as an enormously frustrating and tiresome day, but it ended (literally and figuratively) with a bang.

2016-04-11 21:51:41

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Friday, December 18, 2009

I met Keanu reeves on 12-18-09

Current mood:Thankfull
Category: Life

Keanu was filming his movie "Henry's crime" In buffalo and Niagara falls Ny. Amie and I went to his movie set at the falls on the 17th but it was a close set.

The following day I found out I had one more chance to meet him in Kenmore NY.

So i took Amie to work and Drove 25 minutes to Kenmore. Found a spot and parked.

I was one of the first fans to get to the set location, was a restaurant. Buffalo was 23 degrees today but I stood outside the location anxiously waiting for Keanu to arrive for his scenes. I met some cool people and I actually got interviewed on 2 tv stations for news. So I was on tv on 2 channels!.

AS 3 hours pass my feet are frozen, im shaking and still no Keanu, but probably 60 people waiting with me He finally pulls out, and looks into the crowd, he waved at us, and he kinda locked eyes with me and I waved back.

here's the video of him arriving.

So about 35 minutes later he comes out by himself, followed by security, he comes straight to me. First. I was shocked, But then someone cut me and shoved a poster to sign in his face, but after he was done he looked at me, disregarded the screaming girls asking for pictures.

He leaned into me so I could talk. I told him hes an inspiration to me, and hes the reason I wanna act and he looked at me, grabbed my hand and thanked me sincerely. I handed him a letter I wrote and said "will you please read this later"? he looked confused and said.."ok" I told him it was just an appreciation letter. And He slid it in his pocket.

So he walked around and did other autographs I was close to him the whole time and I could see he was getting upset. People were grabbing him and yelling stuff and I could tell he was getting anxiety. I felt really bad. Once again he was signing a picture right next to me and I said hey man, "Please read that letter later?" and he stopped what he was doing and had a real sincere look in his eyes and kindly Told me he would.

I then turned around and left. I was really cold, and tired. When I got back to my car I saw I got a 30$ dollar parking ticket and For once I just really didnt care. I met my all time Favorite actor. Thats not something ill ever have 2 chances to do. He shook my hand took my letter and thats the last ill hear from him but it meant a lot to me. I was worth all the effort It took to meet him and Ill never forget the sincerity in his eyes when we talked so briefly.

Hes just indescribable in person and I'm thankful to have met him.

Heres two pics of me talking to Keanu and handing him the letter he put in his pocket.

By Coffee Girl in New York

I stood in front of Keanu Reeves as we waited at a top international coffee chain store today in Lower Manhattan - he ordered a double cappuccino. Actually, he didn't order it. The staff asked if he wanted "his regular." So he must be one.

Being new to New York, two things struck me:

First: Keanu (I will be so bold) was unshaven - a bit sloppy, actually - and yet my heart was pounding beyond belief. This doesn't normally happen to me at the sight of attractive men, and the 10-minute wait didn't exactly give him a chance to exude charisma. So I assume this was his celebrity talking to my brain - I wasn't seeing him but all of the images of Keanu, all of the films, magazines, etc., I have seen in 20-plus years. The celebrity at his most beautiful is a conglomerate of his own icon. "You love me because I am famous" may be true, I thought. But not for the obvious reason.

Second: Keanu stood in line at a chain coffee store for 10 minutes to get a cappuccino. If I had his money and connections, I would think there was better coffee to be had in Lower Manhattan than at an international chain store. Strange thing, that.

2016-04-11 21:56:02

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by tariyaki 2 days ago (Thu Jun 9 2011 02:31:45)

Posting about Keanu on another board made me think of this story that some of you might enjoy.

I was in the audience at a taping of the MTV Movie Awards some years ago (the year Jessica Alba hosted). I was in the "pit" area in front of the seated audience near the stage.

Because the show is taped and aired later, it ran longer. That might have changed since then...and this was before Twilight took over everything. I saw a lot of people that night, and though I've always liked him, Keanu really stuck out to me.

He presented with Sandra Bullock as they were promoting The Lake House, and he was such a sweetheart. During the break, he talked to us in the audience and jokingly said to production, "Why don't you give these people some water?" And he seemed to be in good spirits and actually thought about the people standing there for hours. Such a small gesture, but it really made my night for me.

Seems like a great guy.


New York,

I am recovering from an illness. Thank God, I am on the mend. I've spent two months mostly in bed. Since I've been tired and listless, I've been reminiscing and netsurfing and I found this website.

I used to work in a fancy shop on the Upper East side of Manhattan selling leather goods. About 10 years ago, a tall man walks into the store. I was waiting on another customer, so I greeted him and told him that we were short-handed and I'd get to him as soon as I could.(I was actually alone in the store which was against policy but we were very short-handed.)

At that moment I realized it was Keanu Reeves and I nearly fainted. I'm saying silently to the customer I was waiting on, this old biddie, "Will you PLEASE make up your mind and get out of here?" It seemed like forever before the old biddie finished and scrammed. All this time my heart was beating like crazy!

Keanu was very patient and didn't put any pressure on me to dump the customer I was waiting on. Everyone who shopped at that store was rich and ego-centric and they didn't like to wait. That is why we had a policy to have at least two people in the store, but that one day we didn't.

He just looked at the ladies' wallets, looking at each one carefully. Finally I finished up with the old biddie and got to him. I wanted to spend, like, an hour showing him every piece in the shop but UNFORTUNATELY, he'd made up his mind! Damn that old biddie. I spent 20 minutes on her, and in five minutes, Keanu Reeves has already made up his mind. I curse that old biddie, to this day.

Well, I got to spend 10 minutes in a small space with Keanu Reeves and I'll never forget it! He had a half-grown in beard, hair was semi-long but not too long, and he smelled just fine. I mean, I didn't smell anything. He's better-looking in person than on screen, imo. Has kind of rough, pockmarked skin on one side. He has very large hands.

I forgot about the incident until the last few months. No having anything to do, I admit, I've become a Keanu-slut, looking up stuff about him on the internet like a real groupie!

I do think he had sad eyes. I've learned that we should discount most of what he says to the press, he says things for publicity reasons. I also think that a lot of the comments on these articles may be fabricated as well. But someone commented at the Parade website that she saw him in a hotel in London when he was there to promote Matrix II: "He was sitting in the lobby on a bench and in my life I never saw such a sad and tired face. I did not realize it was him until I got up close (not wearing my glasses!), but before I did I thought,“Oh, look at the handsome sad man." I agree with this, I do not think this was a fabricated comment, I felt the same way when I saw him in the shop. He does have a sadness quality.

I hope he finds happiness. Like a million other women I wish I could give it to him but....that will never be! So I hope someone else makes him happy.

Anyway I got a good commission on the wallet I sold him. The lady who got is very lucky.

2016-04-11 22:01:38

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Submitted by halojones on Mon, 10/04/2010 - 1:24pm.

aw, he's an oddball, but a gentle oddball at least. I volunteered a a homeless shelter in LA a couple years back, and Keanu was a silent benefactor type over there, giving money generously and doing special things for the kids during holiday time. Did it all undercover too, he's a good, if somewhat sad, egg.



In 6th grade I got a gf because I was one of the few kids to own a copy of Speed (ON VHS) & this girl was in loooooooooooooureve with Keanu. I happened to meet him a bit later when he was filming Chain Reaction in Chicago. Super super super nice guy.



From the comments to the article:

04:50 PM On 12/09/2011

He really is a gentleman. I have a friend that was deployed to Iraq at the beginning of the war. He was returning home and came through LAX. He was standing outside waiting for his ride and met Mr. Reeves. Keanu made polite conversation and asked him about his time in Iraq. Thanked him for his service and even asked if had a ride home. He said he was very nice, polite, and somewhat shy. My friend is a Marine to the extreme and after meeting Keanu has complete respect for him.


throwing in a few more snippets from around the web:

04:32 PM On 12/09/2011
He is a class act. I saw him in the train station in the city and he was helping some family out with directions¬. The family didn’t know he was famous and the family barely spoke English yet he was there trying to help them out. He seems like a geniunely cool guy and yes i wanted to go over to him so bad but chickened out.

The guy is a STAR. Few years ago he was in Brown's in London and he chatted with my friend who works there. He still talks about how down to earth and genuine he is. Holliwood stars should learn a thing or two from this humble gentleman.
- Sandra, South London, 9/12/2011 21:10

I once saw him at Heathrow and he was nice enough to smile and acknowledge my very rare, gormless, star struck beam. He was really sweet and unassuming, thanked the airline staff when disembarking, he even struggled getting his own (very heavy baggage) of the carousel smiling and blushing at the attention from other passengers. What a sweetie, it's a shame that more of the Hollywood glitterati weren't more like him.
- Wendy K, London, 9/12/2011 23:27

2016-04-12 04:05:37

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oh, the yin/yang of fan/celebrity interactions ;)
Austin, April 2016

Lori Balducci
15 hrs · Austin, TX, United States
Big thumbs down to Keanu Reeves - the actor ! Saw him at COTA today and talk about unfriendly. Wouldn't take any pictures or sign autographs. I Was always a fan, now I am not

Melissa Brown He's been pretty open about his battle with depression lately so I'd give him the benefit of the doubt on that one. Pretty tough to be a celebrity and not be able to go anywhere without being stopped.

Lori Balducci I would tend to agree however we were in a VIP section with limited people and he was fine to be photographed by his motorcycle line he was promoting .

Melissa Brown Of course because he was getting paid for that. In that context, definitely not ok, Keanu.


Dustin Lewis
Yesterday at 10:25am · Austin, TX, United States ·

Crazy ass weekend...served Keanu Reeves drinks all well as a million other crazy people...made a lot of $$ and had a lot of fun doing it! That being said I look forward to seeing my friends more next week as this week has finally passed!!!!

Rob Lewis Was he a decent guy? Is he from Austin or just visiting?

Dustin Lewis Just visiting...he was totally cool...quiet..we mostly gave him his privacy and let him do his thing...but he came down to the bar 5 separate times...he must have liked it...last night we were super slammed though and everyone recognized him and were getting pictures with him.


Crystal Alvarado Yeah he is so nice and humble too... and funny... I meet him at the airport ahhh

khrizia If you ask nicely Keanu reeves will take a picture with you #americasgp #motogp 16h


Steve West added 2 new photos.
15 hrs · College Park, GA, United States ·

This is who was sitting next to me in first class on the flight from Austin to Atlanta. Super nice guy. He told me about how his motorcycle company came to be and how they're doing.
Then we talked about hobo nickels and my jewelry business. He was really blown away to find out these are carved individually and how the rings are made. I just happened to have a hobo pendant in my bag with a card and sticker.

Rob Downs My Aunt accidentally knocked over his motorcycle in LA in the early to mid 90's. She was horrified when she saw him walking over to it. He said it was no big deal and told her not to worry about it. Yeah, solid dude!

Erin Dunworth Steve I met him Friday night and was impressed at his tolerance for celebrity. What @arch is doing for American motorcycles is tremendous. How serendipitous for you to be seated next to him.

Anakin McFly
2016-04-12 14:08:29


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Awww. :)

He's been pretty open about his battle with depression lately

but no, he hasn't. :|

2016-04-12 22:31:05

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Cool Breeze Over the Mountains:


Oh, boy.
*goes in the Keanu Reeves tag*
*goes out of the Keanu Reeves tag*

Okay, no one cares about my opinion, but I am compelled to say something.
This criticism of his looks should stop.
A few years ago I was very obsessed with Keanu. Maybe even more than I'm currently obsessed with Bon Jovi, if you can believe it.
I saw the Matrix Reloaded in theaters on a whim, without having seen the first movie, without any clue about who he was, and fell, no, dive bombed, into love with Keanu.
I bought every single film he ever even had a cameo in. I have the entire collection still alphabetized in a drawer in my closet.
I was a devoted member of an online fan club and my day wasn’t complete without a visit to the site to see what Keanu was up to.
I fell in love with his looks, sure. Absolutely.
But I fell in love with his attitude above all else. You could not find a story out there in which Keanu was ever rude or nasty or unkind in the slightest to anyone, ever.
He has been and I'm sure always will be truly down to Earth. That might be a feat considering the massive success he has had.
There are countless stories of him donating to charity, going out of his way to help people and generally being awesome. To name a few, things like buying tickets for everyone in line to see a movie because he felt like it, tipping waitresses with $50 dollar bills for the hell of it, taking pay cuts to have actors in his films because he cares more about the chance to work with his heroes than money (The Replacements, The Devil's Advocate), cutting out of film premieres because fans are waiting outside to meet him (the Constantine premiere to be exact)... I could go on and on and on. These are just a few examples. Not to mention him giving his pay for the Matrix films to buy the entire special effects crew motorcycles because he felt they didn’t get enough credit for the work they did. Yeah.
And I didn't even mention all the shit he’s been through in his life. I'm talking about the type of shit that would leave you depressed and mean if you let it. I'd rather not get into the gory details because it's his personal business, but let's just hint at abandonment by his father, the death of his child and girlfriend, Cancer affecting his loved ones... This guy has been through it, man. Hell and back. And yet, I've never seen him be bitter about it towards others.
I've always wanted to work in film. It's my dream. And Keanu was/is my hero because of the way he proves to me that in a world where people get corrupted all the time because of money and greed and fame, there is still a way to be a good person.
I have met him twice and both times are worth telling you about.
Once, I was waiting outside a talk show for him to come out and when he did, to my horror, he was driven out in a car. I thought for sure my chance to meet him was gone forever.
And you know what he did? He stopped the car, rolled down his window and called over the little girl holding a Constantine DVD so he could sign it for her. That was me, in case you didn't catch on. This is a true story. I have the photos to prove it. I was the only one who got an autograph that day, probably because I was the one true fan amongst a hoard of paparazzi and people who were obviously trying to get autographs just to sell them. I guess he saw it in my eyes that I loved him and wasn't there for any other reason and he wanted to make me happy. He was RUNNING LATE to get to his next interview and STOPPED THE DAMN CAR just to make one fan happy.

Another time I somehow got tickets to The Day The Earth Stood Still premiere in New York. I waited for hours for Keanu to show up on the red carpet. My tears convinced a few people to let me up to the fence and when Keanu came down the carpet, I called him over. He turned, saw me, came right over and immediately reached for the DVDs in my hand to sign them.
Best part? I was an idiot and bought like five DVDs with me thinking that he could pick his favorite to sign… He signed ALL of them. AND I dropped one on the carpet, over the fence, and he PICKED IT UP FOR ME AND SIGNED THAT ONE TOO.
Best, best part? Before all this my Sharpie ran out of ink on him while he was signing the first DVD. He stood there and WAITED for me to rummage through my purse (which felt like it took forever) and find another Sharpie. AND, he had his people literally yelling at him to hurry up. He TURNED AROUND AND TOLD THEM TO "HOLD ON A MINUTE" for me. He HELD UP A PREMIERE TO SIGN MORE AUTOGRAPHS THAN ONE FAN SHOULD GET AT ONE TIME.
This man is amazing.
He is everything you want in a role model, in a hero.
So, if you people want to go and get hung up on his looks, it's on you.
I'm so done.

I think I read that about "The Devil's Advocate" before, but I completely forgot about it.
OMG, he wanted to work with Al Pacino so much... <3
Awwww, those two anecdotes at the end. <3 So cute.
Oh man, I don't even know where to start with this guy. In his early twenties, he was listening to Joy Division and was reading Philip K. Dick novels. He tried to hit on Sofia Coppola... It still makes me laugh.
On the set of "Mildred Pierce" (Sonic Youth): On the set, she introduced Coppola to Jonze. "Kim was the one who fixed us up," says Coppola. "She was always pushing it. Kim was a matchmaker." The fact that Keanu Reeves was also there - he lent Gordon a bass guitar for the shoot - nearly crushed the potential romance: Reeves also seemed attracted to Coppola, and the shy, easily intimidated Jonze retreated.
OMG, back when I read this I felt soooo sorry for Spike. I still do...
"Keanu Reeves, a fledgling bass player who looked starstruck around the band (especially Gordon), showed up at more than one show."
Oh man, just...

2016-04-12 22:44:30

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"Throwaway account because I don't want anyone to figure out who I am, because I know I will get fired. I work at a very well known hotel and we get a lot of celebrities. When I first started working there is was pretty amazing, then you get to see that most of these people are total a-holes. They always get their way, so you can never say "no" in fact it's a rule that we never say the "n" word, we apologize and say something else. Anyways, Keanu has been to our hotel several times, and he is the only guy that actually remembered my name, after about the 4th time checking him in! "Wait, don't tell me....Ashley right?" (not my real name :p), it was so cool, he has a great smile :) And a great sense of humor, he's also the most down to earth person, doesn't have a chip on his shoulder. Anyways he came in really early one time and his room wasn't ready, I told him we could switch it, but he said he would wait the 10 min or so until it was ready (no one ever waits and it was just bad timing). Anyways, this VP from a very well known corporation comes down with his daughter, basicly dragging her behind him, she's crying and holding her doll, he tells her to "shut up and go wait for your mom over there", he tells us he was late for a meeting and his wife would be back from shopping to get her soon so he wanted us to watch her. I called security over and a couple of guys kept a close eye on her (this happens alot). Anyways, Keanu saw the whole thing and started making funny faces at her, she started smiling and then after a few minutes he was playing peek-a-boo with the little girl for like 5 min. Then I kid you not, for the next 45min until the mom showed up he was listening to this little girl talk about her doll and describe all the things they do together. She had no clue who he was, it was so funny. The mom showed up and she ran over because they had to leave, but she whispered something into her moms ear then ran back and gave him a big hug and left. Then he finally checked in when she left. I've told the story so many times, he's treated as royalty here now."



"Hi, I have had a hard time getting on here. My niece loves Keanu and wanted me to get on here and tell people how I met him and how nice he was. I met him a few years ago, I was a flight attendant on his flight leaving Chicago. He was such a nice guy that he gave up his isle seat so a mother and little girl could sit together and he took a middle seat. He had played a concert with Becky Band and they were on their way home. They were all very nice. Keanu talked to us for a long time. He was all scruffy and looked very handsome that way. He was surprisingly very down to earth and genuine. Only a few passengers bothered him and one asked for a picture. He gave us all autographs and did not seem offended by our asking."

"he played hamlet at the theatre where i work! it was in the mid 90's and way before i started working there, but everyone that met him and worked with him on that production has nothing but great things to say about him. on the last day of the show he personally delivered thank you notes to every single staff, cast, and crew member, and he used to always bring coffee or random snacks like donuts or cupcakes for everyone. andrew lloyd webber never, ever brought me coffee when he was working here. i think someone could learn a lesson from flawless keanu."


John Vaughn i remember one night a few years ago, we were sitting next to you at Matsuhisa. we were having a dinner for a good friend, who had down syndrome and she just had a spread in mccalls magazine,,, she went up to your table and said, hey, you were in that "dracule" movie, and she showed you her magazine, well, the next thing, she was sitting at your table, and you asked her for her autograph, you made her so very happy.. just wanted to share that with you,, 1st class mr reeves


Jeremy Jay Magouirk You're not one of my favorites, but your performance in THE GIFT is wildly underrated and overlooked. That's no small task, either, with the amazing, amazing cast that the film had. Much respect for you still working, playing and exploring different avenues.



About 12 years ago, my friend and I talked our way backstage at a Dogstar show and talked to Keanu. Incredibly nice guy. He started talking about the sequels to the Matrix and was genuinely hung up on whether to call them "the next two Matrixes...or Matrices..." He asked us which of his films were our favorites and my friend, in all earnestness, said A Walk in the Clouds. Keanu's response? "I don't get that one very often." And a chuckle.
Then I totally found $5 on the ground.


"I ran into him a few weeks after the Sad Keanu meme came about.He was wearing the exact outfit and it was about 95+ degrees out, end of July. He was sitting on the sidewalk in NYC. I thought he was a homeless guy at first. I stopped and looked back. He wasn't doing anything so I introduced myself. He was really nice. After we went our separate ways he almost got hit by a car crossing the street. The driver was about to yell at him then it just hit him, "I almost hit Neo!". Good guy Keanu, walks out in the middle of traffic, apologizes for being an idiot."

posted here in comments :


Ionut Constantin i was driving a taxi in Chicago and i had him in the back seat... really cool guy. I was so excited I missed the address like 3 times and he still signed me and autograph. Love him


Anonymous said...
I wonder if he was a good customer here. A relative of mine upstate said when Keanu filmed there he and his crew all came to the bar he works at and didn't even pay for their drinks let alone tip!
April 5, 2013 at 12:16 PM

Anonymous said...
@ Anon 12:16

He came into a bar I was working in around the time he must've been making this movie. He and his friends were perfectly pleasant and he left a big wad of cash on the bar and instructed me to take (he was paying for all the drinks) whatever I needed each round. He re-upped the pile when it got low and then when he left whatever was left in the pile ended up being my tip. It was a decent tip.
April 5, 2013 at 9:22 PM

2016-04-12 23:15:30

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Brushes with Fame

I was in Spoonbill & Sugartown, a bookstore in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, when I saw Keanu Reeves. He was standing to my right. He looked dapper. Faded blue jeans. Worn boots. Blue velvety-looking jacket. Beard. Fedora. Dapper, man.

Nine months before, I'd read an interview with Keanu in some men's magazine that had taken place in a bookstore in LA. In the article, he'd recommended a book, The Elementary Particles, by Michel Houellebecq, which I'd picked up and read. It was amazing. It was brutal. I turned to Keanu and told him that I'd read the book because he'd recommended it.

"Brutal," he said. "Right?"

He had a smooth voice, like whiskey and smoke. Damn, if it wasn't sexy. And that's when things got weird for me. Using that word, brutal, made him seem like me, only better dressed, better looking, and seemingly better read. I couldn't come up with anything to say in response to his 'brutal' and I started to sweat a little. My mind started racing as he recommended another book that was sitting there in front of us on the shelf, then started giving me a synopsis as I stood there with pings going off in the inner space of my mind, trying to figure out something to say. I started to think how strange it was that the last book that I'd read was recommended by him in an interview in a bookstore, and that we were now standing together in a bookstore, and that I was taking an interviewing class at NYU, and that if I were going to be a fucking interviewer I should be able to hold a conversation with an actor whom I had something in common with - reading.

Instead, I stood there like a jackass, silently nodding. And as he walked away, it felt like my future was on the line. I had to be able to make conversation. My ability to become a writer seemed to depend on it.

I walked over and made some inane comment that left him no room for a response, then walked off, embarrassed and humbled, exiled to the other corner of the store. But the store is small, and not long after he was browsing at the table where I stood. I made another attempt. I wouldn't go down without a fight. I could be a writer. I could be interesting. I could rise above my grueling manual-labor lifestyle. I could make fucking conversation - like an interviewer.

He allowed me to ramble on for ten to fifteen seconds trying to put words together that formed coherent thoughts. But it was useless, and as I was cursing my life, my girlfriend came to my rescue, pulling me away. When Keanu was out of earshot she said: "You know, I think he was someone. Wow, what a voice. Right? And you followed him around the store like a little bunny rabbit. Didn't you?"

by Dorsey in Brushes with Fame Aug 12, 2010

2016-04-12 23:26:32

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Happy Hour and a Celebrity Encounter

Written on December 11, 2009 by surferwife in Celebrity Encounters

Alright folks. I have granted myself permission to start my own meme. I officially have 50 followers and I feel all grows'ed up, you know? And with that comes fun things like allowing myself to make up weird memes for my blog.

Happy Hour and a Celebrity Encounter will happen every Friday.

As I was singing every word of Stay by Lisa Loeb on my drive home today, it reminded me of how I met her back in 2002. (I'll tell you about it sometime!) As some know, I am a Southern California Native. I have lived just about everywhere in the region minus Tinsletown itself. Obviously not important as I have rubbed elbows with many of the rich and famous despite the locale.
Alright. Maybe not really rubbed elbows, per se. More like, on a need to know basis with many A-D listers. Ok, ok. Again, maybe not that tight. I have waited on these people. Served them. Been their 'Go To Bitch' you might say. I have worked in some very popular, trendy restaurants in Santa Barbara and a swanky hotel here in San Diego.
So over the years I have stored away many, many tales of celeb encounters–some good and some not so good. And lucky you, I have decided to share them with you one at a time every Friday.
Just to get this ritual started on a juicy note... I am going to start with the celeb who has left a bad memory in the good ol' noggin.

Keanu Reeves. Circa 2000-2001. I was in said trendy Santa Barbara restaurant working a lunch shift. I walk to the front of the restaurant to greet and seat two ladies. As I am mid sentence with the ladies I notice a man and woman walk in and within like one milisecond is interrupting and asking to see a menu.
Because I am mid sentence with these ladies, I don't immediately turn to acknowledge the interrupter. But the voice is so freaking familiar. Deep with a wannabe surfer accent. (Start thinking Bill and Ted's even though I wasn't putting this together yet.)
The ladies are now responding back to what I was asking them as this same man demands to see a menu AGAIN. Without looking I grab one and hand it to him, without making eye contact because as you know, it's up to me to let this man know he is rude! As the ladies tell me they would like a table out on the front patio, the man THROWS THE MENU BACK AT ME. And walks out. I finally turn to look at him as he walks out but his back is to me now. Really?! This grown man is throwing a fit because I didn't drop what I was doing to look at him?
The gals and I head onto the patio as he and his lady friend are walking past. The two ladies and I stop dead in our tracks as we recognize that gorgeous face to be Keanu's.
No joke, we all stood there for a solid minute watching him walk away. Until one of the ladies says in a low voice, "Oh my God. Keanu Reeves just threw a menu at you. That is pretty effing rad."
Readers, he was really, I mean REALLY good looking in person. Like take your breath away hot. But the A-Hole threw a damn menu at me because I didn't look at him in the first 3 seconds he walked in. Yeah, I would call that a hot mess. And after the shock wore off a few minutes later I was pissed and wished I would have thrown the menu back at him. Jackass. Maybe he would have gone all Matrix on me though...
But for reals, he talks like his Ted character. Real slow and goofy. And he is a spoiled brat.
So Keanu Reeves gets a 1 out of 5 Margaritas on my Happy Hour Barometer. Hot mess. Sorry to ruin it for you gals. But if he was ruined for me I certainly want him ruined for you, too.
Have you met Keanu? Any additional insight for us? What about any other bad celebrity experiences? Tell us about them in the comments.

from the comments:

13. Queenie Jeannie
December 12, 2009 | 6:37 am

I have not met him (I've never even BEEN to Cali yet!), but I met a guy who was a bouncer at a swanky club in LA, and he said that Keanu was really pissy about being let in and not checking "the list" first. The guy TOTALLY made him wait even though he was indeed on the list to teach him some manners!! This was in 2003 so apparently he was still a brat.
I was so hot for him when Speed came out, lol! I've moved on though to Daniel Craig. You pop my Happy Bubble on him Girlie and it is sooo gonna be on. Just sayin.

25. The Wifey
December 13, 2009 | 10:18 am

How weird! I have a friend who met Keanu in Phoenix at the airport! Well, more like witnessed an act of his diva-hood. He and two gentlemen were in-front of her headed to security. When they got up to it the TSA person asked to see his ID. He started getting offended and was like "Seriously? Are you kidding me?" and looked at the other men with him and said "She's kidding right?" So he threw a huge fit because he had to dig in his man-purse and pull his ID out. Hahaha. I love it when celebrities think they're supposed to be an exception and they're still treated like all the other 'little people'.

36. anivad
April 30, 2010 | 7:57 pm

Hi. Just stepping in to say that the event you blogged about is apparently rare; almost everyone I know who has met Keanu has said that he was extremely kind, courteous, friendly and down-to-earth, willing to take time out from whatever he was doing – eating lunch for instance – to chat with them and make them feel valued. Celebrities are people too and they do have their bad days; they can't constantly be on their best behaviour. It just happens that all they need is one or two incidents of rudeness or other negative behaviour and suddenly it's all over the Web as some overarching example of what they're like.
But yeah – Keanu has had more consistently positive things said about him than any other celeb I know so far, so I'm fairly certain that this and the airport incident are not representative of the norm.
People who know him have also described him as one of the most intelligent people they know – allegedly he has an IQ of 160 -, so the digs at his intelligence in the comments are just unwarranted.

37. Roxanne
May 4, 2010 | 9:33 am

I've met Keanu on a couple of occasions, and he was very nice, friendly, patient, and took his time to pose for pictures and chat with fans. I've never heard or read anything about him being rude to anyone.
Oh, and yes, he's absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous in real life. And tall.
BTW, I just read this comment in another forum:
"he is a pretty down to earth guy,my freinds daughter ran into him in ocean city maryland in a hotels laundry room and he signed a t shirt for her and talked to her while his clothes were drying"

2016-04-12 23:31:42

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No one recognised him!' Keanu Reeves waits 20 minutes in the rain outside his OWN party rather than make a scene

By Chelsea White for MailOnline

Published: 08:14 GMT, 11 December 2014 | Updated: 12:11 GMT, 11 December 2014

Keanu Reeves is one star who you will never hear ask 'Don't you know who I am?'

The 50-year-old star reportedly missed the first 20 minutes of his own party in New York on Friday.

Page Six reports the iconic actor proved he is no diva when a mix up saw him waiting outside in the rain at the wrap party for his new film Daughter of God.

Chauffeur Ronny Sunshine - known as the 'Mad Limo Czar' for driving rock bands around - told Page Six he could not believe his eyes when he saw the actor waiting outside club the Leonora in Chelsea.

He told the New York Post column: 'Keanu was really patiently waiting. I don't think he said anything to the bouncer, like, ''I'm Keanu.''

'No one recognized him.

'Keanu looks very ordinary. It was raining, but he just waited for his two friends to come. He didn't act like he had money. I just thought he was a rock 'n' roller.'

The club's owner Noel Ashman was very apologetic that the star was left out in the rain, but said the laid back response from the iconic actor was very in keeping with his down to earth nature.

The club owner told Page Six: 'I didn't know he was kept waiting, and he didn't say anything to me.

'He's a very relaxed person.'

But the night was not over there for all-round nice guy Keanu as later - according to the same publication - the Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure star found someone's credit card.

The good Samaritan actor came on the microphone and interrupted the music saying: 'Hey, Don Jonas. I found your credit card outside, come see me and I'll return it.'

His new film Daughter Of God also stars Mira Sorvino and Ana de Armas and is directed by Gee Malik Linton.

In the film - due out next year - Keanu plays Detective Scott Galban who is searching for the truth behind his partner’s death and then comes across a young woman (Ana) who experiences strange things after witnessing a miracle.


rorybore, I can’t post a picture in your PM reply so here you go. :) Keanu use to play bass guitar in a band & played a festival in Chicago in July 2004, so a friend of mine and I drove 7 hours to see them. We ended up getting to the park early where they were doing rehearsals. There was about 15 of us and he came down off the stage and talked to every single one of us. I have nothing but kind things to say about him. I even got a hug.

Dec 19th, 2014


The 7 Greatest (True) Keanu Reeves Stories Ever Told at 9/12/2011 8:42 PM

I got to hang with him at a small private party once back after the Matrix had wrapped, and despite that fact that I was only an unknown, non-industry friend of the party-throwers at the time, we talked philosophy and social issues until late... he's one of the most thoughtful, intelligent, sweet people you will ever meet... and is absolutely nothing like the status-driven, attention w***es this town is so full of.

The 7 Greatest (True) Keanu Reeves Stories Ever Told at 9/09/2011 1:13 AM

He came to the restaurant I worked at and was sweet and polite as could be. He was touring with his band, Dogstar at the time and said "now this is a good cup of coffee" just like from pulp fiction which was just out FUNNY. Another time, after speed was out he stayed at the hotel where I worked he drank a lot, peanut butter flavored sum things. Anyway he seemed very cool.



Ok. My aunt was at this really post hotel in London years ago (we're talking pre-smoking ban here), waiting in the bar for my cousins. She was sitting at a table, and at the one beside her, there was a guy smoking. She coughed, and he turned round and asked her if his smoking was bothering her. She said it was, and he apologised profusely and put it out.

So then he asks her what she's doing sitting alone, and invites her to sit with him. My aunt has absolutely no fucking idea that it's Keanu Reeves, and she sits with him, and they chat for a bit. She tells him all about how she's waiting for Elizabeth and John coming to take her out for dinner. He's being absolutely lovely and listening and asking all about them - this was about the time my uncle passed the bar exam, so she's giving it big licks about John too.

She sits chatting to him for about an hour and a half, and then my cousins arrive. Aunt's giving it "oh, it was lovely to meet you, you enjoy London, go to Big Ben, blah blah blah, and he says it was lovely to meet her, and he's sorry about the cigarette, and says hello to Elizabeth and John, and congratulates John on passing the bar. They leave, and John goes "Mum, do you know who that was?" She says, nope, no idea. "That was Keanu Reeves, Mum," he tells her. And then she freaked out because she hadn't realised that he was Ted in Bill & Ted and she fucking loved that movie.

And that's the story of the time Keanu Reeves was lovely to my Aunt.

2016-04-12 23:36:30

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I met him at the Rosendale theater today after seeing the premiere of Henry's Crime. I spoke to attempted to speak to him a little bit. I said something about 'this is incredible' and 'thank you for Constantine' and tried desperately to put more words together but couldn't. I apologized to him for my wierdness and failure to stop shaking about four times. I handed him a small, printed out Constantine poster. His eyes widened and he said "Constantine!" Everything was spinning, needed more air. I walked away fearing that my last meal would emerge from me onto his shoes and I will never see him again. OMG, he was beautiful, though, so beautiful and so real! It was like seeing the Virgin Mary in an english muffin,it was so unbelieveable!I will return to upload photos and videos once I calm down and the oxygen returns to my brain.

Will return with more images, some are also on the above website. I also have video for you guys, not sure how to go about that yet . . . I can't scan the autographed Constantine print until I get home from work, but I will . . .Donna, thank you <3, it really was amazing, I'm happy to share it with you guys, but honestly even though I was standing right next to him, there were still universes between us. He was distant, and he's still his highness and I'm still an unknown fangirl who looked stoned in the pictures (that was because I was close to losing consciousnes), so nothing is different, except I now have pictures to go with my fixation :)I'm not sure when the movie will be on the internet, or out on dvd. I enjoyed the movie, I found it very funny - I don't know how much I should talk about it because I don't want to spoil it for anyone.


I'm so glad that you shared this, Adrianna! I met him, too -- many, many years ago. He was distant then, too. Can't imagine how many fans he must have met by now. It's amazing how he still takes the time to chat with people, pose for pics, and write his name on all sorts of things.


It's true that we attribute a great deal of passion, enthrallment, familiarity and truth to Keanu's art. He doesn't do vapid crap (well mostly), and he exhausts himself to make make it real and meaningful for us. I have some deeply personal stories about seeing his movies and in a way they seem to take on a life of their own sometimes, even though they are fiction and meant for regalement.

I have felt much the same way about Constantine because I struggled through a brutal childhood feeling like a psycho, schizo lunatic because of the things I saw sometimes. I saw Constantine, and I don't know it was like something just clicked and I stopped feeling crazy and ashamed and just embraced the strangeness. Now I do whatever I have to do, paint, write, read, dabble, to deal with who I am and what I've felt, known and seen. I no longer feel the need to roll over, take meds, lock myself in a padded room and give up just because I think differently from most of my peers. I learned that you can fight you demons and look awesome doing it ;) and that is why I told Keanu "Thank you for Constantine". He will never know how much more he is to me than just a gorgeous actor.

2016-04-12 23:38:01

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OK, so this is my story about how I was an extra in Chain Reaction. It's the continuation of a post in a different forum, in case anyone reads this at a later time.

So I got to be an extra in Chain Reaction, in an evacuation scene towards the end of the film when a crowd of people run out of a lab building. You can't see me, though, because it was filmed from a distance. We spent all day there, standing outside in the freezing cold, doing multiple takes, and we were supposed to look like lab people who were getting out in a hurry before the building explodes, so they wanted us to wear lab coats and no winter coats over that. We said f*** that, we're not freezing to death here.

This was all taking place at the Argonne National Laboratory outside Chicago If you look at the picture, there's a circular structure at top left. That's an atomic particle accelerator, and it is situated in a circular tunnel under the structure. We were filming in a building close to it.

So, there were several employees in the crew of extras, and somehow I got to talking with a couple of them. They turned out to be scientists who worked at the actual accelerator. One of them told me that Keanu was shooting a scene down in a tunnel that runs parallel to the accelerator. Next thing he says is: "Wanna go down and take a look?" You bet I did. So we went across a "skywalk", inside the building next to the one we were filming at, down the stairs to the basement, and there turned out to be some tunnels there, one of which connected the building to the accelerator.

So we went into a corridor, and the scientist told me that we would now go through a section that was no longer in use -- because of the high radiation levels. Oh brilliant. So we *jogged* through there, and after going though a red door that was actually a prop for the movie we got to a room that was adjacent to where they were filming. We got there between takes, and we stood in the doorway and watched them set up the next shot. Keanu sat at the far end of the set, all by himself and looking down with a "do not disturb" aura around him.

We stood there for a few minutes but nothing more happened, and I was getting nervous about not having an access pass. So we left and went back to our own shoot. The crowd of extras was so big that nobody had noticed us missing.

Anyway, nothing more happened after that. We finished the scene, and me and the other Gardener who was there (and who got me on the set) returned to the city.

Edit: here's a pic I just found of the building where we were filming. We were on the opposite side of the circular building, running down a ramp towards the parking lot. I thought the building and the accelerator building were further apart, so the tunnels couldn't have gone directly from one building to another.


That is very interesting and yet again the fan got educated through the fandom. Maybe something you never would have been interested in the first place if not for Reeves. Am I right inkhuldra?
I have seen that "do not disturb aura" too. But since I was just innocently walking by and it was a public street in Tarrytown NY the words 'Keanu, nice to see you here' sort of, quietly, leapt from my mouth. He has no hearing disorder I can tell you that. He looked up and with his coffee cup gave me the exact same gesture as the one Constantine does, with the bottle, to Midnight when he's in the electric chair. Yall know the one I mean?


I know a little story from another extra in CR. She said she observed him doing a bit of Ted Theodore Logan just to entertain the people on set. Sounded fun that he could just morph into Ted at will but I guess that should be no surprise to me. :)

2016-04-12 23:42:19

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Meeting Keanu Reeves
December 6, 2006
Current mood: ;) contemplative

I walked into the Harley Dealership and there he was... trying on sweatshirts... hair a mess, having trouble getting it over his head, the hood looking actually quite stupid... nope... not the right fit.

I just stood there and looked at him. He didn't notice me... YET... I walked over to where the employee was helping him find something to wear. I just stood there and watched. He saw me and looked away. I didn't move. I just watched him... moving around... looking... seeming like he was in a hurry... (his car and driver were outside waiting). He looked at me again and looked away again so I started to help him look for a jacket... and said "You might not need something so warm to wear." and then I just stood there and said "wow"... he said "what?... " just like you would have said if you were afraid you looked really stupid in something... I said, "Do you mind if I take a picture with you?" He said "OK" but seemed a little nervous so I asked "Does my asking you to take a picture make you nervous?" He said "No, but I am looking for my friend." (apparently she's a personal assistant who probably runs interference for this kind of thing)... she was no where to be found so I got the girl behind the counter to take the picture.

He was very shy and it made me feel quite uncomfortable. I felt like I was imposing on him so after the picture I went outside and talked with my friend, Kenny, and looked at bikes. Keanu came out, put on a helmet and got on the bike in front of me. He said "Do you know the best way to South Beach?" Kenny said which way he thought would be best... and I asked "Where on South Beach are you going?" and he said that he didn't know but that he was going to follow the driver. I said "Ride Safe and be careful!!" Kenny and I watched him leave. As he got onto 441 he honestly waved back at us!!

Looking back I could have given him my card and told him to call if he wanted to ride!! But honestly, I wanted it to be a positive experience for him rather than some chick trying to sell herself ~ as if that doesn't happen to him EVERY day?!! As I think about the experience... I realize how my life is so insignificant in comparison. I wonder about the so few lives that I have touched and am thinking about how I just might be able to change that in the years to come.

Off to the Next Dysfunctional Diva Adventure!! XoXo Patricia

P.S. Yes, his voice is as sexy in real life as it is in the movies!!



"Love Keanu. Met him at a gas station in Hollywood some years ago, he was there with his motorcycle. I asked him who was his biggest fan. He lovingly said,- My Mother.
He was friendly, open and sweet." - Raissa Danilova


"My father met him at a coffee shop where Keanu was eating with a homeless looking old lady. He said they left (and my father assumed that it was bc people were obviously staring) and when my father got out he saw Keanu and the lady sitting on the ground, eating and chatting.

He's an angel."

- ichdontthinksoo


Jasonjayeah Productions

September 20, 2014 Keanu Reeves was in Austin promoting John Wick. I had the great opportunity to have a conversation with him while he smoked two cigarettes! He suggested I become a journalist and that I should get new gear, cameras. I got him to use my phone to chat with a friend for a few minutes. He also signed a couple of my photos!! Such an awesome experience, Keanu is a really cool down to Earth guy!!!!!


by shinehead on December 9, 2011 at 1:54 pm

Work in a building NEO frequents to do work. Hes a regular guy. He always wears the same exact outfit he has in the video which is kinda funny. Blue blazer w/ jeans. Always has cigarette in his mouth and a can of Coke. Hangs out in the common areas, checks his email etc. See quite a few celebs and he is as good as they come. He's an x-hockey goalie, so once again proving that hockey players are some of the coolest dudes on the street.

2016-04-12 23:43:52

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bit of Reddit love

aroundlsu: I just worked with him on a film called The Whole Truth. Everyday at lunch he came into the crew tent, picked up a serving tray, and had lunch with us. He walked around set alone and often just hung out in a corner going over the script. He's a lot different that most A-list actors I have worked with. ... Man you can tell when you are in the room with him that it's genuine. Of course he's an actor so he could be... You know... Acting. But I don't think so. You can tell the actors that really love it and care about the role and the actors that are just there to earn a pay check and get the fuck out.

megapaw: the family that he comes from is solid for real. I was going through a very difficult time in my life and his sister took me to a play. I was humbled and amazed how she treated people. I can say without any compunction, he and his family are good people.

[–]Alakai13 61 points 15 hours ago
Keanu is awesome. He is the only actor that comes across as natural, to me.
When he acts in a scene I can honestly say that most of his acting perfectly portrays how understated most normal people behave in situations.

[–]SecretCatPolicy 22 points 13 hours ago
I disagree that he's like most normal people, but he's definitely very, very good at portraying people who suppress their emotions. He's an excellent actor within a somewhat limited range - a specialist, basically - and there's nothing whatsoever wrong with that.

[–]kurashu89 3 points 6 hours ago
Well, he's a bassist as well. That's what good bassists do: keep their shit together and suppress those crazy urges so everything around them doesn't fall apart -- let the guitarists fuck shit up.

[–]Alakai13 10 points 13 hours ago
I guess that is true! I hang out with mostly people who are pretty low key and even keel. Looks like I based it on that when really he represents, as you said, a type of person very well.

[–]ZQMFGB 43 points 14 hours ago
I've always said this and people have mostly been dismissive of it. The fact is most people don't have a Pacinoesque meltdown complete with monologue in reaction to.. well, pretty much anything.

[–]Alakai13 3 points 13 hours ago
Amen! I have done the same. Luckily, some people agree!

2016-04-12 23:46:34

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You suck girl!

by Random Acts of Debbie on Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 6:44am

Have you ever heard of the band Dogstar?? You're not the only one if you haven't! Well, Dogstar is Keanu Reeves' band that he started back in the mid-1990's. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Keanu...but his band was something to be desired.
I think it was 1995 (might have been 1996) Dogstar came to Portland and they were playing in a small dive bar venue downtown. My friends and I had gotten wind of this and immediately scored tickets to go see them play. It was around the same time the movie "A Walk in the Clouds" was just coming out. So, I was way excited to see Keanu in person. I had a major crush on this guy!
When we entered the venue we staked out our spots pretty close to the stage so we could get a close up view of Keanu and take in all that his band had to offer. When they came out everyone went crazy for Keanu...shouting "Keanu I love you!" (me included). So far, so good, right? Well...then they started to play. Eek. I don't want to be harsh....well, let me finish my story, because the harsh was already delivered. So, needless to say the music wasn't so great. In fact, it really sucked! Not only did it suck, but Keanu sucked the most. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I was hoping they would at least be mediocre. As they finished up their first set, I was compelled to express my disappointment. It was really loud in the bar and I felt the need to shout my commentary. As I gathered up all my might to shout out "you suck!"...everything fell silent, the music stopped, the crowd calmed...and right when there was pretty much no noise in the joint is when those exact words came belting out of my mouth.
It was the "you suck" heard around the world! As it came out, I looked up at Keanu, and there he was staring right back and me and said "thanks...thanks a lot". OMG! He knew it was me...he was fixated on me like I was his arch nemesis and he wanted to vaporize me with his eyes!
As everything wrapped up, Keanu and his band were retiring to their bus and preparing to sign autographs outside. Of course I wanted his autograph, I still loved Keanu!! My friends and I went outside and lined up in hopes to get his autograph and be that much closer to him. As he was making his way through the crowd and giving his autograph to everyone, he again fixated on me. As he approached, I put out my program and waited anxiously for his autograph. He looked at me and said "really? you think I'm going to give you my autograph? I thought I sucked!" He, indeed, did not give me that autograph! Aw, man, I'm sorry Keanu!
The story doesn't end there! So, last year (2009) I went back home to Portland to spend my birthday with my family. A friend of mine that was also hanging out in Portland around that time organized a birthday gathering for me at a Portland hangout. It was going to be a nice night of drinking and chilling with friends. A little info on my friend...he was a roadie back in the day for Dogstar! Yes, that's right. What he didn't tell me when he organized this birthday party was that Keanu was in town (I guess he hangs out in Portland now and again) and that my friend had invited him to come out that night! I guess this place is one of Keanu's favorites.
So, I show up to my birthday party and I'm greeted by my friends with cheers and birthday wishes. I go to the bar to get my first drink and I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and my friend is getting all excited and says "you gotta come over here!" Somewhat interested in why he was so excited, I went ahead and followed. The crowd cleared a little and there he was...Keanu! My friend actually didn't know the "you suck" story and he introduced me to Keanu and said "this is my friend Debbie, the birthday girl!" Keanu paused for a minute, gave me a puzzled look and then says "You're the 'you suck' girl!". Holy shit!! 14 years later and Keanu remembered I told him he sucked?! And he had named me the "you suck girl"!
We laughed it off and he played happy birthday on his guitar and sang to me! Of course, at the end he asked me "did that suck, too?" This time, I was more than happy to offer him kudos!
After all that, Keanu still did not give me his autograph! Bitter much, Keanu??

Random Acts of Debbie asks that you take a moment and comment, good or bad, I welcome it all!

2016-04-12 23:47:53

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Anakin McFly 2011-12-14 22:33

Apart from LucaM's link [edit.note - the Debbie story above], I actually heard one personally while on a tour of Paramount Studios in LA - our tour guide was dishing out rumours about celebrities he had met and giving his opinions of them. My mother asked about Keanu; he said he'd never met him but had heard "bad things about him". I was :/ and asked for details, and he said that Keanu was allegedly very aloof and unfriendly.
Which actually tallies with what other people have said - that Keanu is often shy and keeps to himself. So I mentioned that and said that many other people had nothing but good things to say about him, and the tour guide agreed that yeah, that could be the case with Keanu; because he also knew some people who seemed aloof, but once you got them to open up they could be really nice.

2016-04-12 23:50:01

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I was part of the hotel staff where Keanu Reeves stayed for years! Stories R here! (self.lordkeanu)

submitted 15 hours ago by Lovableyou

I looked around and thought this would be a good sub to share this especially among those who really, really, really like Keanu Reeves.
I was first part of the cleaning crew!
What makes Keanu different from other celebs at the Hotel? If he is at the hotel, he rarely goes outside of his room and prefers to stay in even when the place is being cleaned. If he is in the room, he always always 100% of the time asks us if we want food or water. ( Management doesn't allow this and despite letting him know this numerous times, he always asks )
He is gone a lot, sometimes for days and months at a time but he always remembers what he asked about you and your answers. He slowly and slowly paints a picture of you in his mind with like one question at a time. ( First day - it might be your name, second day - it might be about where you from, next time - about your family and so on ) Always remembers what you said and any names you mention to him.
Memorable stories from that time? - One time a girl from the crew showed us a crisp $100 and said it was from Keanu and wouldn't tell us why or how. We teased her the whole day calling her a ho ( she is not that kind of girl and we work in teams. we already knew from the other girl with her that she went back in and came back within a minute with the $100 ) - She told us by the end of the day that she just asked for it. All he asked was "What for?" and all she said was "Pay rent". The only thing he asked her to do was to not to mention to others. In her defense, we girls can be really mean with our teasing :D
After forever working on my certification, getting my license and in-house training, I was part of the food handling ensuring that I would see Keanu almost every night when he was there.
Interesting stuff - He tips generously. He sometimes leaves handwritten notes to the cook if he really likes something.
Most special moment? :D - After years of serving him food, one time on my birthday on the spur of the moment, I asked if he would like to have half of the cake my mom send to me from the other side of the city. To my delight, he offered to eat the cake with me if I bring it up :D
What was the most craziest/shocking thing I learned about Keanu? That Keanu believes that life on Earth is kinda something similar to a reality show where each of us are stars of our own movie. It was awesome when I got to see Man of Tai Chi that was directed by him. It was like a movie about his own personal beliefs about the world.
What was the most puzzling thing I learned about Keanu? That because of his beliefs, he believes he has no choice but to be nice and good all the time. That he has to be ON constantly. He said "There are no cameras here and this is not a movie set but it's like we kinda are in one and our every move, every frame, every choice determining the quality and the success of your movie. Doing the right thing is important"
Several months later, I asked him if he is faking to be nice so he can have a successful movie? He said "You can probably have a decent movie if you fake it but the quality of the movie would suck and faking it can be exhausting. You just can't keep it up and that would be your movie, that you tried faking it"
Several months later, when the opportunity came up, I asked him what was the secret to having the best movie possible? He said "Constantly giving your best to others. I'm always focused on the other person and not me. I try not to be there...I guess that would be the trick"
What was the most personal question I ever asked him? I asked him how he managed to maintain being nice and giving when he was going through certain rough times. He said Commitments. He said commitments kept him going and eventually helped him come out of the hole.
What was Keanu Reeve's most commonly used word? Consequences
Have I ever tried to say to Keanu that his beliefs doesn't sound right? :O :O There was a worldwide tragedy at the time and I used that as a backdrop to basically ask how can the world be the way he believes it to be when so many people are constantly suffering where they don't even have an option to have a good movie. The gist of what he said was that how can you have a good movie and help others if there is nobody that needs help. This was where I questioned him. I said "That can't be right. That sounds bizarrely unfair to me" He replied "If it's any easier to understand, I believe it's all you. Everyone is the same. That's why I believe our focus should be on our movie, our choices, ANDdddd you have a good movie by focusing on others and ultimately it's not 'them' out there suffering. It's you. How disappointed would you be after it's done to watch you didn't help yourself or that you didn't care?"
What was the most cutest thing you found out about Keanu? He LOVES Spongebob Episodes. I have seen the seasons put on loop on the TV for weeks at a time...countless nights eating dinner and watching Spongebob.
Anything else:- Keanu treats his friends like a King. When he has guests over, the food and drink bills usually runs anywhere between 1K-3K. There are those days every now and then where that number can get jaw-droppingly high.
I left the Hotel a few months before he moved out and I never got to say bye..he was off working somewhere else when I left. I think of the times with Keanu as inspirational and motivational and confusing all at the same time and I think he should write a book and share his beliefs and I miss Keanu!!! Thank you Keanu! Total Respect!!!

2016-04-12 23:55:47

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My mum was a Keanu Reeves superfan

The Tumblr set might have a thing for 90s Keanu, but back then one mum's obsession beat all others - from Dogstar gigs to stumbling onto The Matrix set, her daughter takes us back

Arts+Culture Feature
3 days ago

Text Ava Nirui

Keanu Reeves fangirled hard this week - discussing his love of martial arts star Sonny Chiba on Japanese television, he was taken by surprise when the man himself popped onto set. But back in the USA, our writer knows the story behind one of Keanu Reeves' biggest superfans - her mum.
For as long as I can remember, my mom has been a Keanu Reeves super fan. She's had a non-stop obsession with the actor and musician since 1994, and it's one she's been unable to shake. "It has nothing to do with the fame," she told me. "I like him because he is a beautiful person who has endured the same struggles and challenges in life as me. But, if I was to say it has nothing to do with his looks, I would be lying."

Meredith Nirui, my mom, moved to Japan in 1989 to escape the Islamic leadership transition in Iran, and became more aware of western culture after witnessing the legions of Hollywood-obsessed Japanese girls in Kobe. After my father forced her to watch the movie Speed, starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, my mom took an immediate interest in the Canadian actor. "I remember absolutely hating action movies and I was really mad your dad forced me to watch this film with tons of explosions and violence," she said, "but the moment I started watching Speed, I was so mesmerized by Keanu. I loved absolutely everything about him, and he had such a great energy. I can't quite explain it."
From this moment on, she religiously kept tabs on the actor in the media, while forming an impressive VHS collection of Keanu's films - Point Break, Feeling Minnesota, My Own Private Idaho - you name it. "I joined a Keanu fan club online and would visit the forums every night and stay on for hours. I would put you and your brother to bed and rush to the computer," she said. "From the web, I learned he was the bass player in the post-grunge band Dogstar. They became my new favourite band."

By 1996, my mom had built a detailed Keanu shrine on the interior of our linen closet, featuring a bunch of posters and cut-outs from TV Weekly and other tabloid mags, along with a life-size framed Keanu poster stapled to our living room wall. When she discovered through a forum that Dogstar was touring in the U.S, she saw this as an opportunity not only to see him in the flesh, but to potentially profess her love for him face-to-face. "A completely random girl asked me if I wanted to meet her in Chicago and drive around to all the shows. I was really scared of meeting a stranger off the Internet, but I had Keanu in mind and would do whatever it took to get to him." She met with the stranger in Chicago, and they drove for days over the span of two weeks to see Keanu play each and every show.
"While I was watching Keanu play his first show in Toronto, my bag was stolen. I burst out crying, and Keanu stopped playing and approached me in the crowd and asked if I was all right. It was such a wonderful, considerate thing to do."

Meredith further strengthened her relationship with the actor by sending him handcrafted gifts. "I had made Keanu a beanie and mailed it to his PA, and Keanu mailed me back a picture of him wearing it. At the second show, in Pittsburgh, he expressed to me how much he loved the beanie, and how he would like a beanie with 'Norton 1972' knitted on it, as that was his model of motorcycle. I stayed up till 3AM that night knitting the beanie, and the next night at his show in Cleveland I gave it to him. It felt like we were old friends. He was so thankful, and crazily enough, a few years later he wore it in a shoot for GQ Magazine." Over the course of two years, my mom saw Dogstar play over ten shows, and insists she "never got sick of them."
In 1998, she happened to stumble across the set of The Matrix in Australia. "I was picking up tickets for an art show at this private studio where they film big-budget Hollywood movies, and I got lost, and happened to walk into the set for The Matrix. I saw Keanu and he said hello and was so surprised to see me there. I assume he had told security it was fine for me to be present, as it was not a public set - it was just me and the crew. I stayed for an hour and watched him practice his lines and perform stunts. It was so amazing. I think fate had brought us together again."

Although she is not as aggressively obsessed anymore, and it's kind of an inside joke in our family, my mom says Keanu will always have a special place in her heart. "I think we had a karmic connection and I will always love him. He is so personable, sweet and the hottest actor ever. No one can compete."

2016-04-13 01:24:09

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Shannon O'Neill ‏@spotastic
For every Keanu Reeves there is an equal and opposite Keanu Reeves.
5:48 PM - 28 Jan 2013

(remember this, Ani? you replied to it :) )

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