47 Ronin (2013)

Through a thousand worlds and ten thousand lifetimes

Occupation:Half-breed (full-time)
Distinguishing Feature:Jedi robes and magic powers
What He Taught Us:Honour and loyalty, above all

Keanu Reeves

I think of him as an outsider who yearns to be accepted, like an immigrant. He is honourable and a man of nature, which helps ground him. Kai is also a bit cursed, and he is aware of that.


Kai is a hopeful hopelessly-in-love man. His life is full of hardships, but he does not let these troubles change him into a monster. Despite of the "half-breed" label he carries along the way, he deals with it with more grace than of some short-tempered noblemen he had encountered throughout his life. Kai appreciates any given slightest hint of respect and love he received, and is willing to pay more than he needs to ... even with his own life.

Kai is smart too. Not only street-smart (or war-smart, to be precise), but also heaven-smart. He knows it is impossible to be together with the woman he loves in this life. Thus, he decides to clean his master's name, help his friends, and die in honor ... with the hope of joining Mika, his love, in thousand different lives to go. This way, he wins in every way.